As I walked through Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines, Iowa, you could feel it in the air. You could see it on shoppers faces, and you could hear it in people’s laughter. People were happy this year! On more than one occasion I had employees checking me out, and as they handed me my receipt utter the phrase “Merry Christmas.” Honestly, I can count on one hand how many “Happy Holiday’s” I heard throughout this shopping season. Probably the most festive retailer (for me personally) this year, had to be Scheel’s Sporting Goods Store. Not only were they decorated splendidly, but all their employees were cheerful, and many would even walk up and say “Merry Christmas, how can I help you?”

What began over a year ago with then-candidate¬†Trump poking ‘political correctness’, ended with him keeping yet another promise. Back during the campaign, he often said; if elected President, (paraphrased) “we are bringing back Merry Christmas to America, I have enough of this Happy Holiday’s garbage. This is a Christian nation, and we say Merry Christmas.” True to his word, every time after Thanksgiving that he answered a question in front of television camera’s, he would end by saying “Merry Christmas.”

After seeing and hearing what I witnessed this holiday season, there is zero doubt that President Trump made an impact on this years Christmas celebrations across America. Not only did you see it, but the real tale of tape also came at the cash registers. This years spending across our land rose dramatically as well. According to the Wall Street Journal, initial numbers coming in from retailers have them cracking open the bubbly and celebrating.

Remember Christmas before last? We were all afraid to walk into the restroom at Target for fear of who may be in the next stall. And we certainly did not want our daughters to go into the ladies room alone. Not this year, this year we are back to ‘boys will be boys and girls will be girls’ at most retailers. At least that is what I saw at the businesses where I shopped. In fairness though, I am still boycotting Target because they are a very unfriendly Christmas store. Everything at Target (at least for me) has been sanitized toward Christmas and been made to be strictly “Holiday” oriented.

Christmas cheer goes deeper than just shopping though. Christmas and a positive outlook stem from the top. Meaning this; if you work for a Grinch, then you probably are not likely to be looking forward to the holidays as you are if you work for someone that enjoys them as much as you do. I have worked for both over the years. The folks that most enjoyed the Christmas season under were the ones that gave out Christmas bonuses, had the company party and decorated the businesses. This is sort of what happened this year. 

The Trumps had the White House decorated and held special tours for the media who ran the specials on television. The First Family honestly “got into” Christmas this year and the effect it had on the nation was very noticeable. The First Lady working with her team, did a phenomenal job of decorating some of the rooms in the Executive Mansion. One hallway was done all in white, and it was breathtakingly beautiful.

All of this affected our country. The passion from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue flowed across our land and America responded with a glowing cheer. Another positive influence from the Trump family came in the way of the President’s Christmas gift to the nation. For months we had heard him say, “he wanted the tax revision completed by Christmas.” As the days began to close in on Christmas, more and more pressure was applied to Congress to get it done. And it was! The point being, the anticipation in the weeks leading up to the signing, we all knew it was going to get done, and this led to happy shopping as well.

Every room in the White House was stunning this year. Well done to the First Family!

This Christmas season held promise for everyone in our nation, and the spirit that cascaded across the United States was clearly evident. Our President along with the United Nations Ambassador supported Israel (which made millions happy), our troops were lifted up and respected globally by this White House and the “reason for the season” was once again appreciated.

With the Presidents attending Christmas Eve services, and his very obvious patriotism and love for America, our people are once again coming to terms with the reality that we have a President that is going to keep our nation’s best interest at heart. It has taken a year for the reality to set in and for some of the shock to have worn off, but our nation once again has someone at the helm that is in charge. We have a genuine leader sitting on the bridge of our ship.

For too long, we had someone that we continually questioned their motives and their decisions as to why he did some of the things he did. IE: Why are you allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons? Why are you giving hundreds of millions of our dollars to terrorist organizations? Not anymore, President Donald J. Trump is far too wise, has far to much respect for our nation and has too much love for our people to allow any more of this garbage to happen.

America is becoming optimistic again, showing her patriotism, displaying her Christian beliefs and doing so without remorse or apology. We can thank our President for this and for this, I will say; Thank you, Mr. President, for giving us back our nation, we are so very grateful and so very thankful that you chose to lead us. Thank you for a great Christmas, and we look forward to many more under your leadership. God Bless you, and May God continue to bless the United States of America.