Rosie O and the Liberals are Hysterical over Trump’s Tax Plan

In fact, Rosie O’ Donnell is so hysterical that she might have just committed multiple felonies attempting to display her displeasure. Prior to yesterday’s vote in the House and Senate, our beloved Trump hating former comedian (now has been comedian) posted this Tweet.

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Rosie, (and this is just off the top of my head) should have probably thought through this Tweet before posting it for the world to read. Number one, she is being specific in the amount of money that she is willing to part with in order to bribe a Federal Official. She is apparently angry because then she capitalizes her next statement and she misspelled a simple word. Then she requests that both Senators Direct Message her. I am guessing that after reading this Tweet, both Senators advisers would have told them to run and turn off their phones.   

Then the “coup de gras.” As if she could not have dipped her toe any deeper into shark-infested waters, she then “guarantees that she is not kidding around.” How in the world do you walk this back? I am not the Attorney General, but I do not see (with the publicity this has received) how she is not going to get a visit from the FBI and even have charges brought against her.

Then it get’s worse for poor-old Rosie. All of her cronies have abandoned her. No protesters, no buses, nobody wants to protest Donald Trump’s tax cuts for all of America. It get’s rather sad when you have to beg and still get no response. 

What? In the third tweet, she turns on the lady who she just offered $2,000,000 to her for her to vote against the President’s Tax Reform package. Then in the last tweet, she is begging MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow for help and apparently, Maddow ignored her too. 

Face it, Rosie you have no clout anymore. You’re a has been who is washed up in Hollywood and washed up in political activism. As a matter of fact, most of Hollywood is now being ignored. Tonight America is savoring a victory for both their own personal paychecks, but for our national economy. 

Thank you, President Trump, you have truly put America first and we are grateful for all your hard work on this tax bill. Well done Sir. 

Good night Rosie, maybe if you shut up for a while, the people of our great nation won’t think of you as an idiot anymore. 



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Written by Ken Crow

Ken Crow is one of the original Tea Party and Grassroots activist in America. Ken has invested the past 8-9 years speaking at major rallies, publishing articles and organizing for conservative candidates campaigns.

Ken was one of the original supporters of Donald J. Trump for President a full 4-months before his announcement as a candidate. America has some deep-seeded issues that are threatening our very liberty and freedom as a nation. Ken will continue on his mission of exposing the lies and fake news of the mainstream media and working diligently to "Make America Great Again."

When not speaking, writing or campaigning, Ken can be found traveling, playing golf or enjoying a good game of Texas Hold-Em Poker with friends. Ken lives in Iowa where he enjoys BBQing, playing with his pets, and loving life with his family and extended family.

You can order Ken's latest book "Ego in a Tea Bag" through Barnes and Noble or Amazon. com. Even the Washington Times said it is a great book.

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