Bulls are stampeding not just on Wall Street, but across the fruited plain (Rush Limbaugh acronym). For the first time in American history or at least the history of Wall Street stock-market investing, the Dow Jones has risen over 5,000 points in one year. This is an unprecedented number. Economic growth has surpassed 3% for the first time in over 2-years according to the typically Trump negative Washington Post. Even they have to admit that President Trump is responsible for our economic resurgence.

Being an investor/builder/creator of wealth, President Trump knew a couple of truth’s about business. The first being that investors and markets want to know that there is a positive future and business-friendly atmosphere on the horizon. The second ingredient is; is it going to be more comfortable or harder to expand, grow business and create wealth? Is the government going to take my profits in the form of higher taxes or are they going to lower taxes? Even before the laws could be passed, burdensome regulations could be stripped, and the legal atmosphere could be carved in stone, Trump was telegraphing to America’s Entrepreneurs that ‘all was going to be good shortly.’

In the early years of Barack Obama, the mantra from the left was; “the rich must pay their fair share” and “for to long the wealthy in this country have made their fortunes off the backs of the working man.” Remember those many speeches we heard about how evil the Koch Brothers were? When the economy began collapsing under George W. Bush, the Democrats used that occasion to blame the rich and justify substantial tax increases. In fact, Obama used Bush’s deficits and debt to ride into the White House. All we heard for nearly a year was how Bush’s $9 Trillion national debt was unconscionable. Never mind that we had over $1 Trillion in wealth wiped out in one day back in September of 2001. Then we had a war we had to pay for, and Bush had to save Fanny and Freddy from destroying the banking industry.

Almost immediately cash began pouring into the real-estate markets.

Let’s give that a brief explanation, so everyone understands what happened. I will do so in cowboy ease, so we all get it. Not many will remember this, but here goes. Before Bill Clinton finished his second term, he gave a “State of the Union Speech.” I believe it was his second to the last. In that speech, he mandated that “EVERY AMERICAN” should be able to purchase the American Dream (meaning a home). He told the appropriate Congressmen and Senators that he wanted a law passed that would ease bank financing laws and restrictions so that anyone who wanted to purchase a home could. What this did in effect was open the floodgates, and Fanny and Freddy had to underwrite hundreds of billions in mortgages for Wells Fargo, Citibank, Chase, Bank of America and the list goes on.

Most of these mortgages were 0% or 1, 2 or lower going into the mortgage with a review and would be adjusted several years down the road. In other words, going in, my payment would be $696.00 a month. However, down the road (and if any inflation set in) my interest rate might be 10% annually. This would more than double my house payment or be very close to doubling it.

Clinton leaves the White House, and all is good for about 7 or 8 years, or so we thought. Millions of Americans now had their white picket fences, 2.3 children, and were living in the suburbs. UNTIL; the clock ran out. Barney Frank (who was in charge of setting up the mortgage system for Clinton) and company could see the jig was up, interest rates had risen, and millions could not make their mortgage payments. Then President Bush is awakened at 3:00 AM only to be told that the banks were not opening at 10:00 AM and if they were, there would be a run on them and the five largest financial institutions in the nation would collapse by 11:00 AM. And now we had our first banking bailout, and the rest is history.

Many criticized Bush for not allowing these banks to fail. Remember the chant? “Too Big to Fail!” Well, in effect, yes they were. Had they failed, our entire economy would have collapsed for decades. Yes, it would have taken decades to come back from that. We would have had our military degraded; our highway system crumble, food stamp programs end with millions of hungry families and so much more. Our nation would have been in chaos had Bush allowed these large institutions to fail.

The bubble was now bursting, and Bush was left with some tough choices to make.

America has been on a cycle of economic prosperity for centuries. Then we will have a recession, and we have even had several depressions. This is cyclical, and your billionaires know this and know how to operate around it.

Instead of getting a pro-growth President in 2008, we got a high-tax, welfare advocate, punish business and success President. What 43 predecessors could not do, he managed to do alone, and that was to more than double our national debt load. And here we are today. We have $20-Trillion in debt and up until recently a struggling economy. Obama’s significant economic achievement was a staggering 1-1.5% growth, which in effect is a zero growth when you consider inflation and all the other factors.

Enter Donald J. Trump:

President Trump decided to go back to some tried and true successful methods of growing the economy, creating jobs and shooting our economic system full of steroids. And guess what? It is working! The first thing he had to do was to send the message far and wide that America is coming back. Then he had to send out the carrier pigeons with the news that taxes were going to come down on business (so bring your money home boys), regulations that were strangling growth would be cut, and we were a pro-growth administration that just loved to see you invest in the future. He let the world know almost immediately that he loved energy exploration, he loved technology, he loved medical research and build those homes as fast you can. Trump also let the Big-Three know that he preferred you make those shiny new pickups in Texas rather than Mexico.

Today, the House is casting the final vote on President Trump’s restructuring of the American tax code. Rates have been slashed across the board; the media is crying that our debt will grow by $1-Trillion over 10-years. Trump is banking on the fact that millions of jobs will be created, tens of thousands of new businesses will spring up, and like Reagan, the revenue for the treasury will likely explode as well. With that, he then can begin paying down our debt.

My question now becomes; When does Donald Trump get nominated for the Nobel Prize in economics? He certainly deserves it!