In case you think for one millisecond that this is a “FAKE NEWS” story, it is not. Below are the links to the various Chicago News sources verifying this bizarre event in the ‘Windy City.’

According to WBBM the CBS affiliate (Channel 2) in Chicago, County Commissioner Richard Boykin had formally requested that United Nations Peacekeeping forces be deployed to the streets of Chicago in an effort to quell the gun violence that has plagued the city for so long.

According to today’s Chicago Tribune, Boykin flew to New York City on Thursday and had a meeting with the Assistant Secretary-General Oscar Fernandez-Taranco to discuss the idea of deploying United Nations troops to the streets of America’s third largest city. When asked on Wednesday about Boykins pending trip to New York City, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel did not directly address the meeting but did say that he has been working hard to curb the violence.


Here is the bottom line to this very heartwrenching genocide (As Boykin described it) in the streets of Barack Obama’s old hometown.

Chicago has some of the most stringent gun laws in the United States. It is virtually impossible to obtain a “Concealed Carry” permit in this city. With that said, one has to ask the $64 question, then how come there are so many armed bad guys on the streets? Pretty simple actually; ‘Bad Guys will always get what they need!‘ Be it drugs, be it cars, be it ill-gotten money or be it guns. Chicago is probably the best example of all. Does anyone remember reading about a guy named Al Capone? It did not matter that the rest of the nation was under the law of prohibition. Al had his “Speak-Easy’s,” Al sold tons of whiskey by the barrel and truckloads of beer, all in the City of Chicago. And he earned millions for his efforts back in 1929.

While it is most assuredly a tragedy that so many young men and women (and yes children) are being gunned down in both conflict and from stray bullets in Chicago, it is equally a tragedy that the cities leaders aren’t capable of solving this problem. The issue here is liberalism, pure and simple. Remember it was Rahm Emanuel who orchestrated Barack Obama’s first election win. He has been an acolyte of Obama from day one. In fact, Emanuel (politically speaking) is to the left of Democrats. He is very near if not already a pure socialist. 

In fact, what needs to happen in Chicago is what Governor Rick Perry did in Texas. He needs to take restrictions off of guns, open it up where law abiding citizens can very quickly obtain conceal and carry permits. Psychologically speaking what this does it put fear into the hearts of the bad guys. A carjacker for instance now has no idea which car is packing and which one is not. The guy that used to make his living snatching purses now will think twice for fear that his next victim might put a 38-slug into his stomach rather than willingly give up her bag. There is zero disputing that Texas rape, armed robbery, breaking and entering and dozen more rates plunged when their gun laws eased, and more were packing heat.

There will always be anomalies such as the shooter who entered a church recently and murdered a dozen worshippers. There will still be freak incidents such as the shooter in Las Vegas. These cannot be predicted nor can they be stopped. Unfortunately, they are part of life in a free society. The simple fact is, anyone who commits these acts has mental issues. A sane and rational person doesn’t consider going to church to kill people. A reasonable person doesn’t even consider going to the top of a high-rise building and slaughtering hundreds of people. These are thoughts that never crosses the mind of a person operating with a full deck of cards. The key here is setting up preventative measures to curb these incidents from happening. In the same breath, we cannot nor should we consider proposals that are going to impede the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens who want to protect themselves by carrying a handgun in their purse or waistband.

Sending UN Soldiers to Chicago could end very badly for some.

Assume for a moment that Commissioner Boyken get’s his wish of having the United Nations intercede on the streets of Chicago. How is this going to gel with the citizens of Illinois all of the sudden watching U.N. Troops drive up and down their streets? For years the conservative factions in our nation have warned of United Nations troops showing up to begin gun grabbing at the behest of globalist making a play to take over America. Scenario after scenario has been proposed by conservative activists such as Alex Jones and many more.

No doubt the Commissioner and City of Chicago would try to downplay that the U.N. is here to harm us. My prediction is this. These guys show up wearing their blue helmets and carrying their AK-47’s while riding around in the humvees and I can see a terrible act playing out here. Remember this; Chicago is an old union-card carrying town. These guys are all former steelworkers, auto manufacturers, factory worker types. They are tough guys, and they are not going to take kindly to an African United Nations soldier telling them what to do in broken English.

Remember the old Saturday Night Live skit with the big burly boys sitting around drinking beer. One would make a comment on Coach Ditka from the Chicago Bears. They would all toast their mugs and recite in unison “Da-Bears.” Now imagine these guys being polite to that U.N. Soldier from Taiwan.

Commissioner Boyken; You need to back your local Police. If they are overwhelmed, then bring in the National Guard. In act “stop and frisk” laws. Pass a regulation that if anyone has their pants around their knees, then pick them up, frisk them, and toss their butts in jail. Everyone that is wearing gang colors, we stop and shake them down. If you find a suspect that is wanted for questioning in a murder, then we put them on trial and give them the death penalty (within a reasonable amount of time, not 20-years later). If you want to get a handle on crime in your city, then the job starts with taking charge and put a stop to the bad guys running the shop.

In Chicago, it’s time to find another Eliot Ness and turn them loose on these thugs who are terrorizing the Windy City.