The Democrats are Weaponizing Sexual Assault

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It’s a new day, and one by one Republican politician’s are heading for the hills as fast as they can run with each new sexual assault allegation. 

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As the Trump economy begins to roar and the Russian collusion investigation begins to backfire and threaten to put Hillary Clinton and the entire Obama crime syndicate in handcuffs, the Democrat strategy moves into plan B. “THE WEAPONIZATION OF SEXUAL ASSAULT.”  

For these folks the grueling days of campaigning are obsolete. No longer needed. The new strategy is to find three or four women to come out and accuse their opponent of sexual assault, get them some funding and exposure and BINGO! Forget the issues. Forget the 20 hour days of campaigning and fundraising.  No longer needed. In fact, this is proving to be so compelling they will use this strategy to get rid of anyone in their way. Why? Because it works!  


How long will this strategy work? Not very long and here’s why. The Liberal politicians proudly claim that they are opening the door for abused women to be able to come forward finally. 


Their door is only open to an elite group of women who are associated with men in power. What about the average American woman? .. and that’s why I’m writing this, to be honest. If you’re reading this, you know someone who’s been a victim of sexual abuse. Maybe that someone is you? We’re not talking about Hollywood up and comings. We’re talking about the poor girl serving burgers at Mc Donald’s.  And what about the millions of women who are getting their asses stomped by their drunken husbands after they get home from the bar. The women who are so broke and broken they have no place to go. Sorry, I let it get a little personal, but I grew up in the real world. 

These women are stuck because nobody is offering them 750 thousand dollars and a book deal for them to come forward. Gloria Allred has no use for these poor losers because they don’t count in the fame game. 

I believe that when the rubber hits the road, Americans are smart. We’ll see this WEAPONIZATION of sexual assault for what it is .. an exploitation of sexual assault victims for political gain – and it will quickly lose traction. 

Let me close with this. Very soon there will be a major sexual assault allegation attack on a politician in an effort to get them to resign or be impeached. But this isn’t an ordinary politician. It’s a two-hundred-fifty pound, billion-dollar junkyard dog. He’ll step over the pile of corpses that were once America’s most influential politicians, the poor souls who tried to take him out and destroy these ruthless progressives who are willing to burn this country to the ground in order to regain power. Then maybe, just maybe, they’ll back off just long enough for this President to complete his agenda. #MAGA


Jim Brown has been a writing force of conservatism and conservative values for many years. His sometimes caustic sense of humor will make you laugh and at other times cause you to scream in anger as he touches nerves with the unvarnished truth. Jim resides in Southern Arizona and is a former United States Congressional Candidate for the Republican Party. 

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Written by Ken Crow

Ken Crow is one of the original Tea Party and Grassroots activist in America. Ken has invested the past 8-9 years speaking at major rallies, publishing articles and organizing for conservative candidates campaigns.

Ken was one of the original supporters of Donald J. Trump for President a full 4-months before his announcement as a candidate. America has some deep-seeded issues that are threatening our very liberty and freedom as a nation. Ken will continue on his mission of exposing the lies and fake news of the mainstream media and working diligently to "Make America Great Again."

When not speaking, writing or campaigning, Ken can be found traveling, playing golf or enjoying a good game of Texas Hold-Em Poker with friends. Ken lives in Iowa where he enjoys BBQing, playing with his pets, and loving life with his family and extended family.

You can order Ken's latest book "Ego in a Tea Bag" through Barnes and Noble or Amazon. com. Even the Washington Times said it is a great book.


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