The ‘takeaway’s‘ from yesterday’s special election down in Crimson Tide Country are many, but probably the most significant takeaway is the now very obvious dysfunction within the Republican Party. The vast divide between the evil “RINO’s” and the Tea Party/Grassroots Conservative factions are now so divided that they are blowing critical elections.

Up until yesterday, had you told a grassroots conservative that Judge Roy Moore was going to lose in Alabama, you were called an idiot for doing so. I know, I was one who was told that I was an idiot when I said, “we are going to lose that race, and we are going to look foolish when we do.” For the record, I will repeat it, “Kelli Ward” will lose in Arizona, and she will lose big league (as President Trump so eloquently say’s).

When I penned my last book “Ego in a Tea Bag” (available by clicking on the Amazon ad on the right), I explained extensively what transpired when Barack Obama won the 2008 Presidential election. To quickly rehash this is what I said; Obama gave birth to the Tea Party, this is largely undisputed. This was when conservative figures like Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, former Governor Sarah Palin and so many more became household names. To briefly set the stage for Alabama, we must first analyze “who are these Tea Party/Grassroots” supporters who are causing so many problems within the Republican Party. Tea Partiers are largely conservative, and they are not ‘anti-government,’ but they are largely ‘anti-big-government.’ They are ideologically driven, and they’re driven by issues mostly. Most Tea Party faithful are very anti-Democrat Party, anti-Republican Establishment and are for the most part anything ‘anti-moderate’ in nature. In other words, they support the Second Amendment ferociously and if you so much utter the words “we need to curb automatic weapon sales,” they will fight tooth and nail to make sure that we are still allowing machine guns to be available for sale. They are very unwilling to negotiate on any topic that they feel strongly about. Here comes the rub.

Even the liberal media was commenting on Moore’s inability to ride a horse today.

Use abortion for example. In America today, 70% of the population believes that a woman should have the right to choose to have an abortion or not have one. Personally speaking, I am opposed to this hideous act both on a moral level and a religious level. But the numbers are what they are, and with the Millenials growing in number, this number will only increase as most of them are pro-choice. In the case of Alabama, the grassroots and former White House adviser Steve Bannon pushed Judge Roy Moore to be the nominee. The far-right just could not live with then-Senator Luther Strange because he did wear ‘pro-life’ on his sleeve. Because the ballot was so severely split between Strange, Mo Brooks and Moore, the Tea Party and Bannon supporters hung together and Moore eeked out a victory. And that is where it ends.

When a candidate such as Moore invests the bulk of his campaign time hammering on abortion as a principle campaign topic, it tells the rest of the electorate that ‘you’re a far-right candidate’. While the right-wing voters love this, the hard truth is, they only comprise a small percentage of the Republican Party.

The Bannon wing of the Republican Party will no-doubt today blame the left, GOP subversives or the Kremlin for putting up these women (sex abuse accusers) to help Doug Jones win this election.

Here is the reality of this situation for my conservative grassroots brethren and the moderate wing of the party.


Currently, we are setting ourselves up for defeat after defeat in the coming mid-terms. The moderates understand that America has swung back to the left. While it is inching its way back to the center, we are not yet there for hard-core right-wing candidates to win elections. To prove the point, last night in Alabama, 21% of the Republicans voted for Doug Jones. Folks, if there were ever state where a far-right candidate should win, it would be Alabama, and you had Republicans voting for a Democrat! If this doesn’t prove a point, then nothing will ever soak through that thick skull.

There are times when we on the far-right must make concessions. I have said this a thousand times, “If we do not win the seat, then we have nothing!” It is better to put a moderate in a seat than to lose the seat to the Democrats. I know the arguments, so save it for another day. Just ask yourself this, are you happy that Doug Jones won?

The Tea Party will blame Mitch McConnell for this loss. To some degree, they are right. Mitch should have sat this one out. McConnell’s spending of $30,000,000 in the primaries trashing Moore, did not help for the general election. There is little disputing that fact. But do you not think that McConnell’s advisers, the Think Tank guru’s in the GOP Ivory Tower did not know about Moore or how people would react to him?

Patriot’s; We are going to have to get along with the Establishment, and they are going to have to accept the fact that the Tea Party/Grassroots need to be acknowledged and respected. 

With a voting bloc of some 30-40 Million, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell need to sit down with our leadership and begin working to put out candidates that will appease both sides of the Republican Aisle.

The unfortunate truth is this; if we do not learn to work together, last night will be repeated in mass next November.


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