Tomorrow’s special election in Alabama is a double-edged sword for President Trump. On the upside, if Moore wins, he garners another Republican in the Senate where the GOP hold’s a razor-thin margin. 

It is a benefit after the first of the year for the White House to have another vote in the Presidents column for his upcoming agenda that he’ll be pushing in 2018. Trump will once again drive to have Obamacare overturned at some point, and of course, he will be pushing for funding for his most prized agenda, that being the wall between Mexico and the United States. 

If the intelligence comes up that it is time to deal militarily with Kim Jong Un and North Korea, it will benefit the President to have as many votes in support of his decision as he can get. North Korea and an actual war will be a dicey subject as the nation is very war-weary from having been in Afghanistan and Iraq for so many years.

The problem for the President is Moore’s background. In politics, perception is everything. Actual facts, actual truth pale in comparison to allegations. With leveraged untruths, a candidate or party can run advertising on television pushing those claims of impropriety rather than the facts.

In other words, I can run an ad and show the photo’s of seven of Moore’s accusers with the caveat line inserted “What if these seven women are telling the truth?” I am not saying that they are, I am asking the question which is to a small degree accusing Moore of the charges against him. Because the ad is on television in the first place, gives it a bit of credibility with your low information voter. 

While negative advertising is irrelevant for tomorrow’s special election, it will be a massive issue in the 2018 midterms. Unfortunately for President Trump, he was and is caught in a no-win situation. 

  • The President ended up supporting Moore (I am guessing after consulting with several of advisers). Moore will win this seat, but it probably won’t be by a large margin. With Alabama having a 2-1 margin of Registered Republicans over Democrats, a shallow victory margin doesn’t say a lot for Moore as being their candidate of choice. This makes the GOP look weak in the state. 
  • Had the President turned his back on Moore, then that would have almost certainly given the seat to the Democrats which the GOP wasn’t willing to risk. At first, they were, then they rethought this position and decided to back Moore, good, bad or indifferent. 
  • President Trump’s record (at times in his life) was and is known for being a “player.” While we have all been or most men have been at one point or another has dated several women, this is understandable for a wealthy, handsome celebrity in New York City. We don’t hold that against the President as the 1980’s was a time for this sort of activity at the famed NYC nightclub Studio 54. The problem for Trump is that now the infamous audio tape of the President on a bus having his locker room discussion with Billy Bush. 
  • Between this tape, his support of Moore will no doubt be used in many commercials running up to the 2018 midterm elections. How much damage to the GOP’s holding of the Senate is anyone’s guess, but it will not look good that the President supported a Senator who is now under an “Ethics Committee” investigation. 

 Can Moore get past the “Ethics Committee” investigation that Senator Mitch McConnell has promised? Can President Trump get involved in the midterms and use his coattails to assist conservative candidates without the repercussions of the Moore scandal hanging around his neck after the Billy Bush tape came out last year? The Democrats are already painting the President as a supporter of pedophilia because of his supporting Judge Roy Moore. 

With the current climate of fake news and the media’s inability to report the truth, I am not so sure that the President is going to be treated fairly in the coming months. I do hope and pray that this endorsement of Roy Moore doesn’t hurt the President in the long run.