Gloria Steinem receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work on women’s rights over the past 50-years.

Gloria Steinem has to be cheering tonight. Over the past few months, we have been witness to politicians, movie moguls, sports heroes, television personalities and just about anyone who carries testosterone in their veins attacked and humiliated. From a legendary movie producer and director (and significant Democrat Party donor) Harvey Weinstein to award-winning character actor Kevin Spacey all the way to NBC’s Today Show talent Matt Lauer, we have watched heads roll, jobs lost, programs canceled and careers destroyed. There doesn’t seem to be any particular theme to who is being attacked. The only commonality of the accused is; They are male, they are famous, and they have something to lose. Otherwise, it isn’t as though they are all Republican or all Democrat or all wealthy. 

Unfortunately for many of these accused, it doesn’t matter that the statute of limitations has long run (in some cases over 30-years ago), it is the publicity of the accusation that destroys them. In the case of Judge Roy Moore in Alabama, his accusers, for the most part, have been proven to be false at best and outright lies in a few of the cases. I am by NO-MEANS condoning many of the accused actions. In the case of Sylvester Stallone, it is apparently evident that something happened in the hotel suite where a movie was being filmed back in the 1980’s in Las Vegas. 

The question that keeps coming to mind for myself personally is; why now? Why are you just coming forward some 40-plus years later? In the case of Judge Moore, you’re accusing a man that has no defense capability whatsoever. You are hurling accusations at a man in the closing days of a campaign where that man can only say, “I didn’t do it.” Moore’s accusers have no photo’s, no video, nothing on tape, no recording, no anything except their word against the Judge’s word. The one piece of evidence, that being a high school yearbook has a handwritten note that is in no way damning and has been proven to be a forgery by handwriting experts. Now the question has to be, “why now?” The obvious answer is, these particular individuals don’t want the Judge elected to the United States Senate.

NBC News Anchor Matt Lauer is another case altogether. The charges being leveled at him are relatively fresh in nature. There is videotape where he is making lewd remarks to employees while on set. This guy even had a button installed under his desk where he could lock victims in his office so he could make his advances or whatever he was doing. All of this is hard evidence. These I can agree with. Lauer was a superstar on his network, and he was using this power to abuse subordinates in one fashion or another. NBC will more than likely be paying out some heavy duty settlement checks to Lauer’s victims. 

The next shoe to drop for a superstar will more than likely be Fox News Star Geraldo Rivera. Watch the below video and be prepared to be shocked. 

Obviously, the statute of limitations has run on this case, and no charges will ever be filed. But what hasn’t run yet is the statute of limitations on negative publicity for Geraldo Rivera. The one saving grace (if there is one is the fact that Rivera did write about it in a book some years back). The downside for Geraldo is that Bette Midler is a much beloved international superstar with a great deal of credibility. Rivera is a just another reporter and political commentator who has already admitted to the act. The downside PR for Fox and Geraldo will be huge if Fox decides to keep Geraldo around. I see Geraldo’s retirement announcement coming shortly.

Geraldo Rivera will be just another celebrity, and he will likely have dozens of more women coming forward since the video’s of Bette’s statements are going viral. Now that we see sports figures, actors, reporters and a long list of celebrity types being crushed in the media recently, we now have to ask ourselves, “how did we get to this point?” How did we come to the point in this nation where women are being given the nod to destroy men’s lives with 30 and 40-year-old accusations, and they are given credibility to ruin people’s lives? 

If Geraldo or Congressman Conyers had committed these acts last month or last week, I could fully understand making the charges, and criminal charges might even be warranted in some cases. In the case of a “fresh” act, yes, by all means, out the perpetrator, make a claim and let justice play out. But to come back and attack someone decades later, something should be done to protect the accused here. In these cases, it is being left up to the accused to prove their innocence, and in most cases, there is zero way to do that as it is a “he said-she said” type of situation. 

The fact is this, America’s men have and are being neutered. We (meaning boys and men) are no longer allowed to be boys or men. When I was young, we played cowboys and Indians. We would run around the playground pointing our fingers at the Indians and yell bang-bang. Today if a first-grader does that, he is expelled from school for being violent. There was a time when a man could walk by a co-worker and compliment them on the dress they were wearing today. This was called “flirting,” today it is called sexual harassment.

America has been reduced to the point of where perverted men can dress as a woman, use the women’s restroom, but God help you if you tell a woman she looks pretty today. 

The fact is, the women’s movement (started by Gloria Steinem) has reached the point where women are being empowered to abuse the grotesque, evil man. And they are seizing the opportunity to garner retribution. Yes, there are cases of legitimate maltreatment and those should be prosecuted. But for a man to not be able to be a man and compliment a woman then ask her out for a cup of coffee, something is wrong America!

I wonder if E-Harmony or is behind this latest wave of fear that is running through every American male. This way, nobody has to talk, everything is done online, and it cost money to ask a lady out for coffee. As the old saying goes, follow the money patriots, follow the money!