Will this be Kim Jong Un’s response if President Trump decides to retaliate for his continued threats against America?

North Korea’s test of yet another ICBM missile today is further proof of China’s inability to control the rogue dictator Kim Jong Un. The test rocket apparently landed in the waters near Japan which sent the stock market plunging, and all but gave the Japanese a heart attack. Early indicators are that this latest launch would have been able to strike the Midwest and possibly the East Coast of the United States

According to Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, today’s launch could have hit any major city within the continental United States. Today’s missile flew 1000 miles higher than any previous launch which when the trajectory is corrected would have allowed it to land in Chicago with no problem. The only piece left to the puzzle for the North Koreans now is, having their missiles survive re-entry to detonate a nuclear warhead. 

President Trump addressed the situation with North Korea this afternoon is few short statements. The president said with great conviction, “We Will Take Care Of It.”

With ‘Rocket Man’s‘ latest escapade with this launch, the United States is now left with two choices. It is now very apparent that China has lost the ability to control North Korea or they’re unwilling to put a leash on Little Kim


  1. Accept that a mentally unstable rogue Dictator has become a weaponized nuclear nation and live in fear that at any moment this lunatic could or would begin pushing buttons. If nothing is done to stop Kim Jong Un, he (according to the Pentagon) will be able to deliver a nuclear weapon on Nashville within the next year. The United States has to ask ourselves, are we willing to live with this threat? The same is holding true for Iran as they are nearing the same abilities.
  2. Send in the military to take care of the problem.

Here comes the rub with a military response. Believe it or not, this does pose several issues for the United States.

  • North Korea is an ally of Russia. The question now becomes, will Vladimir Putin stand down and allow our military to launch a first strike with no repercussions? In my ‘never to humble’ opinion, I believe that Russia would stand down. If President Trump calls Vlad and gives him a ‘heads up’ as a sign of respect, I think Putin would look the other way. Putin knows full well that Kim has been threatening America for some time now and he knows full well that we cannot allow this to continue. I honestly believe that, while he might not give his blessing to the military mission, he would say, “do what you have to do to protect yourselves.”
  •  China! China has been a long time supporter of North Korea. While China is not warm to the idea, maybe they, in reality, want us to do something with the problem child on their Southern Border. North Korea has been a drain on China’s economy for decades, and they have been a thorn in the side of China as well. Everything that Little Kim, his father, and grandfather have done, China receives a phone call from an American President. I am pretty sure that they are tired of the United States calling up and whining about North Korea. Keep in mind that China would have to deal with hundreds of thousands of refugees trying to flee and enter China if we do bring a war to their land. Would China stand down as well? At this point, I honestly believe they would. President Xi knew where all these tests were heading and he knew Trump could not sit back and do nothing indefinitely. Xi was either unable to bring Kim in line, or he doesn’t care, in either case, the result is the same.

If the President pulls the trigger, this is what Kim Jong Un will face at the DMZ to stop an invasion of the South.

 What must happen for the United States to be successful and limit South Korean risks? 

  1. With millions of innocent South Korean allies just 35-miles south of the DMZ, obviously the first task must be to neutralize the North’s ability to carry out any military operations against the South. To do this, the United States would have to carry out several activities almost simultaneously. The first being to destroy the North’s ability to have any radar capability. This could and likely will be done with cruise missiles. Our 7th Fleet will probably launch 150-200 cruise missiles targeting the DMZ as well as all of North Korea’s radar and communication sites. 
  2. While the cruise missiles are still airborne, the Pentagon will most likely order hundreds of bombers airborne with the Stealth fighters and bombers in the front of the first wave. These bombers will carpet bomb the DMZ to prevent any missile launches into South Korea or troop deployment that would attack the border. 
  3. With the DMZ neutralized, the radar taken out, and the communication system pulverized, the Air Force and Navy fighters and bombers can now (without threat) begin destroying Kim’s weaponizing facilities and launch sites. 

At this point; the United States could attack the North with virtually no confrontation. Now it becomes, ‘how far does the President want to take this?’ With North Korea’s inability to know where we are or what we are doing, we can pretty much destroy all of Kim Jong Un’s military if we desire to do so.

Tactically speaking; The last thing we would want to do would be to get into a full-blown ground war with North Korea. The North has well in excess of a million ground troops where we would struggle to put 100,000 on the ground. America would have to transport thousands of tanks, where they have their tanks readily available. Strategically speaking, we win the war with North Korea with air supremacy, not with ground troops. We also don’t want to go into winter at war as North Korea is an incredibly harsh environment to expose our men and women too.

Today, many are talking about ‘shooting down these rockets‘ when they first lift off from the launching pad. While yes, we can do this, it still doesn’t stop North Korea’s nuclear program.

President Trump has a tough decision to make and the day of reckoning is rapidly approaching. He can postpone the inevitable by destroying Kim’s playtoys as he launches them or he can go ahead and eradicate the problem. This would also send a dire message to Iran.

I would hazard a guess that today, President Trump will be on the phone with President Xi and President Putin. If he get’s the subtle nod from these guys, then Kim’s days are numbered. If you ask me to weigh in on this, I think Trump get’s the nod, and in very short order we will see the rockets red glare over North Korea.


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