This is what our nation has been reduced to thanks to Democrats!

As the old adage goes; “when pointing the finger at someone, remember, you have three pointing back at you.” Years ago, someone should have informed the Democrats in Hollywood and on Capitol Hill of that wisdom that our mother’s taught us so long ago. 

For decades we have been witness to countless attacks on Republicans by the Hollywood elitist. We have been told that all we wanted was to tax the poor so that old-fat-gray haired businessman could become even wealthier. Even though it was an old Republican who did lower taxes and created the greatest economic expansion in American history. We are told that we hate women and want children to go hungry, when in fact, it is Republicans who want to preserve life for countless children who would otherwise be aborted. Now we have the epitome of Hollywood’s and the Democrats hypocrisy rearing its ugly head.  The list of Hollywood sexual predators continues to grow and is doing so at a very rapid rate. 

According to the ‘Daily,’ the Los Angeles Police Department now has twenty-eight open investigations which are directed at Hollywood Actors, Producers, Directors and other notable names. In fact, according to the LAPD, accusations are pouring in so fast, the Chief is having to add more detectives to work the more than two-dozen they now have. Many of these charges being leveled are not just “patting on the butt” type of allegations, but many are full-blown rape charges and in some cases much worse. It was just last week that mega-star Sylvester Stallone was accused of rape in Las Vegas at the Hilton Hotel when he was on set filming a movie. In Sly’s case, the accuser testified that the Super-Star had threatened her to keep quiet or her family would face serious ramifications. At the time, she was just 16-years-old.

Tens of Thousands of women listen to Ashley Judd and Madonna bash President Trump. The hypocrisy is that these same women will murder an innocent baby.

With the accusations now being hurled at the powerful Democrat Congressman John Conyers of Georgia and Democrat Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, Pandora’s box of allegations on Capitol Hill seems to be ‘just getting started.’ Every day that goes by, we have a new Democrat on the defensive, and a new accuser is coming forward. In case you happen to wonder about the validity of many of these allegations, take a look at “why” there was a slush fund set up over a decade ago so these abused employees and various victims would be paid off for their silence. The New York Post reports (along with many other publications) that over $15,000,000 has been paid out to victims of Congressional improprieties toward staffers, interns, secretaries and apparently even the Capitol Hill janitorial service. (yes, that was humor)

Remember, it was just last January that rock star Madonna donned her pink hat, grabbed a microphone and told the world how big of a misogynist President Trump was. It was actress Ashley Judd who on the same stage as Madonna said to the world that conservatives were creepers, abusers and called the right everything in the book except a Christian male. And now we finally have the truth coming out. In fact, it is not conservatives who are being accused of all these sexual molestations, but Democrats! Yes, we do have Judge Roy Moore, but most of his accusers have been debunked as liars. Again; most of these accusers and the targets of the accused are all Democrats. Why?

Let us digress to the beginning for a few moments. The laws of mankind as most of the world believes were handed down from God to Moses. Man accepted These rules, and most of our modern laws stem from these basic ten commandments.

Bohemian Grove Owl Worshiping ceremony where many claim that Satanic offerings have been performed.

  • You shall have no other gods before Me. ~ Have you heard of Bohemian Grove? This is a place in Northern California where many of the most powerful in Washington and Hollywood congregate annually to pay homage to a 40′ tall owl. Many accusations have been leveled at the attendees up to and include Satanic rituals that happen during this ritual. Then you have to ask yourself, is money in Hollywood not a god? Are winning those little statues named Oscar, not a god? These people worship money and statues, let’s be honest, it is the truth. 
  • You shall not make idols. See above!
  • You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain. ~ Unfortunately, both sides and most of mankind does this routinely, and it is a shame. 
  • Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. ~ Most states used to have something called a “Blue-Law” where businesses were closed on Sunday to encourage people to attend church. Not anymore!
  • Honor your father and your mother. ~ Today across the United States a child can “divorce” their parents and be awarded to the state and be put into foster care. Don’t like your parent’s discipline, simply divorce them. 
  • You shall not murder. ~ Tell that to the 59,000,000 million innocent children who have been aborted as a matter of convenience. Yes, there was 1-3% that was a medical necessity to save the mother, but the vast majority was merely because little Becky didn’t want to miss the spring semester at college. 
  • You shall not commit adultery. ~ Enough said all of humanity is guilty of this one. 
  • You shall not steal. ~ Is taking $15,000,000 to pay off sexual immorality problems considered stealing? 
  • You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. ~ The women who accused Judge Roy Moore should probably read this one twice. 
  • You shall not covet. ~ Democrats do not like that big bank account that Mr. Trump has, so we are going soak him in taxes until he gives most of it to us. 

Think about all the laws we have and at the root of that law is more than likely one of these ten commandments.

Considering the above, now think about this. The majority of America’s Christian Faiths is overwhelmingly Republican. For instance; the Mormon faith identifies as over 70% GOP, while the Southern Baptist come in at 64%, Nazarene is 65%, and the Lutherans and Presbyterians are 60%. To have an inner moral compass for decency and morality, one must have a basis of what is right and what is wrong. If you have zero spiritual guidance in your life, then you have no barometer for what is righteous and what is inherently wrong.

San Francisco now has block after block of Porn Theaters that are mainstream for the city.

Think about Roe V Wade for a moment. It was an agnostic (non-believer) who sued to have the right to abort an unborn child. She later gave her life to Christ before she died and apologized for her decision that would change America for what appears to be forever. She did, in fact, give many speeches in repentance for her decision early in her life.

Now consider Madelyn Murray O’Hare. O’Hare in the early 1960’s sued the Baltimore School district because her son was listening to daily Biblical scripture in the classroom. The case ended up at the Supreme Court in 1962. In an 8-1 vote, the Justices sided with O’Hare, and this effectively ended prayer in school. O’Hare was a devoted Atheist until she died in 1995.

Today we have the LGBT and NAMBLA community pushing hard to normalize pedophilia. If you’re unfamiliar with the acronym NAMBLA, it stands for ‘North American Man-Boy Love Association.’ Just when you thought you had heard it all, now we are finding out that many of the arguments the LGBT have made is all a ruse to propel their deepest desire for pedophilia. This garbage of “I knew when I was six years old that I was gay” is just that garbage. When I was six years old, I played cowboys and Indians with my friends. I never once thought that I was sexually attracted to anything other than my toy gun, and that is a maybe.

The fact is, the left in this country have no boundaries because they are near utterly heartless. They have no character, they have no honor, and they have precious little decency. Everything they do or want to do has an ulterior motive to drive this nation further toward debauchery.

The sad truth is, many of our favorite actors and actresses are now under the gun for having committed some very criminal acts against innocent victims. More and more political figures are being outed as well. And when we look at who they are? Weinstein, Stallone, Cruz and the rest are all Democrats who donate heavily to Democrat causes and politicians. If left to their own devices with no objection, this nation would make Sodom and Gomorrah look like a Southern Baptist Convention.