World-renowned artist Alexi Allens has taken her talented paintbrush on a crusade for our Veterans. Allens who is most known for her “multiple images showing moods and emotions” opened her studio and gallery in Laguna Beach back in 2011. Alexi attributes her inspiration from having spent years in the Far East and from having studied Qi Gong with a Taoist master for more than seven years, from Beijing and the White Cloud Monastery.

Allens then moved to India and had her book published in New Delhi. It is now available and in circulation throughout the world in multiple languages. Allens said she has been published in the art world in Tel Aviv, Israel for limited signed and numbered serigraphs. Much of her work can be viewed on her website.

While many of Alexi Allen’s paintings sell for tens of thousands of dollars, she has decided she wants to help the Veterans in the Arizona area. Recently Allen’s put her brush to canvas and created a work of art entitled “United We Stand.” The painting depicts all the branches of service (including WWII Code Talkers) on horseback while carrying their particular flags from their branch of service.

Alexi Allen’s is now taking her talent to supporting our Veterans.

The purpose of the painting is to raise a minimum of $25,000 for the organization “America’s Mighty Warriors.” AMW is an organization that was founded for the specific purpose of aiding returning Vets with ‘traumatic brain injuries,’ not only get help through ‘hyperbaric oxygen treatment,’ but then integrate back into society. Once the painting is fully funded, Allen’s has pledged that a minimum of 50% of the proceeds will go directly to this wonderful organization. The painting will then be donated to the Phoenix Veterans Administration Hospital who will hang it in their entrance way. 

When Allen’s is asked how she would like to see this go, apparently she is giddy about the painting being fully funded, but what she ideally would like to see happen is that 50,000 people each donate a $1. This would afford her the ability to present the painting to the Veterans and say that 50,000 patriotic Americans gave this to the Vets.

You can help in this great cause by visiting the United We Stand “Go Fund Me” page. Personally speaking, I really don’t think Alexi Allen’s would object if you gave $50 or $100 to the cause. The primary purpose here is to give the painting to the VA Hospital in Phoenix, and the next objective is to provide America’s Mighty Warriors a huge check to help the vets with their treatments.  

If you are a Veteran like me, I am personally requesting that you do take the time to go donate to this very worthy cause.

As a side note to this story of Alexi supporting Veterans, she is also a devoted President Donald Trump fan. In fact, she is the artist that painted the MILLION DOLLAR BILL with Trump’s photo in the center of the bill. The liberals immediately began protesting the conservative artist and she has subsequently relocated her studio and gallery to Arizona. Got to love an artist that takes a stand!