We all held our collective breath when former Senior Presidential Adviser Steve Bannon left the White House. I remember receiving many phone calls inquiring “as to what this meant” for our governing after his departure. Amongst the conservative factions, this was viewed with great trepidation as the ‘hard-right’ thought or believed that President Trump’s “ONLY” conservative viewpoint was coming from Mr. Bannon. The right viewed Jared Kushner as a liberal wolf dressed in conservative attire, and they saw Ivanka as a moderate at best. The result being that President Trump would get only liberal advice and no infusion of conservatism what-so-ever.

Last week, I ended up in a heated debate on several topics with a friend of mine who ended up accusing me of “going full-on libtard” on them because of my stance on the Judge Roy Moore fiasco. Because I dare make the prediction, I did regarding Moore’s political future,  and because I dare refuse to take the stance that; “all the polling was wrong.” And by the way, “what if the girls are not lying,” and “Moore is toast because the GOP has withdrawn their funding by the tens of millions,” that makes me a liberal moron. In other words, if I happen to make a political analysis that goes against the passion that one feels for a particular candidate, this categorizes me as a “Liberal Idiot?” Because Moore happens to be a hard-core conservative, he is automatically innocent of all charges against him? All of these women are now lying because the press hates Moore, and we happen to have a Moderate at best as the Senate Majority Leader who will stoop to anything to rid America of Roy Moore? 

Let us stop here and consider for a moment what America would like if “ALL OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS” were of the Roy Moore persuasion. Before I begin, I am NOT ASSAULTING JUDGE MOORE! I am only using him as a benchmark for conservatism. Also, understand that I am also a conservative, I am just a pragmatic conservative and weigh what is possible in politics at any given time against what can happen and what is going to happen. Simply put; I apply political thought to what is reality versus what I desire. Sometimes it is not easy to be realistic when passion is involved. IE: Obamacare, I said long ago that Obamacare was going to stay with us and that President Trump was facing a huge hurdle to get rid of it. I knew this because of the Insurance Lobby and how powerful they were. My devoted conservatives disagreed with me and claimed that I had no faith in Donald Trump. I said no, it isn’t because of Trump’s lack of desire or any of that; I just knew what was going to happen when it came down to it. The Insurance Lobby was going to spread so much cash and favors around; there was no way the Senate was going to vote to get rid of it.


This is what religious zealotry looks like.

Under a John Ashcroft or Roy Moore’s America, this is what it might look like. Anyone remember Attorney General John Ashcroft? One of John Ashcroft’s first acts as President George W. Bush’s AG was to have the “Spirit of Justice” draped because he felt as though the statue was pornographic in nature. When asked “what was pornography?”, Ashcroft responded with “I know it when I see it.” 

Keep in mind that the “Spirit of Justice” had stood in that spot since 1933. Alongside is her male counterpart. 

In Ashcroft’s mind, that statue was pornographic, and the American people should not be exposed to pornography. Think about that for a moment. This icon was created by a world-renowned artist and had stood in that spot for 70-years and had been viewed by millions of Americans and all of the sudden this religiously conservative Baptist from Missouri was going to save our souls by covering it up.

Personally speaking, I am a believer in the Ten-Commandments. I believe in the tenants of them. I believe that we should not commit adultery on our spouses and I believe that we should not lie, cheat, steal, gossip, and all the rest. If I were not a Christian, I would still think that Moses brought down a good set of rules that is good for society to live by. However, what if I am a Buddhist? What if I am a Hindu or a Sikh? What if I think or believe that the Universe was created by Aliens from a distant planet? The point being that this is what the Supreme Court handed down when they told Judge Moore he had to remove the Ten-Commandments from his Court Room. He refused to abide by the Court’s ruling. Ultimately the Judge was removed from his position as a Federal Judge. 

Let us carry this one step further. What if there were no Social-Security? The real Tea Party faithful and uber conservative’s say, “the Constitution doesn’t speak of Social-Security,” so let the Churches care for the elderly or indigent. Doesn’t anyone remember why President Roosevelt started Social-Security in the first place? It was because when the markets crashed and we entered into the Great Depression, millions of Americans were standing in soup lines and had no money, no food, and many didn’t even have a roof over their head. FDR said, “never again.”

This is what LA looked like for most of the 1960’s and 70’s.

It is one thing to be conservative, and it is quite another to have the wealthiest nation on earth allow millions of people to go hungry.

In a genuinely hardcore conservative society, we would not have an EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency is one of the first discussed by conservatives when talking about which agencies we should shut down. Question; Do you really believe that California could have stood toe to toe with Ford Motor Company or General Motors back in 1965? Ford, GM, Chrysler and all the rest lobbied Capitol Hill hard to stop them from having to add emission standards and controls to their automobiles. They claimed that by adding all those restrictions, it would drive the cost up, and their sales would all but cease to exist. Keep in mind that Houston, San Francisco, New York City and Detroit were in about the same shape as Southern California. All these cities had blankets of air pollution which kept them covered most of the time.

Los Angeles today is a totally different city. It is largely due to air quality restrictions put into law by the EPA.

There was a time in our nation (and not so long ago) that most of the water East of the Mississippi River was unfit to drink or for that matter even for fish to live in. Carnegie Steel had polluted most everything in Pennsylvania. Tire corporations from Akron had polluted lakes and streams as did Chemical Corporations.

Can a river actually burn, yes, yes it can!

 In fact, the famous Cuyahoga River fire of 1969 told America and the world just how polluted we had become. Coal mines had almost no restrictions on them, and they did pollute with the best. Many want to chastise the EPA, and yes to some degree they do at times “go a little out there” when trying to protect a frog or bird, but for the most part, you can thank a Republican President for trying to clean up pollution in this nation. When picking on the EPA, be sure to congratulate Republican Richard Nixon for creating the agency in the first place. It would be the Cuyahoga fire, and then Lake Erie catching fire that gave President Nixon the motivation to do something about America’s pollution problem finally. 

I am not attacking liberals or conservatives. The point I am trying to make is this. There is good and bad in everything in life. Some things liberals suggest are reasonable. Some things Conservatives want to do are excellent, and the liberals should meet them halfway and visa/versa. We have come to the point in this nation where nobody wants to negotiate or even talk for that matter. The American people have put so much pressure on these politicians to where they are afraid to even discuss a topic with the other side for fear of losing their jobs. 

What happens if Steve Bannon is successful and he does happen to rid America of Moderate Republicans? Remember your history books? Remember how during the 16-1700’s when a woman was caught having an affair? The Judge (yes, she had to go to court) would place her under arrest, then place an “A” on her blouse and she had to wear that with shame. The fellow that she had an affair with was not questioned, he was a guy, so that was natural. How far have we come? Some actually want us to return to the days where the Church ran the country. Is that really what you want America? Do you really want a Baptist Minister running the nation? No more rap music (no, I’m not a fan either), no more HBO, no more risque stores like Victoria’s Secret and no more Playboy magazine. Is this really where you want to go? Because if it is, you may get your wish if the hard-core conservatives get their way. 

PS; You will no longer have a Department of Education (not that, that is such a significant loss), the EPA will go away also, it will be mandatory that everyone carry a gun (not such a bad idea in reality). You will not find a Mosque to worship in just as the other faiths are sent packing as well. We will be a scripture-quoting society, mostly Baptist in nature. I’m of the opinion that we need two sides to every argument, it is when you get only one-sided negotiations that we get ourselves into trouble. Political fighting is a good thing, and now we get even balanced decisions that benefit everyone.