From Los Angeles, California to Brooklyn-New York and Helena, Montana to Dallas, Texas history revision has been taking place at a frightening rate. All across our land, statues, and monuments (mostly Civil War heroes) have been either relocated to where nobody sees them or have been put into storage. In some cases, during a protest, these unique monuments have even been destroyed. Southern General Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson seem to be the favorite targets for these liberal history activists. 

Recently President Donald Trump asked the question, ‘so where does it end?’ Does it end with the tearing down of the Washington Monument in our nation’s capital? Does it end with Monticello (the home of Thomas Jefferson) being closed down? On the surface, one would think “Nah, they wouldn’t do that, would they?” Think again.

Many of today’s headlines are of the very historic Christ Church of Alexandria, Virginia. It seems that one of our oldest and most revered houses of worship in the nation has decided to remove all references to our nation’s first President, George Washington. Plaques outside of the church are being removed along with a brass plate on the very pew that Washington and his family worshipped in. Why? Apparently, it is because a few individuals are upset that Washington is even recognized as having attended the historical church. The churches reasoning is that ‘they want to be welcoming to everyone.’ Keep in mind that this is a church with a cemetery that has many historical figures laying at rest. In fact, even some of our signers of our Constitution are laying in the graveyard.

General Robert E. Lee’s plaque was labeling his family pew in the historic church. George Washington’s pew is marked with the same type plaque that the church now is removing.

When trying to understand “WHY” a church would cause a church of God to become so politically correct, I found out some fascinating information. Looking at the Churches staff, one immediately concludes that ‘something is going on’ in this church. All of the Churches senior staff are women. I am not trying to start a gender war, but the Bible is pretty clear (in particular the Apostle Paul) about a woman’s role in a church, and it is NOT TO BE A SENIOR PASTOR! This caused me to do some further research on what particular Christian faith is this “Christ Church” of Alexandria.

This is the Rector who wants George Washington removed. Dr. Noelle York-Simmons

It turns out that the Church is of the Episcopal Denomination. So what difference does that make? It actually makes a lot of difference. It was the Episcopalian Denomination that first said their churches would welcome Homosexual Priest along with saluting gay marriage. In fact, on their “ABOUT US” page, they are proud to proclaim that they offer marriage and sacrament rights to “ALL PEOPLE.” This is the part where the moderates will scream at me and call me a bigot, racist, misogynist, and many other foul names. Just remember this; I am not making the news here, I am merely reporting it. I did not write the Holy Bible; I only read the scriptures like everyone else. The Holy Bible is pretty clear about God’s position on gay anything.

This would explain why this church is so quick to throw our ‘Father of the nation‘ out of his pew. We should have actually expected it. Any church that will defy God’s word to increase their congregation (IE; donations and funding), in my opinion, should be avoided. The Episcopalians have a long history of defying the Holy Bible. Because of their capitulation to political correctness, we have lost the Lutherans, the Methodist and many others have followed suit.

Will we see a movement started to tear down the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument? Will there be an effort put forward to shut down Mount Vernon? I don’t know but had you asked me 20-years ago; I would have said, “not on your life,” today, I’m not so sure!

These pyramids make the Jews feel bad, we must remove them, so they feel welcome.

Do these church leaders honestly believe that by stripping their church of the historic people that worshipped there, it is going to make a few individuals “feel” more welcome? Give me a break! What this is folks is “history revision” for the furthering of progressivism. If their theory is correct that “people will feel better”, then let’s go ahead and rewrite half of the Old Testament. Those evil Egyptians enslaved some of my ancestry and I feel bad when I read about it. While you’re at it, please remove the great Pyramids of Giza. It was my enslaved ancestry that built those and it makes me feel bad to look at them.

The fact is, slavery has always been around and the way it is looking it might always be around in some form or another. The Blacks fuss about Robert E. Lee, then why don’t they fuss at Barack Obama for further enslaving them with federal dollars? Never in our history have so many been enslaved by welfare payments as they were under Obama and his administration. Barack Obama was far and away a larger slave owner than George Washington or Thomas Jefferson.

This revisionist history will come back to bite us. All nations have dark periods in their history. England enslaved India and half of Africa at one point in their history. Germany enslaved Poland, the Czech Republic and a dozen more nations in World War II. Hitler would use the residents of these countries for slave labor to build his war machine. Jews were being enslaved and when they could no longer perform, they were murdered. Patriots, this was modern history, not history dating back to the 1800’s or 3,000 B.C., this was virtually last week in terms of our global history.

These so-called Pastors of this church need to reread their Bible and remember why we have Christ. Jesus of Nazareth came to teach us about his father, spread the gospel, then die in place of us for our sin. We are forgiven, just as George, Thomas and all the rest are forgiven for their sins of owning other human beings. It is time these pastors begin teaching what forgiveness is all about and move their congregations past this, rather than buckling to liberal progressivism.