Polling and The Credibility Thereof;

We all remember the presidential primary season. For over a year and on a daily basis, we were beat into submission with polling data. Today candidate Trump sat at 15% in popularity rankings, yet he won the state in a landslide. Tomorrow he jumped in another poll by 20%, and he had only a narrow victory, and so it went for a year or better. The one truth in most of the polling was this; either someone was asleep at the polling switch, or these ‘so-called-polls‘ were rigged in an effort to sway the outcome. I tend to lean toward the latter. HOWEVER! With that said, most of the time, in fact nearly all of the time, the Fox News Poll was mostly accurate and seemed to have it’s finger on the pulse of the American people much more so than the rest of the field.

The Latest Results;

Fox News will be hitting the 24-hour news cycle hard today with it’s latest results from it’s newest Presidential Polling. The full results can be found in this Fox News Article.  If you want to dig deep into the polling (which is fascinating), then hit this link where everything is broken down.

Before I give you the results, let’s begin with President Trump’s Tweeting. Ask most Trump devotee’s last year what they thought of his Tweeting and most would enthusiastically say; ‘WE LOVE IT, it is how he stays in touch with his base so he can be unfiltered.’ To be honest, I was not that enamored with it or to be more clear, on some subjects it was o.k., but his weaponizing Twitter to attack people, I was not near that enthusiastic. Here is what America thinks today;

Now, one should probably be asking themselves; ‘ so why does some 87%‘ of America either dislike or is concerned with the President hopping on Twitter every morning at 4:00 AM? It is not that he Tweets that is the problem, it is WHAT HE TWEETS, that is the problem. If he only tweeted that he was traveling to Naples, Florida today to tour storm wreckage, it would be one thing. If he Tweeted that his fan club should call Congress to help push a bill through, that would also be alright with his base, but it is not. It is his Tweeting that “Little Kim err; Rocket Man” threatened us again, think it’s time to blow him up” that is the problem. It is his weaponizing Twitter and the very ‘unpresidential’ Tweets that is the problem. These actions are very demeaning to the office of the Presidency and therein lies the issue.  

I know what the sign said at Trump Tower in New York City. ‘Let Trump be Trump‘~ I get it, but Trump is not Trump anymore. Trump is the President of the United States. He is the leader of the free-world and is the Commander of the most influential military in the world. He is the CEO of the most prominent economy in the world today and needs to act, react and manage as such. The President needs to keep his tweets benign, professional and motivational for the American people. He needs to stop using Twitter to attack United States Senators, Congressman, and Hollywood stars. He needs to stop injecting his personal opinions into every conversation going on across this land. He needs to get some thicker skin and realize that Presidents have been the targets of humor since Will Rogers and probably before. Lastly; President Trump needs to start realizing that being President requires a certain level of both maturity and a steady hand that so far he is not displaying very well and that is what makes Americans nervous.

Now This is Interesting;

Hypothetical and Worst Case Scenario;

Do not be roped into thinking that just because it has been exposed the DNC financed the Dossier on Trump, this is going to turn around and go away. It is not! In fact; the anarchist group (funded by George Soros) ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and a host of others are planning major civil unrest events nationwide on November 4, 2017. However, if you happen to be a Trump supporter, this is the least of our worries. 

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s job is to find a smoking gun in the Russian investigation.

The unfortunate fact is, President Trump has few if any supporters in the U. S. House of Representatives or the United States Senate. In the polling that Fox recently did, you had questions regarding Korea, Iran, and other foreign diplomacy issues. Fewer than 1/3 of the respondents said that Trump was qualified to deal with issues or liked the way they were being handled. When reading questions 21, 22, and 23, only about 1/3 of the people said that President Trump had the compassion, knowledge or judgment to be President of the United States.

Combine this decline in Trump’s popularity rating with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s witch hunt and we very likely have serious problems. With Trump’s overall sinking in the polling, the Congress no longer fears him causing any problems in the mid-terms. Remember the President did lose big in Alabama recently with his endorsement of Senator Luther Strange to the Tea Party candidate Judge Roy Moore. Now with Mueller handing out “Arrest Warrants” on Monday, this is turning for the worst if you love Trump.   

Remember this; Impeachment is not an act that would have to pass a jury test. An impeachment is mostly a political act. Does there have to be something “THERE”, yes, but it doesn’t have to be something that a jury would necessarily send you to prison for. If you can convince the majority of the House to impeach a President because he has red hair, then that President can literally be brought to trial in the Senate over the fact that he has red hair. Would he be convicted, not likely, but the process would have to play out anyway. 

In this case, it is very likely that Mueller will come back with something damning for President Trump. That is his job! Will it be enough for the House to hold hearings? Nobody knows at this point. But if Trump’s numbers keep sagging, we get into a war, Trump keeps picking on the world via Twitter, then it is likely the House might very well do something. This is simply because the President doesn’t have a big enough fan base in the House. This is our worst nightmare. 

Would President Donald J. Trump put America through something of this nature? Not likely! He is far to patriotic, far too gracious, not to mention, I think he is tired of the political bull and wants to go play golf.