You’ve spent your life working hard, and you have amassed a fortune. When one is worth 5 Billion, 10 Billion or in the case of Mark Zuckerberg $60 Billion, life tends to get a little boring. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, they claim has even surpassed or is knocking on the door of surpassing Bill Gates as the richest in the land and possibly the world if you don’t include the Royal Families of Saudi Arabia. So what is next for guy or gal who has conquered the financial world? 

You have private bodyguards, you have mansions scattered across the globe so you can enjoy permanent 75-80 degree days, you commute to the office via a private helicopter or jet, and you have your own private chef to prepare your favorite meals. You don’t shop in stores any longer with us peasants because you have your individual personal tailor who has all your sizes on file and you simply order up whatever type of clothing you want or need. Yes, life is good for those who happen to be Billionaires.

Ross Perot gave a green light to rebel candidates and proved they could run and win.

Back in 1996, a Billionaire (who is poor by today’s billionaire standards) by the name of Ross Perot decided he had, had enough with Washington cronyism, debt, deficits and all the rest of the talking points. Perot who was coming off being the latest national hero (by rescuing some of his staff from Iran), decided to run for President. Some say he never really wanted to win (what he really wanted was NAFTA), but he ran, he climbed up the polling too high 30’s, then pulled a stunt (because he was winning) dropped out of the race. Then he got back in the race and delivered the victory for Bill Clinton (who immediately signed NAFTA upon entering the Oval Office). Whether it was all a stunt or not, what Perot did by entering the Presidential race and bankrolling himself was to plant the seeds for everyone to follow-“Hey you can do this too if you have money and the courage to do so.”

America’s political parties have at least not in my lifetime, never been in worse shape. The Republican Party is split between the elected grassroots troublemakers (I say that tongue in cheek and with love), and the old guard establishment types. What this has done efficiently is brought politics to a standstill on Capitol Hill. The Democrats have had their clocks cleaned so severely in recent years; they only have their aged old politicoes or the new breed of raging idiots to present to the American people.

With both parties in disarray, this is leaving the door wide-open for somebody like a Mark Cuban to step up and ‘save the day’ for the Democrats. Cuban saw Perot make a contest of it, he saw what Trump did, the party is in shambles, so why not? He has the money, he has the name ID, and with a couple of Billion to spend, he can purchase whatever name ID he doesn’t have. 

If nothing else goes right for President Trump, one thing is for sure; he has rewritten all the political manuals for how to achieve the unachievable. The talking heads on Sunday morning all told him it was impossible. Everyone (except me) thought it could not be done. The Party elites told him to go home in a not so subtle way, and the rest of the world laughed. What Donald Trump did was this. He read the hearts and minds of a really angry America, and he simply asked them, “what do you want to be changed?” They spoke, he listened and said; “let’s do this, ” and the rest is history.

Ross Perot’s mantra of “We’re Going to Fix It” gave way to “Make America Great Again, ” and the President took Perot’s trailblazing, tweaked it a little and won the White House. The question now becomes, “can this be done again and again?” Will we see Cuban jump in for the next election? There have been subtle rumblings that Mark Zuckerberg (King of Facebook) is now discussing the possibilities. This is particularly concerning to me because Zuckerberg would bring the 19-yr-olds out in droves and with his bankroll this could get frightening. Zuckerberg can outspend all political parties combined and then toss in a few more billion just to make sure. Mr. Facebook could and can effectively purchase the White House for real, and this is no joke. Zuck is known as a flaming left-wing radical with very progressive ideologies that don’t even show up on political radar they’re so far out there.

Dot Com and Dallas Maverick’s Billionaire, Mark Cuban has been toying with running in 2020.

If anyone in the Democrat or Republican party is reading this, remember this my friends; “You did this to yourselves and America” with your corruption, lies, cronyism, and lack of ability to listen to the American people. While you’re all sitting around those smoked filled rooms in the basement of the Capitol and sipping your Brandy, you might all ponder the good-old-days back when you controlled politics in this county. Not anymore! If Donald Trump has shown you anything, it is that ‘it can be done.’ You can start a movement with the right message, and you can change history. 

When you already have it all, and you want to leave a permanent legacy for generations to come, what better way to do that, than become President of the United States. When you know that all you need is a little cash and you have boatloads of money already, why not? 

Here is what we as Americans need to fear. Donald Trump’s populist message hit a nerve with the American people. We were tired of business as usual, we were tired of government running amok at our expense, and we were tired of being lied too. What happens when a multi-billionaire decides to also run with a populist message of government is going to take care of you, the government is going to give you that healthcare, make sure you have enough money to eat 3-squares a day, give you a college education and all the other Bernie Sanders messaging. This time though, the guy is a younger, good-looking, super-rich dot com television star? He doesn’t need the party, he doesn’t need the $5 donations, and he too has his own airplane and unlimited credit card. 

Given the choices, I’m afraid, and I think I’ll relocate to New Zealand. Thanks, Ross~