The main-stream media still doesn’t get it. Yesterday’s Washington Post ran a piece on America’s former News Princess Megyn Kelly. Basically, the article covered the struggles Kelly was having restarting her career over at NBC after her split with Fox News. 

Up until last years Presidential debates, Megyn Kelly was a super-star host on the #1 rated news network in the land. She had a prime-time slot just after the #1 rated Bill O’Reilly show and just before the #2 or #3 (depending on which week) show Sean Hannity. She was famous, she was cute, and she was America’s news princess. That is until one fateful night when she decided to inject her political philosophy (of sorts) into a Presidential debate and attack Donald Trump.

That short but powerful exchange between Kelly and Trump began Kelly’s slide in the ratings and her ultimate ouster at Fox News. Then-candidate Trump viewed the incident as an attack by Kelly and started one of his more famous Twitter rants.

Facebook, Twitter and the other social media’s lit up with angry Donald Trump fans blasting the news anchor. Fox was supposedly the one network that would treat Trump fairly and here was Kelly inserting her personal snark and insults into this highly revered format for selecting our next Commander and Chief. Millions of Americans were furious with Kelly and they let it be known across every medium they could think of. Megyn Kelly had made a life-altering mistake, only she and the media did not know just how critical yet. You do not infuriate tens of millions of viewers and not have any ramifications. Look no further than Donald Trump’s fan base for the answer to Megyn Kelly’s demise as a power broker in front of the camera.  

Prior to that exchange, Kelly could virtually do no wrong. After the now infamous incident, the bloom was off the rose, and Kelly was sinking fast. She blamed the network, she blamed Trump, and she even blamed Bill O’Reilly for not defending her. Never the less, Kelly managed to escape Fox and worm her way into a very lucrative deal at NBC (estimates are between $15-20,000,000 annually, plus all the perks) before her numbers took a massive beating from her Trump fiasco.

Amazingly, I feel a bit sorry for NBC. The network still lives in ‘la-la-land’ when it comes to Donald Trump and his enormous base. The main-stream media still doesn’t ‘get it’ when it comes to Trump. While Megyn wants to blame everyone for her sagging popularity, the real person she needs to blame is herself.

The straightforward reality is this. President Donald Trump has a huge support base nationwide. His numbers are staggering, and the further fact is, his base doesn’t like the lying main-stream media. To push that point, his support detests journalist who attacks the President in an effort to score points with their liberal following. Kelly attacked Trump that night during the debate to try and demean him with women. That is the pure and simple truth. Had she came out the next morning, apologized, fell on a metaphorical sword, she might have survived. Instead, she tried to go ‘toe-to-toe’ with Trump, and she got crushed.

This past September, Kelly appeared on “The Ellen Show” and finally admitted why she left Fox, and in the end, it was because of Donald Trump. Of course, I am pretty sure the $5 million dollar pay raise played a part as well.

As the Washington Post reported; Kelly is rapidly running out of folks to interview because of her continued ‘faux-pas’ with guest, and she has issues with dancing. NBC is neck deep into a contract that is very costly, and the networks numbers are not doing well, particularly the Megyn Kelly Today Show portion.

If we are lucky, maybe the other news networks, lame-stream media, and the rest will take a cue from this financial boondoggle and maybe, just maybe they will start reporting on Trump in a fair and unbiased manner. I doubt it, but we shall see!