The first impeachment article is approved to charge President Bill Clinton with crimes in the House of Representatives. 

What began as a few backroom grumblings have and are being blown into something far more detrimental on the floor of the House of the Representatives. While currently the only ones in the House daring to utter the word “Impeach” happen to be the usual flame-throwing leftist liberals Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Representative Al Green of Texas, even some Republican Senators are now showing signs of ‘patience wearing thin‘ over President Trump’s administration.   

Historically speaking, impeaching a President is something that both the House and Senate have been very reluctant to do as it is typically an act that throws the nation into near chaos. For all intents and purposes, a President needs to be so unpopular, and the charges need to be so egregious that it becomes reasonably safe to do without creating public unrest. In our 240 plus years as a nation, we have never actually thrown a President out of office through impeachment. 

President Andrew Johnson was impeached in the House because the North felt as though he was committing treason with some of his actions after the assassination of President Lincoln. Johnson was a Southerner from Tennessee and was not going to abuse the South as many in the North wanted him to. Many ‘Yankees’ wanted to treat the South as a conquered nation, Lincoln didn’t, and Johnson wanted to keep Lincoln’s pledge, and this infuriated many in the North. Thus, they impeached him. He survived the Senate trial by one vote.  

In the case of President Bill Clinton, the 42nd President was only the second in our history to be impeached. His charges were much more severe than those of Andrew Johnson in that he was charged with ‘perjury before a Federal Grand Jury’ as well as several other charges. In a Republican-controlled House, he was in fact impeached, and his case was sent over to the Senate where after much wrangling behind closed doors and away from the cameras, a deal was cut where he would survive the trial but lose his law licenses and be disbarred.   

For President Trump, things seem to be getting a bit dicier. Donald Trump is now facing things that few Presidents have had to face since President Kennedy. One is a rogue nation with nuclear weapons. The second is an even more dangerous rogue nation threatening one of our closest allies with nuclear weapons over religious ideology. A third is an activist press with a grudge against this President. Some of this animosity could be argued as justified, but the fact is, they have disliked President Trump long before he became President. The tragedy for Trump is; we have a press that is printing and speaking nothing but negativity toward his administration. In the end, public opinion will ultimately be swayed by the charges, be they fair or unfair. We are seeing this swaying in his approval numbers which are currently residing in the mid-30’s.

With the revelation that former top adviser Steve Bannon recently made that Trump only had a 30% chance of surviving his first term, this brought home that ‘maybe‘ something is brewing that we don’t know about. In recent days, however, Bannon has walked back his 30% survival wager and stated categorically that the President would win a second term in a blowout with over 400 electoral votes.  

However, Bannon’s predictions are falling on deaf ears with some Senators. To make matters worse, these Senators are from the President’s own party. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tn) recently made a public statement where he said that “President Trump didn’t have the stability nor competency” to remain as President of these United States. Corker is apparently not alone in his psychological assessment of President Trump. Just yesterday, some 125 mental health experts, took to the streets of New York City to call for the ouster of the President based upon his (name a disorder any disorder). The shrinks were calling for Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the President from power. Below is the 25th Amendment~


Make no mistake. There is a movement to begin (and probably already has) working on Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment stating that Trump is not mentally capable of remaining as President. The theory is that with the 25th, it is easier to remove Trump via this vehicle than it is to garner 2/3rds of the Senate to actually remove him from office.

President Trump’s cabinet is currently numbering 22 members. 2/3rds would have to vote to remove the President.

The members and positions are listed below. 

If enough pressure was applied to the cabinet to undergo this unprecedented move, in effect what will happen is an organized and legal “Coup-De-Ta.” Whether legal or illegal, the fact is, the cabinet will have removed the head-of-state.

The frightening part is this America; the movement has started. The rumblings are there, and it is being discussed in backrooms where the players are sipping brandy and smoking cigars. Can it be accomplished? According to this recent article in New York Magazine, probably not. Personally, I am not of the opinion that it can either but not for the same reasons. However, the numbers are not looking good for President Trump. In this article from this past week in Newsweek magazine, Trump’s numbers are not looking good at all. Polling suggests that the President is only enjoying a 70% approval rating (down from 91%) within his own party. The numbers in the Democrat column say that a full 3/4ths of the Dems want him removed from office.

Boil all the hyperbole away, and this is what you have. The American people (the bulk of them) know that this President has been under assault since before he was sworn in. The majority of the American people also understand that the economy is in fact, turning around and things are getting better. The American people know for a fact that Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have been stonewalling the Presidents agenda since day one. With that said, remember this!

If these idiots try to impeach this President, this will without a doubt be the spark that ignites the most significant uprising in American history. Washington will have millions of armed citizens descend on Capitol Hill, and we will have our worst nightmare happening live on television.

I do pray that these elected officials understand the gravity of what they are whispering behind closed doors. I don’t expect Maxine Waters to realize as she is a brain-damaged idiot who spouts hate-filled speech about anything she can whenever there is a camera in the vicinity. I do expect our more sane and rational elected officials to stop with this insane rhetoric and start backing the Presidents agenda. We chose Donald Trump to do a job, and he is by hook or crook getting that job done.