The Republican Party is rapidly proving just how capable they are at not being able to govern our nation. The second thing they have established is; we as conservative Americans are beginning to question just whose side are they on? The once “Grand Old Party” have become nothing more than a group of overpaid, under-worked, moth-eaten suits arrogantly sitting in their posh Washington D.C. offices.  

We gave you an almost impenetrable House of Representatives. We gave you a House that you could control for a generation, as long as you didn’t screw it up. You in the GOP controlled House have a very near super-majority where you could get almost anything done that you desired. Then we gave you a Senate. We even sent a few very conservative Senators to Washington to send you a message that we were tired of ‘business as usual.’ You as a party have still not gotten the hint. Then we send you a President that is totally ‘NOT WASHINGTON’ and was never a part of your ‘good-old-boy’ network. Yet; you still don’t get it!   

The President we sent you had a clear message from the American people.

  • Build a Wall that will protect our flank down south and secure our borders. 
  • Cut taxes, reduce spending, balance the damned budget. This is why we sent you a businessman who knew how to read spreadsheets and a balance ledger. 
  • Rid our nation of this behemoth monstrosity known as Obamacare. Replace it if you must, but replace it with something that doesn’t punish the family, cost the taxpayers any money and doesn’t become another government giveaway program.
  • Rebuild our military and fix the damned VA Hospital system. 
  • Grow our economy back on track to where we were prior to the wrecking ball known as Barack Obama.
  • Bring our once great job producing corporations back to America. It is ridiculous that General Motors and Ford Motor Company along with Fruit of the Loom and so many more are manufacturing overseas and Mexico when they could be here doing their business and keeping Americans employed.
  • Stop the insurgency of tens of thousands of undocumented refugees who are carrying deadly diseases and only coming here to draw a welfare check and bring nothing worthy to the table concerning job skills. 
  • Stop the illegal aliens from stripping our social safety net systems of hundreds of millions of dollars and send the darned criminals back to their origins. 
  • Protect our Constitution and govern by it! 
  • Reestablish America globally as the force of good by eradicating ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and all the rest that seek to do us and the rest of the free world harm. 
  • And lastly, once all the above has been completed, we could all say, “We Made America Great Again.”

In lieu of you Republicans doing what America sought and what we have demanded over 8-years, you have decided to capitulate to whomever it is that you owe your political soul too.

You in the GOP should be very ashamed of yourselves, although I do not honestly think you will be. You won’t feel embarrassed because you have no core belief system, no honor, no integrity, no decency, and no character. You are merely that moth-eaten suit walking around in a zombie-like state, and you spew your talking points in front of television cameras. You are nothing more than weak sell-outs that need to be replaced.

Senators like Jeff Flake of Arizona is nothing more than a puppet for the angry, sick and aged John McCain. Then as if in a bad dream, Senators such as Bob Corker of Tennessee keep showing up to the party to drive yet another wedge in between President Trump’s agenda and the American people. To add fuel to the fire, we have several Senators who are so hung up on ideology; they can’t seem to get along with anybody long enough to accomplish much either. While we appreciate the conservative firebrands, in the end, we still have to run a nation and get things done. 

Ten months into President Trump’s first term, we still have Obamacare. We still have NO TAX RELIEF, nor do we even have funding for a wall that most of these clowns also campaigned on to win re-election. Now we get the final slap in the face from our so-called conservative Republican Senate. MORE DEBT! Yes, you heard me correctly. The United States Senate led by Senator (I swear I’m not a Mummy) McConnell has decided to put debt reduction or any budget-cutting measures on the back burner. 

I mean it is not as though this is any sort of crisis or anything. Our children and their children don’t mind being born and having a $50,000 debt hanging over their crib. No problem, we can just add to the college debt bill we will have. 

Republicans; be advised! You will pay a heavy price for this crap next November. What part of “We The People” are sick of this garbage and you are you not understanding?  What part of last November and the election results of true conservatives are you not grasping in your pea brains? Why do you suppose Mitch McConnell that in Alabama, the good citizens told you to cram that $30,000,000 up your broad butt and they elected Judge Roy Moore? Are you honestly this stupid?  

Get ready GOP for a near-total rebellion. Myself and many more like me will be calling for it. Steve Bannon is now on the replacement train and he is not alone.