Kim Jong Un is surrounded by aging Generals who served his father. This confrontation with Donald Trump is not going to end well for him.

Through no fault of his own, President Trump has inherited a nightmare on the Korean Peninsula. Just 35 miles south of the 38th parallel lies Seoul, South Korea. With a population of over 10-million, the Capital City is a jewel and testimonial that Capitalism has and does work marvelously in that region of the world. The question now becomes, can President Donald Trump stave off what no doubt would be an incredibly bloody war with carnage numbering (what could very well be) in the millions of innocent lives?  

Since the inauguration of the President, it seems as if the North Korean dictator ‘Kim Jong Un’ has made it his mission in life to tweak the nose of our POTUS. As we all know, Donald Trump is not one for much nose-tweaking. He has responded on numerous occasions and did so in a rather harsh manner via Twitter. Trump has issued forth numerous insulting barbs to the young leader and more often than not, the youngster has responded with another missile test.

North Korea vs. Japan

Today’s far east is much different than it was at the end of World War II. When General Douglas MacArthur marched into Tokyo, Japan was a defeated nation. McAuther actually had many arguments with President Truman over ‘how to handle’ the Asian country and the restoration of the defeated. General MacArthur understood the Orient and the mindset of these proud people. He also understood that ‘dethroning’ the Emperor could be catastrophic in ever developing any sort of relationship with this 5,000-year-old dynasty. Emperor Hirohito was viewed upon as a god in Japan, much the same as Kim Jong Un is perceived in North Korea today.

General MacArthur was revered for the way he treated the Japanese after the war. Here he meets with the Emperor.

General MacArthur at the end of WWII had without question the mightiest Army on earth. He treated the Emperor with affection and respect. He did not trot him out on public display, nor did he ever insult him publically. MacArthur knew that to develop trust between the Japanese people and America, we had to be respectful of Japanese tradition and we were. The result has been a 70-plus year alliance that has benefited both nations greatly.

Somewhere in between Trump’s inauguration and today, that level of Oriental knowledge has been lost. Kim Jong Un is no different today than Hirohito was in 1945. This young man has been raised from birth to believe that he is a god and he is the supreme ruler of this dark nation. In North Korea, there would likely not be one citizen who would not willingly lay down their lives for this young despot. Forget for a moment what we think of Kim, think about what they believe in him. We have all seen the parades, the pomp, and the millions of soldiers. We have all seen the smiling cherub-faced young ruler when he has pushed the buttons to launch another rocket. Yet, always standing beside him are aging Generals who pat him on the back, bow and gleefully heap praises on the young god.

So Where Do We Go From Here 

For decades the Kim family of leaders (Kim Jong Un, his father, and his grandfather) are and have been the ‘Royal’ family of North Korea. For decades, whenever they have wanted attention, trade deals, foreign aid, or anything else, they would perform some sort of provocation to garner attention. Most of the time this is exactly what they were doing. It went much like this. The North would move troops down to the DMZ to stir the pot. The West would panic, go to the negotiating table to appease the Dictator, we give him more wheat shipments, then he moves his troops back. Alright, so no harm no foul, he get’s his wheat, we get to sell wheat, and all is good. This is the way the Grandfather and the Father operated for some 50-years.

Now we come to the young Kim Jong Un. Little Kim took over an entire nation when he was still in his party days of being 20-something. He is surrounded by older gentlemen who are his advisers, Generals, etc. In his mind, he must do something to establish who and what he is. When pondering this, how does he cement his power base to “PROVE” that he is the legitimate heir to the throne? 

The problem for Kim is, he has incredibly flawed logic in many areas. #1 He is not a god. #2 His military, while numbering in the range of 1-million or so, are, but infantrymen and are not going to fare too well up against B-1 bombers, F-18’s, A-10’s, B-2 Bombers, F-35’s all loaded with heavy duty ordinance designed to wipe-out thousands of troops at a whack. Remember, he cannot shoot down anything we have because, in the wee hours of the morning, we have sent in 150 cruise missiles and knocked out his entire radar and communication systems. By the time the B-1’s arrive, the war is pretty much over.   

Last week, young Kim exploded over President Trump’s description of him at the United Nations. When Trump called him ‘Rocket-Man,’ it is said the young lad went off like a roman candle. Kim has responded that he is threatening to detonate a ‘thermo-nuclear warhead’ at or above sea level in the South Pacific. This is something the Pentagon and the President will not tolerate.

The United States testing hydrogen bombs underwater in the South Pacific, 1958.

Rockets Red Glare

More than likely the Pentagon will push for a ‘First Strike’ against North Korea. If they get wind that Kim is actually going to detonate a thermo-nuclear warhead above ground over the Pacific, it is my opinion they will attempt to take out the rocket before it leaves the launch pad. We will know it is coming because (according to my Generals and Colonel’s who regularly advise me) the first thing to happen will be that we begin evacuating our troops back from the 38th Parallel along with the Japanese civilians who happen to be in the country as well.

Once this happens, you will see the cruise missiles go in, then to protect South Korea; we will begin carpet bombing the DMZ. After a day or so of this, and Kim loses a couple of hundred thousand troops, Trump will offer an olive branch to the young dictator assuming he is still alive.

The snowflakes are screaming that China will attack. China will stand down because we owe them so much money they cannot afford to have that threatened. Secondly, North Korea has been a thorn in the side of China for decades now. They frankly are tired of this little rogue nation causing them so many problems.

Is this going to end well? Probably not! In either scenario, many people are going to most likely die, and that in and of itself is a tragedy.