Most Americans are very patriotic by nature. Most Americans stand when we give our ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ to our precious flag and most patriotic citizens even sing along with the national anthem. While yes, the First Amendment (1st) gives one the right to express themselves by refusing to stand or pay respect, most Americans realize the price that has been paid by literally millions for the freedom that grants them those rights to be disrespectful.

Last season had former San Francisco 49rs quarterback Colin Kaepernick putting on his childish display of indifference for our flag and nation by refusing to stand (as the rest of the team did) during the national anthem prior to the games start. Apparently, Kaepernick had a bone to pick with our nations law enforcement community, and more bones to pick with wealthy white team owners, Caucasians in general and he was letting the world know that he supported the anarchist group, Black Lives Matter.

Kaepernick has destroyed his career by protesting America. I say good riddance.

His little movement began growing and before the season ended America was witnessing dozens and dozens of players from most of the teams joining him in his 1st Amendment display. What Kaepernick did, so alienated the American people, that the owners and team managers began feeling the backlash in a substantial way. At the end of the season, it was made known that Kaepernick would not be resigned to his contract and today he is an unemployed NFL QB with no hopes of ever playing again in the National Football League. A costly protest to say the least. But the backlash doesn’t end there.

Because so many players began performing these public acts of protest against our nation and the owners not publicly denouncing these acts, the American people in their own unique fashion have started punishing the NFL and the networks that broadcast the games by refusing to watch the games. According to Nielson ratings, the networks have witnessed viewership plunge by some 14% this season so far. Attaboy America, WELL DONE and keep up the good work.

Last nights Emmy’s is the final straw for this Patriot. I am sick and tired of witnessing these overpaid, loudmouthed, hypocritical idiots bashing the President of the United States. The President is not supposed to be a punchline for their jokes to garner some cheap applause. I don’t recall the Oscars, Grammy’s, last years Emmy’s or any other awards program making overt efforts to insult and bash Barack Obama. In my opinion, it is time to exercise our 1st Amendment rights and boycott Hollywood.

I think it is the time we refuse to watch any of the new programs coming out this month on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox or any of the cable networks. I say it is the time we turn off HBO, CNN, turn off MSNBC, turn off Showtime and Cinemax. If you want to watch something, get a subscription to Netflix or Hulu. Have a flashback to your childhood by watching some of the great old programming on METV, or Hallmark. Do this for a month and watch how fast these networks begin whining about lost profits. A 1% drop in ratings cost these networks millions upon millions of dollars. A 5% drop is catastrophic concerning year-end profits.

Nazi? Really? Guilty of Treason? This crap must stop!

I for one am sick and tired of Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Maher, Steven Colbert, and all the rest who are earning their living by insulting President Trump. This man is our President. When you have morons like Colbert standing up at the Emmy’s, making jokes about how Trump is not President because he did not win the popular vote, shows the depths of stupidity by these spoiled hypocrites.

Hollywood is already complaining that their ticket sales for newly released motion pictures at the theaters are down. I say, keep them falling. Have some of these egomaniacal leftist outfits like Warner Brothers, MGM, and Fox Studios take in the shorts for a couple of billion, then maybe they will get the message. Let’s have Johnny Depp take a pay cut by about $10 million per movie or Leo lose millions, then maybe he will get the message that he too is not above the fray.

Patriots, we did it with the NFL and the Networks, now lets pound sand on top of these leftist libtards in Hollywood. Let’s show them who is really sending the messages here and let’s teach them to be a bit more respectful of our President that “We The People Elected.”