Chicago gangs and gun violence have the once great Windy City living in constant fear. Law enforcement has all but lost control.

The headlines in today’s Wall Street Journal read; North Korea Claims Test of Hydrogen Bomb for Long-Range Missile a Success. As if this isn’t nerve wracking enough, we have these headlines about Iran; Iran threatens to destroy Israel – again, this one recently coming from the Washington Times. 

Granted, those unsettling issues above are overseas, but the following is not, Inside the gun violence epidemic on Chicago’s South Side. According to CBS News who did the story, as of August of this year, some 2100 have been shot in Chicago alone with over 400 dying. If gun violence isn’t bad enough in Chicago, just down the road in Ohio, you have arguably the worst drug problem our nation has ever seen. It is estimated that 23 victims of drug addiction die each week in the Buckeye State.

Recently over the past couple of years, almost on a weekly basis, we wake up, turn the coffee pot on, flip on the morning news, only to be greeted by more terrorism. If a terrorist isn’t driving through a crowd in France, then a machete wielding fanatic is decapitating someone in London. If England is quiet today, then it is a suicide bomber in a Belgium airport slaughtering 45 people while they were retrieving their luggage from an inbound flight.

Believe it or not, all of these horrific acts of violence, hatred toward our fellow man, all have a common thread. Take a look at our latest trouble in the United States. The newest group to begin causing mayhem with violence toward police, looting, blowing up cop cars and assaulting innocent passersby all have the very same theme as the terrorist in London and Paris do.

Before I reveal what that theme is, let’s consider this. How much of this did we have in the United States before the Barack Obama administration? When did America’s inner cities begin the mass blood baths that we now see on a weekly basis? Pardon me if I am wrong, but I do not remember seeing groups of thousands marching through a metropolitan city while breaking windows, burning cars, beating old veterans in wheel chairs while Presidents Bush or Clinton were in office. And now we have probably the most violent of all, Antifa! Antifa has become America’s nightmare. They are violent, they are only interested in mass chaos, and they only want to destroy. Antifa’s entire goal is to overthrow the government and society as we know it. They are the epitome of evil because of their acts and the way they spread their message.

Have you ever wondered ‘why’ the Muslim faith seems to be so violent toward other faiths? Have you ever wondered ‘where’ the Muslim religion came from? Here is a quick history lesson for you. Remember Abraham from the Old Testament? Abraham had a wife named Sarah. They had been married for many, many years and they had prayed and prayed that God would give them a child. Through prayer, God promised Abraham that he would provide them with a child, but along the way, they seemed to have given up on God because they brought in a surrogate for Abraham to impregnate. Her name was Hagar. 

Hagar does get pregnant and gives Abraham and Sarah a little boy by the name of Ishmael. For a period of time, all is good, and they are all one big happy family. Then Sarah does, in fact, get pregnant and has a baby boy by the name of Isaac. Now there is tension in the big tent and Sarah has her husband banish Hagar and Ishmael into the wilderness. This is the early beginnings of the Muslim faith. 

Here is the problem my fellow Patriots. The Muslim religion began from sin. Yes, yes it did. When Abraham and Sarah gave up on God to fulfill his promise to them by bringing in Hagar to have a baby, that was a sin. In fact, it wasn’t just a little sin, this was a big time major sin because God himself had spoken to Abraham, made a promise, and Abraham gave up on God.

Abraham and Sarah lose faith in God, this is the beginning of Islam.

What you now have is an entire religion with its roots based in sin. Question for the Patriots. If it is not from God, then where does it come from? There are only two forces on this planet. There is good or righteousness (which comes from God), and there is evil (which comes from Satan). If this religion is not from God (because it began from sin), then where does it come from?    

Patriot’s, we wonder what is going today. Why all the hatred? What all the violence? Why are nations wanting to destroy other nations? Why are children turning on their parents? Why all the drug addiction? Why or rather what and the hell is going on? Look no further than Satan and Holy Bible. There is a war going on. You cannot see it or touch it, but make no mistake there is a war happening. The war is between good and evil, and this is playing out exactly how the Book of Revelation said it would.    

The New Testament calls for us to love each other, respect each other, be kind to one another. What does the Koran call for? Mohammed calls for his followers to kill us. He calls for his followers to call for a Jihad and slaughter infidels (those who don’t believe in Islam). Does this sound like something that would come from God? Nations are beginning to reject God, and this is only serving to embolden evil. 

Patriot’s, the world is in chaos, and we have never been closer to self-destruction than we are today. If this goes the wrong way, we will have mass unrest, mass hunger, civil war and it will be downhill from there. Now would be a good time to start praying if you don’t already.