Former FBI Director, now Special Investigator James Mueller was hired for one reason and one reason only. The media want Trump gone; the Democrats want Trump gone, and (truth be known) most of the Republican establishment wants Trump gone. Mueller’s job, in a nutshell, is to obtain evidence of some kind that Donald Trump or Trump’s presidential campaign was somehow in bed with the Kremlin which supposedly orchestrated Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 Presidential race. Of course, this would translate into ‘Trump knew about it and approved it,’ now we can nail the President on ‘obstruction of justice‘ charges because he fired FBI Director Comey when he began investigating the event. This is what the entire sordid spectacle revolves around, “Get Rid of President Trump at any cost!”

To further throw a monkey-wrench into this “Hillary cannot possibly lose a race on her own” probe, now we have former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort on the hot-seat because of Ukrainian election shenanigans. At least, that is what Mueller’s team is suggesting.

The story of all stories in this unsavory caldron of political witches brew is this. James Comey knew well in advance and had made his mind up that he was NOT GOING TO SUGGEST that charges be brought against the former First Lady, United States Senator and Secretary of State long before the last witness had testified. Senate Judiciary leaders Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham have concluded from witnesses and testimony that former Director Comey penned his ruling before 17 key witnesses had testified before the Senate. Two of these key witnesses Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson were close aides to Clinton, and their testimony was so vital that they were even given immunity by the Department of Justice to testify.

This latest evidence by the Senate committee is so damning to the former Director that the DOJ’s Office of Inspector General is independently investigating Comey’s handling of the Clinton email investigation according to CBS News.

There is a pony in here somewhere!

The little boy stumbled out of the barn (which was full of horse manure), and he was covered in green. The man asked him “what in the world are you doing son?” The young lad looked up ‘grinning from ear to ear’ and yelled, with all this horse poop in here sir; I figure there has to be a pony somewhere!

Comey committed the unthinkable for American law enforcement.


Leave it to a rural joke about being positive to explain the Democrats philosophy about Donald Trump. The Democrats think that with several of Donald Trump’s key aides having dealt in the past with a couple of business deals in Moscow, then the only plausible explanation for Hillary losing is that Russia flipped the election for Donald Trump. They honestly believe that Paul Manafort went to the Ukraine, worked on an election and this somehow translates into Vladimir Putin ordering the Hillary Clinton election meltdown. Yes, Sir, there has to be a pony in here someplace!

Of course, Hillary Clinton being a worn out bad memory in the American psyche had nothing to with it. Hillary Clinton screeching her speeches had nothing to do with it. Hillary Clinton is married to Bill Clinton (dirty-old-man) and all of the scandals in their wake had nothing to do with it. Hillary Clinton being disliked by the bulk of the American people, that couldn’t possibly explain her ‘horse whipping’ she took by the Trump team. Nothing else will do, but that the Democrats manage to nail Donald Trump for something to do with Russia.

Shoveling the barn out;

When all the political horse manure is shoveled out of that barn, here is pretty much what we are left with, my fellow flag waving patriots.

The Trump team has said this. Okie Dokie Hillary groupies, here is what we are going to do. You guys put up your boy Mueller to find dirt on Donald and his campaign team, fine, we will prosecute Hillary Clinton and James Comey.

When you boil away all the smoke, clear the fog and look behind the green curtain, this is pretty much what we have. The American taxpayer is spending millions upon millions of dollars for a “Mexican Standoff” whereby neither side is willing to launch the first missile. The White House is saying, ‘come after Trump‘ and we go after Hillary. The fact is, Hillary will never be prosecuted for anything, and the world knows it. America is not going to try a former First Lady or Secretary of State criminally. The Secretary of State position is for all intents and purposes immune from prosecution because of State secrets and all the rest. There is zero way that will ever be allowed to get into the public arena. There simply is too much nefarious activity that goes on behind closed doors in that Oval Office and State Department.

And there you have it. The Democrats get to play for a bit (to soothe and assuage their precious ego’s) for their losses with Hillary, but in the end, the White House is holding the Ace of Spades. Nothing happens, and we all go home lighter in the wallets, but all are smiling. The Clinton’s win again, but we get to keep our ‘Giant of a President’.