Phoenix Police in position to protect rally attendees after President Trump completed his speech in Phoenix last night.

Each day that passes by, it seems as if there is no reprieve for this embattled president. Since President Trump’s inauguration, it has been an almost daily barrage of attacks of sarcastic reporting from liberal newscasters. If not sharp snippets from the Ken and Barbie’s at the news desk, then we receive just plain good-old-fashioned lies or mistruths. As if that is not enough, the DNC seems always to have a talking head in front of the camera spewing their leftist rhetoric regarding the Presidents failings at one level or another. In other words, the public, in general, is not getting truthful, accurate or unbiased coverage of this White House.

The sad truth is, there is a master conspiracy to destroy President Trump. What that plan is, or who is behind it, is anyone’s guess. I am sure the truth will come out in the future. If you put a gun to my head and forced me to speculate, I would put my money on Barack Obama and or Hillary Clinton has something if not everything to do with this choreographed destruction of this administration.

Since the inauguration, you have no doubt noticed the frightening increase in riots, protest, beatings, and even deaths at several events. Not once did a group of conservative voters (be they alt-right, Trump supporters or regular Republicans) show up to cause trouble at the many Democrat, Leftist protest. Even at the event where Madonna screeched that she dreamed of burning down the White House, not one conservative showed up to shout her down.

The funding of groups such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa groups and many more, it is widely known that this funding is being supplied by one of the major supporters of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Billionaire trouble-maker George Soros has been the largest cash cow for these groups. In fact, many of these protests even advertise on Craigslist for the activist. Sort of a “rent a protester if you will.” Lest you believe for a moment these “sweet sounding names of his organizations” are trying to benefit society, just log into YouTube and pull up George Soros videos. In many of these where he is being interviewed, Soros brazenly advertises his desire to see the United States be forced to give up much of its wealth and succumb to International banking and a one world government. Keep in mind that it was George Soros who bankrupted the British Sterling and several more nations such as Malasia.

October 23, 2009- Chrystia Freeland, US managing editor, interviewed George Soros.
George Soros explains the NWO plan for the US dollar as the world moves forward into financial collapse.

So what does George Soros, Barack and Michelle Obama, and their sidekick Hillary Clinton have to do with the price of tea in China? Furthermore, what if anything would these four criminals have to with riots in Chicago, Charlottesville, Dallas or Salina, Kansas (just tossed in Salina, no offense to the good people of Kansas)? Let’s play “what-if” for a moment and see if any of this makes any sense to you or me for that matter. 

Remember the old “bible” for backroom organizers, 1960’s hippies, Bill Ayers types? This was the book that all your social troublemakers read, prayed over and followed religiously. That’s right Leroy, good guess; “Rules for Radicals” by nonother than Saul Alinsky.  

Forget the labeling of “Tin Foil Hat,” “Conspiracy Theorist” or any other insult the left wants to throw at you. These are the facts.

  • George Soros is a multi-billionaire with wealth is so vast; nobody really knows what he is worth.
  • Soros is one of the largest currency speculators, manipulators on the planet.
  • Soros already has the global banking system worked out but needs the United States to collapse to get it fully implemented through the world bank.
  • George Soros owns something called ” The Open Society Foundation” which their entire goal is to retrain America’s thinking and force America into a Socialism mode of thinking. The Open Society Foundation funds and operates hundreds of organizations. See how many you recognize. Is the YWCA really what you thought it was?
  • Soros owned Barack Obama. Through many of his organizations, ( for one) he almost single handily bankrolled Obama’s rise to power. (Referring to Rules for Radicals) What did Obama do that committed more harm to America than almost anything else? Correct~Obama ran up our national debt to staggering levels that we probably may never be able to pay off.
  • Beginning with Bill Clinton (who is also owned by Soros), America began shipping millions of jobs to overseas nations to start the massive transfer of wealth that Soros wanted for his ultimate goal. Once instituted and the laws were in place, of course, the next administration was so bogged down with terrorism that these America killing practices continued, then Obama shot the process full of steroids, and even Ford and General Motors began relocating to other nations.
  • Democrats have shifted from being John Kennedy and Lloyd Benson types of Democrats to these modern day Socialist (whom Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are) that we so fear. George Soros is the largest donor to the Democrat Party through these hundreds of organizations.

Now that Soros has all but brought America to her knees economically, the next phase of Alinsky’s plan is being implemented. Social unrest is designed to create fear, and hatred between groups of people. Not since the rioting of the 1960’s has America seen such racial tension. Today, we have politicians wanting to bring in millions of undocumented, unvetted and (in some cases) dangerous refugees from other nations. Naturally, this is very upsetting to conservatives who can see the danger.     

Then we have the millions of illegal aliens who walked across our borders. This upsets the African-Americans who feel as though their jobs are being taken. The Hispanics become enraged because they feel as though they are being picked on. Toss in a couple of cop-shootings and now you have chaos. Have a complicit media (largely owned by the left who is being funded by Soros) and now you have near total anarchy. Pour some gasoline on the fire by hiring unemployed anarchist and “Houston we have a problem”.     

It is my belief that the Donald Trump Administration and the Justice Department need to investigate this and arrest George Soros for sedition, treason and whatever else they can think of. George Soros is dangerous and so is his son. They are on record for stating their goals of America’s destruction and this needs to stop now.    

Is America on the verge of a Civil War? Watch what happens when the lefts stooge Robert Mueller recommends impeaching President Donald Trump. Tens of millions of Americans are going to hit the streets, it is going to be a chaos of epic proportions. When this happens, the DOW is going to tank, unlike anything we have ever seen. After that? It is anyone’s guess, but it doesn’t look good.