North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is going to have a very bad day if he keeps provoking President Trump and the United States.

As the entire globe is now aware of, North Korea’s esteemed leader Kim Jong Un has wagged his finger in the face of President Trump one too many times. President Trump leveled a warning on Tuesday to the short, fat, little dictator and it was a fairly straightforward one. “If North Korea threatens the United States anymore, we will unleash fire and fury of the likes which the world has never seen.” Then came Kim’s response, “I will launch a nuclear attack on Guam.” O.K. then we have the red line, now what happens?

How many of you have seen what America’s military machine can actually do? If Kim Jong Un has not, I thought I would offer up a sample of what he can expect if he doesn’t shut his yap, offer an apology and my recommendation is, ‘he does it quickly.’ Question for Kim, ‘watch these short video’s, then decide if you want to keep talking?‘ 

Now that you have just a small sample of what the United States Air Force can do let us take a look at our Navy.

The United States can launch dozens of missiles from our nuclear submarines. The rockets can either be conventional, or they can carry nuclear warheads.

The USS John C. Stennis is just one of several who are the exact same ship. The Super-Carriers in our naval arsenal can and do carry some 80-war planes. The F-18 Super Hornet shown in this video can carry thousands of pounds of bombs of which many are laser guided. The Hornet can also perform superbly in air to air combat missions as well as launch air to ground missiles. The Stennis also has aircraft that play a role in jamming enemy radar systems, shutting down power grids and much more. Currently, there are three of these Super-Carriers operating in the waters near North Korea. Kim Jong Un is going to have a very bad day when these war machines begin operations directed at his military forces.

Each Super-Carrier Task Force has several of these warships known as Destroyers escorting them. Along with these Destroyers, the task force will have several other ships known as Frigits; then they have our friends that very rarely ever surface to enjoy any sunlight.

To be even more graphic, the United States (with one task-force) has enough firepower to scorch every blade of grass, cockroach, and fire-ant in the great State of Texas and then some.

President Trump was correct when he made the statement that North Korea could expect ‘fire and fury’ that the world had never seen. Keep in mind that the demonstrations you watched in these videos are all conventional weapons. No nuclear weapons were launched or exploded in the video clips. Each of these ships carries nuclear weapons at some level. Of course, all of that information remains top-secret, and we would not want to tell the enemy anyway by publishing it, even if I knew it.

Patriots; When the liberal media begins frightening you about how Kim Jong Un can do this or do that, know this much. He can launch his sub-standard rockets, and these war machines will shoot them down. He can fire whatever he wants at us or anyone else, and we will intercept it. Then when President Trump gives the order, these big boys go to work. Now the “A-Team” has shown up, and Kim is in for a very rough day at the O.K. Corral when the United States Air Force and Navy begin “doing their thing.”

Do not allow the liberal media or Democrat propaganda cause you to lose any sleep or cause you stress. The United States military is the toughest, best equipped and best-trained fighting force the world has ever seen. Yes, we are a bit understaffed right now because of Barack Obama, but President Trump has been on a mission to get that corrected. We have more than enough firepower to handle Little Kim with ease, then finish off Iran as well. Just think, I did not even include the Navy Seals and all of their play toys and they do have some cool play toys to wipe out towns, cities and cause the enemy much grief.

Sleep well America, Donald Trump has got our backs and yes Mr. President, we have yours as well.