Your’s truly speaking at a rally in Indianola, Iowa some years back.

The last couple of years, many have claimed that the Tea Party is dead. The Tea Party has become irrelevant and is toxic. Many have argued that the Tea Party is devoid of any real power and just needs to go away. If I am, to be honest, I have to admit that I too am guilty of tossing flowers on the grave of the Tea Party. My frustration with the Tea Party laid in the fact that many were profiteering off of the Patriots (followers) while not maximizing the wave of popularity for political purposes. On top of that, we had candidates running for offices (under the Tea Party banner) who were ill-equipped and under funded to be campaigning in the first place. Combine all of this, throw into a pot and what happened was; we became labeled as politically naive and trouble makers.

To be “fair and balanced” (yes, I borrowed that from Fox News), I will say that, even through all of the mistakes the Tea Party was making, the wave of patriotism did manage to elect a Republican House and later a Republican Senate. What transpired over the last several years is this. Across America, there are literally over 500 Tea Party groups. Many are small, some are mid-size with a thousand or so members, and a few are very large, such as Tea Party Patriots with membership numbering in the seven-digits.     

The problem with the Tea Party is the Patriots have become disillusioned with the results they are seeing. A husband and wife can only attend so many rallies where the message is usually same. “Hey Patriots; we need to elect constitutional conservatives who will protect our founding documents, balance the budget, support the unborn, protect our guns and secure our borders and jobs!” Then we hear a dissertation on John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, toss in some patriotic music, listen to a few rants about the current administration and their failings, then we go home. What we ‘DO NOT HEAR‘ is precisely how to change things, who is going to be in charge of getting these things changed, what we’re going to change nor a plan of action to get this ship going in the right direction. This is what is so frustrating for the Patriots. They listen to the complaints, agree with the complaints, but are not hearing a solution to the problem.

Tea Party’s have done an outstanding job of causing awareness on vital topics.

It is very apparent that there are millions upon millions who agree with the Tea Party message of conservatism. That is very evident in who has been getting elected. The problem here is, we are not organized enough and could be getting many more Mike Lee’s and Ted Cruz’s elected if we were better organized. We could be sending a bus load more Steve King’s, Jim Bridenstine’s, and Louie Gohmert’s to D.C. if we had more leadership and organization happening on our end. Then once they arrive, our Tea Party Lobbyist pays them a visit and reminds them of “who sent them, how they got there, and what their responsibilities are now that they sit in that seat.”

Have you not wondered just “how the Repeal Obamacare” failed?

It was as simple as this. The Insurance cartel applied an enormous amount of pressure to the Senators to keep Obamacare. Remember, there was some $200 Billion in the new Senate Bill, plus the tens of billions already in Obamacare for the Insurance Companies to garner if they lost money in a state where they insured Obamacare policy holders. It was as simple as “they lobbied the Senators hard” while nobody was representing the grassroots voters (IE; Tea Party). The Insurance Lobby can donate enormous amounts of money to candidates through a spider web of mechanisms. However, they cannot guarantee or deliver votes! In the end, the candidate needs votes! We can secure votes, and we can guarantee money as well. We can provide that Senate candidate with thousands of volunteers on Saturday and Sunday afternoons to knock on doors, make calls, put out yard signs and all the rest. The Insurance Lobby cannot. Do you now see where we are failing?

We are holding the power! We are holding all the aces; we just are not playing them at the right time if at all!

Patriots; I have the solution to this problem. I am resurrecting (Tea Party of America)! 

Tea Party of America will be rising from the dead. Here is the plan.

  • TPoA will be both an actual Tea Party with millions upon millions of members. The website will have all Tea Parties across the country listed by state and have links to the individual sites. The site will also have listed all events (including monthly meetings) by each group across the nation. Each group will have contact information with phone numbers.
  • Once the site is completed, and all the groups are listed, then we begin the process of organization. TPoA will host a convention of sorts where we appoint a political board whose job it will be to vet candidates. We will have a finance board to support these candidates of “OUR CHOOSING” (meaning the convention’s choice). The individual groups will be our grassroots army for the candidates.
  • TPoA will have Lobbyist on Capitol Hill who will be full-time employees whose job it is to ensure that the grassroots voices are being heard. If a Republican is not voting the way, they are supposed to, then that Republican will go on a list to be primaried by “our guy or gal” in the next cycle. In other words, this is going to be very organized, tracked and carried out in a professional manner.
  • Once every two years (as I said above) we will hold a convention. At this conference, we will hear from candidates at all levels from Governor up to Presidential candidates. We will be voting on who to support; then we will be supporting them.

Patriots; this is just a 30,000-foot overview of what is coming. This is being worked on and will be detailed in the coming months. I want to promise you that this will happen and we will have true leadership for the grassroots and true representation for all states and all Tea Parties across America on Capitol Hill.

To be candid with you, I am sick of my voice and the voices of millions of Americans not being heard or ignored by these arrogant politicians. I am tired of broken promises, and I am sick of lies, lies and more lies. These jerk wads or either going to conform to the will of the people or they are going to be out.

Yes, this project is going to cost millions of dollars to pull off, but I am going to get it done. Stay tuned, be positive, it is coming. We are about to show Washington, D. C. just how convincing a bunch of hacked off American Patriots can truly be.

If you feel so inclined, you can help out by hitting the Donate button at the bottom of this page. Many thanks and I will be reporting on our progress shortly.

The new website will be ( Yes, this site will be huge and very expensive, but totally interactive. More to come shortly.