Once upon a time in the United States, we had something called ‘Definitive’s‘ in politics. You knew beyond a shadow of a doubt where political loyalties stood with Senator Ted Kennedy. You might have disagreed with his political stances on certain items, but you knew where he stood. You could always count on Uncle Teddy to vote for a tax increase or a new government handout program. Ted Kennedy (politically speaking) was as reliable as the sun rising tomorrow morning.  

Conversely; Senator Barry Goldwater was the bipolar opposite to Senator Kennedy. Goldwater was the standard bearer for conservatism. If you needed a vote to defeat that tax increase, you could always count on Goldwater to come through for you and squash that additional tax increase.   

Not anymore! The Democrats in our nation today are borderline dangerous to our very sovereignty as a nation. Not all of them, but most. In fact, many of the problems we as a nation are afflicted with today involving North Korea were given to us by the poster boy for Democrat Politics, that being President William Jefferson Clinton. While the ideological lines between Democrats and Republicans are still in place regarding “Foreign Policy,” the same cannot be said for “Domestic Policy.” The far left of the Democrat Party believes “the world should have more equality.” If Iran wants nuclear weapons, then because the evil United States, Russia, China, and Great Britain have them, then the Ayatollah should have them as well.

There was once a time in our nation when Republicans actually stood up to defend conservative values. There was once upon a time in our country when a United States Senator would stand on the floor of the Senate and rail against liberalism encroaching on family values and the damage it would or could do to the family unit in our land. Not anymore! IE; Did you hear one Senator stand and defend the Boy Scouts when the LGBT filed lawsuits to allow gay scout masters? No, you did not. Why? Because it might cost them votes and the topic was a hot topic, and they were all too afraid to touch it. Gay Scout Masters was a political hot potato, and not one Senator had the courage to defend a policy that had been in place for the better part of a century.   

Someone, anyone, tell me the difference between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to gay marriage or gay Scout Masters. You can’t because there is no difference. Tell me the difference between the GOP and Democrats when it comes to Obamacare.   

Tell me the difference between the GOP and Democrats when it comes to Obamacare.

Governor Sarah Palin rocking the house at a large Tea Party rally in Indianola, Iowa

For several years, the Tea Party led by Governor Sarah Palin, Fox News host Sean Hannity, Herman Cain, and many more, held rallies, spoke on television, ranted on the radio, and wrote op-ed’s regarding the destruction O-Care was doing to our nation and our health care system. Other than Hannity it seems as if these once lauded conservatives and the GOP has gone quiet.    

President Trump and a host of Republican Senators and House members won their seats because of the stance they took on Obamacare. They won because the American people want rid of Obamacare and they want it to reside in the trash heap of history. And now we get this news!


 Yes, my fellow patriotic American Republicans. Our own Senate is now doing and performing the exact same political cronyism, and back room deals as the Democrats have done for years. They are cutting deals, siphoning off tax payers money to give away in the form of pork to Senators in order to purchase votes to push through a healthcare plan that is not the “REPEAL AND REPLACE” which we were promised, but to keep Obamacare in place with only a few tweaks. Why do you ask?  


America; NOW IS THE TIME~now is the time to attack the Capitol Hill switchboard system! (202) 226-8000

In case you missed it, here is why Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee are holding out on this bill. These conservative Senators are holding out because this bill is “NOT-Repeal and Replace.” This bill is stripping a couple of Obamacare’s mandates (mostly regarding the forcing of you to purchase insurance) but other than that; it is Obamacare with more cash infused for Insurance Companies.

This is our last chance to get rid of this monstrosity known as Obamacare. WE all need to call our Senators today and begin applying an enormous amount of pressure on these Senators to toss this bill and go back to the drawing board. This bill was written by the Insurance lobby, pure and straightforward.

I have offered this suggestion before, and I will offer it one more time. The simplest solution to America’s healthcare issue is this.

  • Scrap Obamacare altogether.
  • Return our health care system to what we had before which was for the most part “free-market.”
  • Open up Medicare to all of America on a “premium pay system based upon income.” This would solve the pre-existing condition issue. However, to qualify for Medicare, you have to produce 3-rejection letters from Insurance carriers that you’re in fact being rejected for a pre-existing condition. If you have these letters, then you can enroll in Medicare parts A, B, and D and your monthly premium is based upon your income. This would also solve the Medicare cash issue. These millions of additional people paying into the Medicare system would provide a massive cash flow for the agency.  
  • Strip the state restrictions on sales. Allow the carriers to sell across state lines. Competition breeds lower cost, and our premiums would consequently drop almost immediately. 

The reason the above is not being done my Patriot friends is because of the stranglehold the Insurance Lobby has on our elected officials. Take the Insurance Lobby out of the equation, and you take the corruption out of this issue. In the end, the reason that Obamacare is not going away is for the very reasons I listed when I began this article. We no longer have a two-party system in this nation. We have a really corrupt party and a slightly corrupt party, but the fact is, both sides are equally corrupt, both parties lie to the American people, and both parties serve the same Masters. We no longer have conservatism on Capitol Hill, we have a couple of bus loads of men and women who scam the American people and do so with a willing press to aid them in doing so.


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