The election of 2012 should have been the banner year for the GOP. This is the year that the grassroots were very angry, the American people were beginning to feel the effects of Obamacare and the Democrats were spending cash at rates not seen in the history of the world. The election had a small twist that both the Republicans and the nominee were not willing to admit. To this day, the GOP will still not accept as to why, and I am one of the few who has actually written about it and spoke about it. The hard cold truth is this, while Tea Party rallies are not as numerous as they were back in 2009, 2010, and 2011, the fact the voters are still Tea Party devotees with Tea Party values and voting characteristics have not changed.   

Governor Mitt Romney lost the election to Barack Obama by a mere 5,000,000 out of 121,000,000 cast. Current estimates are, some 40-45,000,000 Americans belong to or attend Tea Parties of one fashion or another. So what does this have to do with the price of tea (no pun intended) in China? The Tea Party members are very principled voters and are comprised of many different issues that are very important to them. IE; Most if not all are ‘pro-life’ supporters and detest a candidate that supports abortion in any fashion, no matter how small that may be. Nearly all Tea Party voters are 2nd Amendment supporters with virtually zero restrictions. If a candidate takes a stand on the 2nd with the caveat that ‘we should have tighter restrictions and do mental health background checks, he can kiss the Tea Party vote goodbye.’ Here is where the rubber met the road with Romney. Romney (right or wrong) had devised the Massachusetts health care plan (this is the one that Obama had used to blueprint Obamacare), and Romney’s plan had abortions available for the state’s citizens at the cut rate of $50 per abortion. This is something the Tea Party voters just could not align themselves with, and they would not go to the polls and vote for a Presidential candidate. They would not vote for Obama, and they could not bring themselves to endorse or support Romney either.         

This should give everyone a clear indication of what happened in 2016 and what is about to happen in 2018. If only 20% of the Tea Party had switched their votes from Libertarian to Romney, Obama would have lost. If the Tea Party stay’s home in 2016 as they did in 2012, then Donald Trump doesn’t win, and Hillary is President. We all know that the mainstream Republicans (IE; RINO supporters) did not support Trump and many took the side of Ted Cruz. It was the Tea Party who brought the win home for Trump, and he knows it. His hard charging “Drain the Swamp” rhetoric along with “Build the Wall” was enough to bring the Tea Party to the table for President Trump.         

That is the back ground on where the rest of this article is leading.         

Today we have Democrats opposing President Trump at every turn. We have the entrenched Republicans also opposing the President’s agenda. About the only support Trump is garnering is from a couple of the renegade Senators who Capitol Hill doesn’t much care for anyway. IE; Senator Cruz and Rand Paul come to mind here. Otherwise, the rest of the GOP have taken sides with the Democrats.          

The Republican Party and President Trump campaigned on “Balancing the Budget.” Does this remind you of when Bush had the Senate and House, fought on the same subject and spent money like a “drunken sailor” (no offense to drunken sailors)? Today we have ‘Deja-Vu’ 2012! Last night, the AP began reporting that the Senate and House are expecting massive increases in our nation’s debt in the next 12-months. Of course, this is going to fly in the face of any grassroots conservative across this country.          

To add insult to injury, now Senator Mitch McConnell’s new Healthcare bill is chocked full of pork as a “BRIBE” for several Senators who are ‘holding out‘ their vote and basically putting it up for sale. It is this ‘insider garbage’ that has so infuriated the American people that is the principle reason for Trump’s election in the first place. The mantra of “REPEAL AND REPLACE” was one of the main campaign slogans for the Donald Trump team in 2016 and has been the theme of the past three election cycles for the Republicans. In fact, this new McConnell version of a health care bill is nothing more than a ‘welfare wagon’ for the Insurance lobby.

Rather than do what the President campaigned on, the Republicans have decided that it is easier to include over $200 billion for the Insurance companies to receive if they “lose money” on premiums by underwriting a states health care. In other words, if Blue Cross loses $180 million in Iowa next year, the “SLUSH FUND” will reimburse Blue Cross their $180 million. Yes, you guessed correctly, the American taxpayer is picking up the tab for an Insurance company losing money because the damned Republicans are too afraid to get rid of Obamacare. The other issue is, the Insurance Lobby greased the re-election coffers of said Senators and Congressmen, so they were allowed to write this bill in the first place.            

Senator Jeff Flake in Arizona is already in trouble. His polling numbers are hideous, and he is about to have a “major contender” with bottomless pockets primary his re-election bid. This is principally due to Flakes very moderate stance on a litany of issues. Flake is about to be the poster boy for “why I should not be an RINO and run for public office.”

You read it here first; If the Republican Party continue to roll over for the Democrats and do not start slapping them down, bad things are about to happen for the elephant party. If they run with this health care bill (Obamacare 2.0), they will lose big in 2018. If they do not get a handle on this spending, again, they will lose “YUGE” in 2018.

Unfortunately; once again, the Republican Party is in control and simply doesn’t know how to be leaders. The second issue is; they do not know how to market their ideas or legislation. The Party needs to find real leadership, get rid of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and let someone else try their hand at running this parties agenda. The sad reality is unless this party can get behind this President, support his agenda and begin defending our values, we are going to get our clocks cleaned in 2018, and the party will once again be relegated to minority status.