Is there anything better than an icy cold winter morning and you wake to fresh coffee perking and the beautiful smell of sausage frying in a cast iron skillet on the stove? The only thing better than that tasty delicacy that goes so well with pancakes, eggs, and french toast is knowing that soon you will be eating it.

No doubt by now, you’re wondering (if you’re not running to the kitchen because I just made you hungry); what does all this have to do with Donald Trump and the White House? Before I explain, please take a moment to watch this short video on how (my favorite) Italian sausage is actually made.

>As you can see, the process for making sausage is not very pretty. This video was cleaned up a bit as the process to get the sausage in the bowl the way it is, is very messy and could be considered a little grotesque in nature. In the end, we mix this Italian delight with some marinara sauce, throw in some spices, cook on low heat for hours and “oh my goodness; it is a beautiful thing” when completed and laying on a pile of pasta.

My good friend and political guru from Arizona, Mr. Jim Brown (an incredible writer and political wonk in his own right) and I were talking this evening. We both agreed that so far the Trump Administration has been very similar to watching sausage being made. It has been messy, it has been a bit unconventional and definitely a hodgepodge of different ingredients, but the results have been good.

While Trump’s tenure in the Oval Office so far has been ground zero for some citizens to protest, others are celebrating in glee as this sausage making, and swamp draining process has begun transpiring.

Honesty and confession compel me to say; “I have honestly had my days when I have wondered if we will survive this administration.”

I say this because it is not my fear of Donald Trump, it is my fear of the millions of snowflakes, anarchist, and trouble makers who are on the march because they don’t want the swamp drained and want to see the United States descend into anarchy. Yes, many Trump supporters (such as myself) cringe daily when we wake up and check Twitter. We cringe when he gives a speech ‘off the cuff’ and doesn’t read the teleprompter. We cringe when he holds a press conference and all but attacks the press. But even after all of that, it seems that he always ends up being correct in what he said, and God knows he is right about what he says about the media. However, I do have to wonder that if he didn’t attack them all time, would some not be a bit more easy on him in their reporting.

Jim and I both agree that what America needs at this time in our history, is a rough and tumble Donald J. Trump. No, he is not eloquent such as a JFK or Ronald Reagan. No, he doesn’t have the political savvy of George H.W. Bush or a Bill Clinton, but he is honest, he is tough, and sometimes the patient (America) needs a good old fashioned intervention, and that is exactly what Trump is giving us. Trump is unorthodox, and he thinks minutes, hours, days, and months in advance. He is calculating and a master at positioning his chess pieces for optimum results. This is something that none of Americas current generations alive today have ever witnessed in the White House. President Teddy Roosevelt was probably the last President to walk with such swagger and talk so boldly.

As CNN, NBC, ABC and the rest keep prosecuting Donald Trump on a daily basis, we supporters will keep up with being supportive and understanding of our President.

While the Chris Cuomo’s, Jake Tapper’s and Chris Mathew’s of the media world, keep spreading their fake news and lies, we Trump supporters will keep will keep spreading the truth via millions upon millions on Facebook and Twitter.

No, its not pretty America, but we are getting what we need and that is a good old-fashioned house cleaning. The sausage is cooking my fellow patriots and soon we can all enjoy the results. Chef Donald is hard at work!