Just as the White House and the President are embroiled in negotiations with the Senate over the President’s central campaign pledge of reforming healthcare, Donald Trump tweeted again. This was not a tweet about his travel plans or looking forward to visiting with the union auto workers in Detroit; this was several tweets attacking two-morning news anchors at MSNBC.

Once again President Trump has created a major distraction that is usurping his agenda and sucking the air out of the room. It is not even arguable that from a conservative grassroots point of view, this President has been doing a yeoman’s job so far. HOWEVER!  

Where and the heck is this coming from? What is Donald Trump’s problem? From the beginning of time, there has and always will be friction between the press and the White House. If the POTUS is a Democrat, then Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and a host of other media sorts will be critical of you. It goes with the territory and the fact that you occupy the Oval Office.

The same applies if you happen to be a Republican and reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. You get grilled on a daily basis by the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post and yes MSNBC. Again; it goes with the territory.   

It almost seems as if our POTUS is about to succeed at something, he throws gasoline on it and tosses a match.

As one of the original Trump supporters and endorsers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to defend Donald Trump. On the one hand, his dealing with foreign nations at times is good, his erasing of Obama’s business-crippling regulations is outstanding and his fighting to curtail undocumented refugees is stellar. But these continued college boy antics are destroying his image as the “Leader of the Free World” and yes, particularly with women rapidly becoming very difficult to defend.

Let me put it to you this way. If I were invited to the White House and allowed to do so, I would grab him by the shoulders, shake him good and ask, “what and hell are you thinking Mr. President?

I get the fact that Mr. Trump “fights fire with fire” as Sarah Huckabee told us in today’s White House press briefing. The fact is this. The President needs to remember that he is ‘NO-LONGER‘ a private citizen in New York City dealing with other businessmen. He is the flipping PRESIDENT OF THE FREE WORLD. He is the MOST POWERFUL MAN ON THE PLANET that billions of people rely on for safety, security, financial well-being, and leadership.

Trump is welcoming Joe and Mika to Mar A Lago. Sorry but I don’t see any blood.

The President needs to realize that everything he say’s publically will be forever recorded and archived. Everything this President tweets will go into the national archives to be recorded forever. Most children in the country dream of one day becoming a President and are looking at this President to be a role-model. Do I want my son to look at Donald Trump as a role-model at this time? Not no, but hell no! At one time I would have said yes, but not now.

I guess it is no secret by now that I am distraught with Donald Trump. As far as his job performance goes, he is doing great. As far as his character of the office of the presidency, he is a dismal failure so far. Trump so far has attacked media personnel by name, attacked celebrity citizens by name and called out many women and attacked their biological issues. What is his obsession with blood?

Donald Trump needs to get a flipping grip on what his position is. So far he is disgracing this office that George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and other great men have sat in. It is unimaginable to me that a President would behave this way.

I don’t know who can get to him, but they need to so and do so in the very near future. If Ivanka can sit dad down, she needs to do so. Donald Trump needs to realize that he is not just a role-model for children, he is in a position where is now being held accountable for these actions.

You had better believe that I do not write this lightly. It pains me to do so. I pray that someone can get him to put his precious ego aside and realize his position.

It’s times like this where one has to ask; “Where is Reince Priebus?”