Yesterday, the long awaited ‘solution for Obamacare‘ was rolled out by the Senate Republicans. Almost before Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell could get to the microphone to begin his press conference; Senate Republicans had already started dividing and choosing up sides on where to fall on their ‘replacement bill‘.  

Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Ron Johnson, have already gone public as a unified force to voice their concern for this bill and their unwillingness to support it. If that is the case (which it apparently is), then the bill in the Senate is effectively dead.  

Choose Which Hill You Want to Die On;  

This phrase is often used to describe marriages. Often a husband will disagree with his wife, take a stand (I am by God going fishing whether you like it or not, NO, I am not planting rose bushes today!). The husbands neighbor friend will hear the curfuffle going on from the garage and walk over and tell his friend; ‘Hey buddy, is this the hill you want to die on?‘  

In case the Republicans need assistance with this, then let’s help them out. HEY GOP! Obamacare cost the Democrats dearly in 2010. Obamacare cost them more seats in 2012 in the House, then Obamacare robbed the Democrats of the United States Senate. So far, the Democrats have lost in 2010, 2012, 2014 and we all know about 2016. One of President Trump’s top campaign promises was to ‘REPEAL AND REPLACE‘ this hideous life strangling piece of legislation. Why is this so hard for you to figure out? Americans DON’T WANT THIS PIECE OF CRAP OF HEALTHCARE!   

Why is the Senate dancing around this issue? Why do they want to leave Obamacare in place and make a couple of tweaks to it and call it good? Again, I ask, ‘is this the hill you want to plant your flag and die on?

The SOLUTION for Obamacare is Simple;

I have said it before, and I’ll repeat this again in the hopes that maybe someone prints this off and places it on the correct desk at the Senate or House.

  • Senate strips Obamacare in totality. 
  • Senate returns healthcare to where it was with a free market healthcare system. 
  • Senate passes legislation allows insurance companies to market and sell across state lines. This would drive down the cost of insurance almost immediately. 
  • Senate passes legislation that prohibits drug companies from driving up the cost dramatically of “life-saving” drugs. IE; $8,000 for a shot of Epinephrine for bee stings. This play by the drug manufacturer was not just insulting; it was borderline extortion to save the life of someone who was the victim of a bee sting which could kill the victim.
  • Senate opens up Medicare to anyone who can prove (with three letters from an insurance company) they have a preexisting condition that restricts them from being insured by standard coverage. In other words, Blue Cross, etc. won’t cover you because you had breast cancer 5-years ago. You take your letters of rejections down to the Social Security offices, present them and sign up for Medicare. Your premiums are based upon your income.
  • Senate designs a payment plan for the uninsurable or financially impaired person to obtain Medicare parts A, B, and D. The new enrollee might pay on $10 a month for their coverage, or if they are higher income, the premium might be $250 a month.

With this plan, EVERYONE can get medical coverage. Medicare is NOT bankrupted because everyone is paying something for their protection. The doctors, hospitals, drug companies, and clinics have been working with Medicare for over 50-years and know how to navigate the system. This plan has coverage for not just hospital visits, but it also allows for the patient to visit their doctor’s office and has drug coverage.

The Republican Party needs to understand that with what they are doing now by dancing around the edges, tweaking this or that, and trying to allow “parts” of Obamacare to stay in place will without question cost them dearly in the 2018 Midterms. Personally speaking, I am already involved in four mid-term campaigns and will not hesitate to make it my mission in life to toss out Senate and House members who vote to keep Obamacare in place with just some tweaks.

GOP; if you want to keep your jobs, then you had better help President Trump keep his promise. The above solution is very viable, very cost efficient and fulfills his promises to the American people. If I were an elected Congressional member, I would toss the Insurance lobbyist out of my office and keep this pledge. Unless of course, you don’t want to keep your job.