If evidence was what the Democrats needed to prove their claim of a Trump/Putin election conspiracy, then Monday was a dreadful day for their cause. A Russian MIG (flown by an Assad Pilot from Syria) made the mistake of bombing some soldiers who the Americans were supporting in Syria, and the Americans retaliated by shooting the Russian-made MIG down.

This latest incident has left the Russians fuming angry up to the point of cutting off communications with the American Air Forces in the region. The Syrian airspace is (concerning supersonic fighter jets) a very small area and the United States and Russians had been collaborating on who’s jets were where so that no mid-air accidents occurred in the tight space. The cutting of the communications is being disputed by the United States Central Command while the Russians say they have cut communications after they have issued stern warnings about future conflicts with the American Air Force.

Russian/American tensions rise over the downing of this MIG SU-22 on Monday.

This latest confrontation with Russia is but one in a long list of “dust-ups” with the Kremlin since President Trump took office. Since Trump took the oath of office, Russia has repeatedly tested American airspace, and patience by sending bombers over Alaska and sending spy ships to the coastline of Massachusetts and the Northeast Seaboard. America did not take these encroachments lying down. We sent warships into the Russian “holy-waters” of the Baltic Sea.

The reality is this; Vladimir Putin is “testing” the waters with Donald Trump and finding out that our American President is not someone who can be pushed very far. Knowing this (which is very evident), anyone can clearly see that Donald Trump does not have a warm and fuzzy relationship with the Russian President and feelings seem to be mutual for Putin.

At this point in time, it doesn’t take an FBI Investigator to see that the United States and Russia are not on the best of terms. While we are not at the level, we were during the Cold War, and we are certainly not cozy like we were when President George W. Bush was in office. This has to beg the question, would all this be happening if President Trump and Vlad were “good buds” to rig a Presidential election?

President Trump at this point in time needs to “get on with business” by seizing control of the White House. He needs to be “out front” on issues and taking the lead, not following as he has been. If the President were to ask me for my advice, this is what it would be.

Mr. President; Go on television and address the nation. When you do, this is what you say. My fellow Americans. Since I have become your President, North Korea has continued to ramp up their ICBM testing to the point that many Asian nations are now afraid. Russia has continued to test American resolve, while Iran continues to fund and arm terrorist. ISIS is not going away quietly and continues to punish our European allies while Syria continues to destabilize the Middle East.       

When I was campaigning to become your President, I made you several promises. The largest of these promises was to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, bring jobs back from overseas to our shores, repatriate trillions of dollars currently being held in foreign lands and rebuild our military. I also promised you that we would “Make America Safe” by securing our borders and stemming the flow of undocumented refugees from enemy nations.       

The sad truth is this. The Republican House and Senate have not worked with this White House in a timely fashion. They have continued to make excuses as to “why” none of the above have been accomplished. I “as your President” have even submitted tax reductions and cannot even get the Republicans to agree on that. This has become a full-time job just trying to get these legislators to move on anything. Combine this with what Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Syria are doing, and you can see that we are pretty busy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.       

With this said, neither the FBI, CIA, NSA and many other law enforcement organizations have been able to find any collusion or other illegal activity between this administration and the Russian government. By the Russians reactions to my taking office, I think it is pretty evident that nothing occurred. With that said, tonight I am terminating Robert Mueller as Special Prosecutor, and I am getting on with the business of the nation. We simply don’t have time to be dealing with these trumped up and fabricated charges by the Democrats. If the Democrats want to get on board with rebuilding this country, fine, we welcome them. Otherwise, they need to get out of the way while we get back to work. Thank you for your time, God Bless you, and May God Bless this great nation.

President Trump needs to cut off the Democrats ability to persecute him, and it is time we begin the healing in this country. The Dem’s have had six months to whine and cause trouble; it needs to stop and stop now. We have far too large of problems and issues to deal with to be messing around with the snowflake children.

America now has genuine enemies who seek to destroy us. It is the time we unite behind this President, and he needs to be very successful.