This is what Washington will look like if they try to Impeach Donald Trump.

America What Happened?

Many Americans still remember President Kennedy challenging our nation to rise to greater heights and then asking what “we can do for our country.” Most Americans still recall how President Reagan challenged us to love and defend our country against evil. President Bush had us reaching for a “shiny city on a hill,” while his son lets the world know that “we as Americans,” do not roll over and succumb to terrorist or those who want to harm us.

Historically speaking; Presidents had spent their tenure in office ‘unifying’ our nation against adversity when our country was threatened. President “SPEAK” always has included all Americans in their remarks to our nation. If a President was signing a bill to assist a particular group, then they spoke of the law in terms as to how it aided the “ENTIRE” nation and not just one group.

With President Barack Obama “presidential speak” seemed to change. This President appeared to alter his rhetoric to divide the nation. Early in his presidency, Obama made the now “infamous” apology tour where he went from nation to nation and apologized for the “evils that America foisted on the world.” From then on it was “rich against the poor,” “black against white,” “men against women,” and “Brown is being abused by everyone.” What we are witnessing in our country today, are the results of what a divisive leader can do to a nation. 

I have no doubt that Putin tried some funny business. But he was not working with Donald Trump when doing so.

Today in our land, it almost seems as if we are one big giant bubbling cauldron just waiting to explode. The Democrat Party “created” a master Russian conspiracy to alter our elections, the media ran with it, and today we have a Special Prosecutor investigating something that never existed in the first place. Yes; I am speaking of this master conspiracy of Donald Trump teaming up with Vladimir Putin to rig the elections in order to defeat Hillary Clinton last November. Most sane and rational people realize that this was nothing more than the Democrats attempting to explain how Hillary could have been trounced so badly by a political outsider with a big mouth.

Today’s Status;

Somehow someway, between the Democrat Party and the capitulating corrupt media, the narrative (Trump/Putin rig election) has been driven to the point where it has legs and has taken on a life of its own. This is not to say that General Flynn or Jared Kushner or President Trump for that matter did not have some dealings with Russia prior to the election. The puzzling part to me is; Russia is now a global player in oil, trade and many other facets. Donald Trump’s empire is also a global player in many corporate aspects. It is natural that the two will at some point run across each other in some sort of deal. We know that the President sold a home to a Russian Billionaire about 15-years ago. We also know that Russia is NOT an enemy nation. The Democrats are trying desperately to paint this as Trump et al. has been dealing with spies and covert activity with some sort of evil empire enemy nation.

After the election, it is entirely reasonable for the new administration to begin setting up contacts within other governments. This is done so that the day they are sworn in, they can hit the ground running and the Rolodex is already filled in with the appropriate contacts, and a relationship has been established.

Now because of this bogus story garnering legs, we even have a Special Prosecutor investigating the President, the Son in Law, General Flynn and half of the West Wing. Vice President Pence has even had to hire an attorney to protect himself against this lynch mob. Here is the problem so that you understand the gravity of all this.

  1. According to Judge Andrew Napolitano from Fox News; The sole purpose of a Special Prosecutor is to come back with indictments against whoever it is they are investigating. We now know that Robert Mueller is investigating President Trump for “Obstruction of Justice.”
  2. The Special Prosecutor has virtually an unlimited budget to carry out this “witch hunt based on fake news” and has already begun hiring some of the best investigative attorneys in the nation to aid him in “bringing down Trump.” They have already started digging on Jared Kushner (the President’s son-in-law).
  3. Mueller may start by investigating one thing, and as he digs, he finds something else that looks interesting and now that topic is brought into the mix as well.
  4. They (the Prosecutors) have no set time line. This is something that could and likely will drag on for years. All the while, daily the American people are fed “the latest updates, ” and because the President is being investigated, he is almost powerless to stay focused on the nation’s business at hand. The investigation will also likely destroy his chances for re-election in 2020, because of this black cloud hanging over his head.

The bottom line is this; Robert Mueller and James Comey are friends which automatically puts Mueller in an adversarial position to the West Wing and the President after Trump fired Comey. This entire sordid affair began as fake story drummed up by the Clinton election team to cover her sorry butt. Usually, investigations like this will end with someone being strung up by a yard arm.

Take this to the bank, it is insured;

The NRA card carrying “Rednecks” (this is what you call us, remember?) will rise up and it won’t be pretty when we do.

Some sixty-three million devoted patriots (meaning conservative rednecks with guns) voted for Donald Trump. We did so because we were tired of the corruption, waste, fraud and underhanded dealings in Washington, D.C. Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp, and that is exactly what he began doing when the Prosecutor was appointed. This tells us that President Trump might just have struck a nerve within the establishment community and they got nervous because their gravy train might be threatened.    

The fact is; we like President Trump and think he is doing a stellar job as POTUS. We don’t like politicians who tend to be liars, thieves, cheats, and spendthrifts with our money. We want it cleaned up, and Trump is our guy to do just that.

If you in D.C. want to witness a catastrophe of epic proportions, keep up with this witch hunt. We know what you’re doing, and we do not like it very much. Keep this up, then try bringing impeachment charges against Trump and his family and watch what happens. I can guarantee you that a million or more of these redneck patriots will show up on Capitol Hill and it will not be pretty. If you think Madonna stirred the pot, wait until you see a million pissed off “Larry the Cable Guys” with shotguns, pitchforks, and torches.

Democrats and Liberals; I would think twice and think again about trying to bring this President down. He has a massive army just waiting in the wings to defend him, and they don’t much care for liberal snowflakes.