America’s first taste of jihadist caused terrorism began for the most part in Beirut, Lebanon back in 1983. The morning of October 23, had our nation waking up to images of a smoldering pile of rubble with over 300 dead American and French soldiers lying beneath the destruction. Unfortunately for our country, in time, these images will become all too routine. The only things that would or will change will be the locations and the body count.   

President after President, Congress after Congress and decade after decade, America has grappled with terrorism and how to deal with it. Major agencies have been formed, task forces have been put together, and billions have been spent all in an effort to stem the tide of these random suicides and mass murders. So far to no avail. Billions of dollars and the finest intelligence agencies the world has ever known has not been able to stop these mass slaughters of humanity.   

Think about this for a moment. The mightiest military defenses that our planet earth has ever seen cannot stop a group of ragtag Islamic Jihadist from carrying out their missions. While our intelligence services have stopped many from happening, the reality is, it doesn’t take but 1 out of 100 to be devastating in a nation.    

London and the United Kingdom has now been the victim of 2-major terror attacks in just one over a one week span of time. Since January of 2017, there have been 626 terrorist attacks with 4 of them in April and May alone that had more than 100-deaths each. If you have been paying any attention to these attacks at all, you will note that the frequency of attacks seems to have increased as has the violence involved. Up until Manchester, England a week or two ago, children had not been specifically targeted. That has all changed; Manchester was a designed attack against children.    


Talk to any Islamic expert or terrorism expert, and they will all tell you the same thing. Islam is not a religion of peace, and under their Koran, they are commanded to kill you unless you’re Muslim. Terrorist attacks are the preferred method for these religious fanatics. Until the leadership of these European nations and the United States come to understand that they have been manipulated by Islamic Lobbyist, and until we begin as a civilized society labeling these fanatics for what they are, we will continue to be victims.    

The other problem is that; “it is impossible to win a war playing by the rules against an enemy that wants to die for their ideology.” With over 1 Billion Muslims traversing the globe if only 1% are “fighting” for the cause, that is an army of 10-million jihadist willing to die for the effort.  

Keep in mind that the driving force behind a jihadist is their willingness to commit suicide all in the name of Allah. Their reward is a plane load of virgins once they make it to paradise. So how do you combat someone who wants to die for their cause?  

Last year President Trump in several campaign stops retold a legendary story about General Pershing. As the story goes, Pershing was in the Philipines where a group of Muslim gangs or terrorist were wreaking havoc across the islands. Pershing ordered that his soldiers soak their bullets in pig’s blood. When they tracked down and captured 5o or so of these terrorists, he ordered them to be put before a firing squad. As the story goes, they killed 49 and turned the last one loose to tell the rest what would happen. Under Muslim law, because they were shot with pigs blood coated bullets, then they could not enter paradise. This is a much-disputed story. Some say it’s true; most say it is just legend without any validity. In either case, this would certainly be an effective tool to curb terrorism. Imagine if all our soldiers in Afghanistan had pigs blood coating all their ammunition including mortar shells?

Terrorism has brought us to the point where it is now a crisis. Sometimes drastic measures are needed to deal with a crisis, particularly one of this magnitude. With innocent people dying all over the world for a religious cause, then the only recourse we have is to remove the cause and remove the reward. 

The first that needs to happen is; President Trump’s refugee plight that he was handed by Obama. The flow of “travelers, refugees or whatever their being called today needs to stop immediately”. The next item (since this is a religious crisis), ban the religion in America temporarily. Just as President Roosevelt put the Japanese in detention centers, the same needs to happen here and all Mosque need to be closed immediately! The hard truth is, these Mosque is where many of these citizen jihadists are being radicalized for the cause. While it is not traditionally American and seems to go against what we stand for, “WHAT OTHER CHOICE DO WE HAVE?”   

One other option is going to seem over the top, but again, our options are very limited. The terror organization Hamas actually pays their suicide bombers families for life. If Abdul blows himself up in the name of Allah for Hamas, they will pay his mother, father, and siblings for years to come because of Abdul’s dedication to the cause.

Since this is obviously a motivating cause for Abdul, then the reward must be removed. As cold as this is going to sound, maybe the United States needs to put the word out across the Middle East that if Abdul blows up any American interest, then Abdul’s family will be hunted down and imprisoned or killed.

In all honesty, if someone has a better idea to stop this mass slaughter of innocent people, then maybe they should make the Oval Office aware of it. Personally speaking, it is time to get very tough and we had better do so very quickly.