As the days wore on and tempers began flaring, President John Kennedy was at his wit’s end as to how to defuse the Cuban Missile Crisis. An excellent rendition of this entire almost 2-week long saga is detailed in the 2000 Blockbuster movie; 13 Days starring Kevin Costner.   

According to history and the film, the President (and his entire staff) were rapidly becoming resolved to the fact that this “was not going to end well.” Somewhere around the 11th day of the crisis, the Attorney General Robert Kennedy came up with the idea to “tap” his back channel inside the Kremlin in an effort to get some messages to the Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Instructions were given to Khrushchev about what sort of message to include in his address to the Soviet citizens to let the Kennedy Administration know that he agreed to the deal that the President had proposed. The simplistic version was “we pull our missiles out of Turkey if he pulls his from Cuba.” The Premier agreed, made the address, the rest is history, and nuclear war was averted. 

Governments have long had “Back Channels” with other governments. In many cases, this is what saved humanity many bloody conflicts. Basically what a “Back Channel.” is, is I am good friends with Donald Trump (making this up for example) and have his ear pretty much anytime I want it. A good friend of mine is excellent friends with the President of China. My friend plays golf, bridge and eats dinner with President Xi at least weekly and talks to him all the time. On the surface, China and the United States are about to go to war over these military bases being built in the middle of the South China Sea. The U.S. doesn’t want them there as this is considered to be International waters and China is saying “bull-crap” we own this territory. Now we have a standoff with the world watching. 

Publically, Donald Trump cannot negotiate through the press, and China has already called their Ambassador home, and things are looking very grim. However, someone in the Trump administration calls me up and say’s, “Hey Ken, aren’t you good friends with Billy Bob who happens to play golf with Xi?” Yep, I sure am! They give me a message to give to Billy Bob, and the two nations are still talking and not shooting. 

Once again the left has made a huge mountain out of a molehill. The Democrats with this hatchet job from the Washington Post all but reports that the Presidents son-in-law is some sort of secret agent who is spying or turning over state secrets to the Russians.

As a matter of fact, Trump and Kushner were very astute to try to set up a backchannel with Russia. During the Kennedy administration, it was the backchannel that saved both nations from giving the world, nuclear holocaust.

Once again we have a liberal fish wrapper doing their part in assisting the Democrats in their quest to find a “THERE” when there is no “There; There.” It matters not if Jared found a “back channel” or if he did not. FOR THE RECORD TO THE SNOWFLAKE IDIOTS in the Democrat Party; IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO TALK TO RUSSIA! What part of “not illegal” are these clowns not grasping?

Russia is not our enemy! At least not officially our enemy. We might not be warm and cozy buddies like we are with Britain, but we are certainly not mortal enemies either. There are no sanctions in place, and there are not any laws restricting speech, trade or anything else for that matter.

And the Democrats wonder why they keep losing at everything they do?