As President Trump prepares to wing his way back to the friendly and secure confines of the White House, there is one certainty about his travels over the past 10-days or so. He has left the Left, Socialist, Kings, and terrorist reeling from the effects of Trumpisms. 

When the President arrived in Saudi Arabia, he left little doubt as to “who was in charge” of this party at the palace. There was no bowing or ring kissing. This time the King was the one putting on the display of servitude to the United States. The President left little doubt in the mind of the Royal Family who it was that is assisting you in remaining in power and arming your nation. Trump was polite during his visit. He did not disrespect the King, but he did let the elder Royal know that he would work with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but only on his terms.   

Before the American President left, he did manage to pull off a financial “coup” for our nation. The arms deal that Obama began several years ago and could not manage to get off first base, the President not only closed the deal but increased it by some $25 Billion dollars for a total $355 Billion over the next ten years. This financial windfall for the American Military Arms suppliers will guarantee thousands of jobs, transfer billions back to American bank accounts and provide the security Saudi Arabia needs to keep Iran in check.

The remaining legacy of this Saudi Arabian visit will be, “America is back, we are the leaders of the free world and Donald Trump is President.

President Trump with the King of Saudi Arabia.

Then it was on to Israel and a warm visit with BiBi Netanyahu. Again President Trump sent a message to the world, “Don’t mess with our closest ally Israel and woe be unto you if you do.” Trump toured the sites with the Prime Minister, said a prayer at the Western Wall and put on full display for the Globe that he and BiBi were good friends. It also appeared that our First Lady and Mrs. Netanyahu got along famously as well. After the two days in Israel, it was off to Rome to visit with his Holiness, the Pope.     

It was clearly evident that this Pope was being polite to the American President but was not that impressed with his stature or station in life. I suppose that can and could be expected when your only boss is God himself. Apparently, Pope Francis made quite the impression on Trump though. After one meeting with him, the President made the remark that his greatest mission in life was now “world peace.” That to me seems to be an 180 away from the President’s rhetoric about North Korea and Iran. We shall see if the Papal message resonated shortly, I am pretty sure of that.

Now it was wheels up for Air Force One as our POTUS winged his way to Belgium. This is where Donald Trump has visibly caused the biggest stir of his global hopscotching.     WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO TO JUDGE FOR YOURSELF THE REACTIONS TO Mr. Trump’s speech.

The leftist pundits on CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the alphabet channels had a field day with this speech. Yes, it was tough, yes, it was direct, and yes, it was about time that America had a cheerleader on the world stage. The United States has for too long been polite when dealing with the European nations, and for too long, we the American people have paid the price for defending “THEIR COUNTRIES!” Maybe now, we can get the same thing done at the United Nations as well?

Much will be said that Trump was crass, Trump was not ‘eloquent’ enough or that Trump was all but rude and should not be President. No, Donald Trump did not speak in typical political speak, he was direct, and he did talk using a few “Trumpisms” (IE; Losers, etc.). Again; what Trump did do was let the “high-brow” European elitist know, America is back, and we are the leaders! The nations of Germany, France, and the rest will just have to get over it, America is not being pushed around anymore.

In closing out this “tour de force” by Trump, I have but one message for the President. WELL DONE SIR! 

I have no doubt you will represent the United States well at the G7 Summit in Italy. Keep up the good work and we as regular grassroots American’s thank you for keeping your promises of “Making America Great Again”.