Tonight on the Sean Hannity program, Hannity hit the nail on the head better than anyone I have heard recently. President Trump is surrounded by FIVE different forces who are determined to destroy his presidency. The establishment Republicans want him out (because of his swamp draining). The “Deep State” intelligence community want him politically destroyed, along with the Democrats (if Trump is successful, he destroys the Democrat Party for generations), the “Mainstream Media” and lastly “The Never Trumpers” want their existence validated. 

I’m the first to admit that even I have been a little critical of President Trump at times in his first 3-months in the Oval Office. I am also the first to come to his defense if it is needed. My critical points primarily involved mistakes and to be honest, I became frustrated simply because I did not want him making any because I knew what was going to happen.

Political Guru Dick Morris knows Washington as well as anyone.

Just as we thought the attacks on the President could not get any worse, this evening they have. The Deputy Attorney General has appointed a “Special Counsel” to begin investigating the Democrats claims of a “Russian Conspiracy or Connection or whatever it is they are thinking.” Whether you like him, love him, or hate him, former Clinton Senior Advisor Dick Morris knows Washington and politics probably better than anyone in this nation. In Morris’s column this evening, he gives a very frightening rendition of what “could happen” by this appointment of former FBI Director Mueller as the Special Counsel. As a matter of fact, Morris even went so far as to call this designation a “disaster for the Trump Administration.”  

The upside for Trump is that Robert Mueller is of impeccable character and has zero political agenda to drive with this investigation. Those on the “inside” that know the details (including public officials IE; Jason Chaffetz etc.) still are claiming that there is no “there, there” to be found. This being the case, Mueller, in the end, will finally clear the Trump administration and drive nails in the coffins of the Democrats. The downside is that the Democrats could have 3-months, 1-year or even 2-years that it might take for Mueller to clear this up to beat their drums and make allegations. For the Democrats, this will slow Trump’s ability to drive his agenda at light-speed as it has been operating at so far.   

Has Donald Trump made some rookie mistakes? Absolutely he has. Has Mr. Trump not kept some promises he made during the campaign? Yes, without question. However, it is still early, and he has time to complete his obligations. He has not as of yet, come out and said, “No, I am not building the wall, or No, you will not get your tax relief.” Yes, he has run into a few logistical issues that is slowing his agenda down, but they are still on the plate, and I see him getting them done.   

In an article in Politico today, the liberal reporter now claims that even Republicans are beginning to whisper “President Pence” and are giving reasons why they could vote for impeaching this president. Then, of course, there are those that are just calling for him to resign to install VP Mike Pence as President.    

To drive this impeachment discussion even further, an article in this morning’s McClatchy DC Bureau details how the Democrats are going to run some balloons up the flagpole to test the waters.

Unprecedented and Dangerous;      

If you’re a Trump supporter, I cannot begin to describe just how dangerous this has become for the president’s survival in the White House. The very troubling and sad truth is, those “five” groups listed above can unwind Donald Trump’s presidency. Currently, they are, for the most part, driving the national talking points and agenda in our country.       

We have already seen the Republican Party (nearly as a whole) roll over, stick their legs in the air and give up to the Democrats on multiple occasions. The frightening part for me is, I can see them turning on our President to save their own skins in the next election cycle. We already know that 23 House members are not supporting the President in upcoming votes because their districts did not support Trump in 2016.

Fake News will eventually gain traction and the public begins to believe it.

The cold truth is; if the mainstream media and Democrat party keep driving this “fake news” story of a “Trump-Russian” relationship, it will over time begin gaining traction. Even though it is fake, this will be irrelevant in time. Adolph Hitlers Minister of Propaganda once said; “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels

To prove that point; what did the talking points end up being when former President Bill Clinton was impeached? Remember James Carville? All we heard for months was, “this is none of our business, this is a private matter between the President and  First Lady.” Sex, sex, sex, the Republicans are obsessed with sex! The Republicans are spending millions of dollars chasing a sex story. Low and behold, this is what the conversation ended up being because the mainstream media gave a voice to the Carville’s of the world and they were able to drive the talking points. Never mind that Bill Clinton had committed perjury before a Federal Grand Jury (which will usually land you in prison). Clinton’s felony perjury became irrelevant to the American people. In fact, the American people became angry at the Special Prosecutor Ken Starr for prosecuting Clinton and building the case for the House of Representatives.

Bottom Line;

Had you asked me several weeks ago; “will President Trump be impeached?” I would have given you 97 reasons why this was just a ludicrous idea. Not anymore! I can now see clearly where this is going and it is not good. We as patriots must once again rise up in mass! We need to rally, show our support for this President and let the Republican Party know that this absolutely will NOT BE TOLERATED!

If the Republicans need a spine to protect this President, then this is what we must do. The fact is, this is a witch-hunt and the reason is as simple as “Trump is targeting the swamp” and these politicians on both sides of the aisle don’t like it.

President Trump might have made a few mistakes that I disagree with and he might not have fulfilled all his promises yet, but he certainly doesn’t deserve this sort of treatment and most certainly has not committed anything close to warrant an impeachment. This is beyond pale what is happening to him.

America it is time to rally NOW behind our President to give these weak spined Republicans the courage they need. We must stop this before it gets started!