Forget the United States Constitution, forget the Bill of Rights and forget decency and decorum. 

This is the University of California at Berkeley. 

UC Berkeley has a long history of liberalism. Let’s be real here, the college of higher learning is located in the Bay Area which is home to bizarre thinking and uber liberal lifestyles. Remember, it was UC Berkeley that was the home of some of the first protesting of the Vietnam War, then came any other conflict that America has been involved in. You can always count on these strange zealots to be the first to cause trouble and mayhem. 

Berkeley students began garnering national attention back in the 1960’s with their “free speech” protest. As time has gone by, protest in Berkeley has escalated from marching, yelling into megaphones, sit-ins and other forms of peaceful protests, to full blown riots. Recent rioting in Berkeley have injured innocent citizens, burned offices and businesses, torched automobiles, looted stores, and much more.

UC Berkeley students are protesting in the 1940’s America’s involvement in WWII.

Probably the worst rioting activity in recent memory came this past February when the Gay conservative activist Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at the University. For the left, Milo is dangerous because he is gay, conservative, preaches and teaches liberal hypocrisy and is very entertaining. With his recent book “Dangerous” becoming a Best Seller, the lefty anarchist at Berkeley could not allow Milo to appear. He would undermine everything they have been working for, for decades. 

The most recent riots at Berkeley were caused when a group of President Trump supporters wanted to march and show their support for the President. The left quickly mobilized, turned up at the Trump event, and all hell suddenly broke loose. One of the reasons there has been so much damage lately is, the Berkeley Police have been ordered to “stand down.” This is especially evident during the recent Trump rally. Trump supporters were actually being attacked, and the police did nothing according to one report from a Breitbart News reporter. 

So far, unless I am missing something here, I have yet to hear one word of criticism by Governor Jerry Brown, the Chancellor of the University, the Mayor of Berkeley or anyone else in a position of authority. I have yet to hear anyone in an official position condemn the conduct of these liberal anarchists who are looting, burning and assaulting their way through the street of Berkeley, California.  


My take on this situation is this; 

  1. The Governor, Chancellor and all officials by not condemning this activity, is by omission condoning criminal behavior. When you have thousands of thugs burning, looting, threatening, assaulting, and harming individuals and businesses, this is NOT FREEDOM OF SPEECH! This is anarchy, and the police are being ordered to stand down for fear of angering the leftist loons performing this mayhem.
  2. UC Berkeley needs to be punished for allowing this sort of activity. According to the Los Angeles Times, this University receives some $9,000,000,000.00 a year in government aid for research, grants, student loans, etc.  
  3. UC Berkeley began its legacy of protest with marches for free speech. Since this is their legacy, then they need to respect both sides of the coin. Free speech should be just as available to Ann Coulter, Milo, Colonel West or any other conservative who is invited to speak as it is for Bill Ayers.
  4. Since “Free Speech” is apparently only applicable to the left, then once again; STRIP THE UNIVERSITY OF ALL GOVERNMENT AID!

What we are now witnessing is the fallout from having so many socialist and communist sympathetic professors teaching anti-American rhetoric in their classes. It has long been understood that many colleges are on the left side of the aisle on many subjects. This has been part of life in our nation for many decades. Recently (since the election of Barack Obama) that tide has changed dramatically. Obama’s election gave these Universities the blank check to drift even further to the left. I have spoken with many college students recently who wrote papers that supported conservative principles and were failed on that paper by their professor. This is just plain wrong, but they did it anyway.

These protesters are not protesting. They are trying to create anarchy at Berkeley. This must be squashed immediately.

Personally speaking, I do not have a problem with college students protesting. I don’t even have a problem with students protesting the involvement of America in a war or some foreign conflict. I do not have a problem with any American citizen exercising their “Free Speech” right of disagreement with a business or government institution. I think this is good! I think that having “sit-ins,” marching, shouting in a megaphone is a good thing.

What I do have a problem with is citizens, getting together and protesting in a violent fashion. I believe that smashing store windows, looting, burning other citizens automobiles, burning homes and businesses, should be dealt with in harshest means possible.

In the case of the University of California at Berkeley, I believe that each professor should be looked at closely. I think the far leftist who are teaching students in anarchist philosophy should be terminated immediately. It is now time that America stand up and stop capitulating to this activity. President Trump should cut funding for this University and tell the world “why.”

I am not saying that if you disagree with government activity, you should be spanked. What I am saying is, if you want to disagree with America or our government, fine, do so in a polite fashion. Just because you disagree with our system or our government, this does not give you the right to destroy other’s hard work and lifelong dreams.