If you asked 100 people, “what is the best gift you have ever received,” you would get 100 different answers most likely. Your answers would range from a diamond ring to a new car, and a few would say; my son, my daughter, my husband, etc. Out of that 100, you might find 2 or 3 who would answer correctly with “the gift that Jesus gave us approximately 2000-years ago, that being the gift of eternal salvation“.

Imagine if you will for a few moments. Close your eyes and think about the last time you were in court. You might have been there for a traffic ticket or a custody hearing or wide variety of reasons, but nevertheless, you stood in front of a Judge, who is going to rule on your case. While your eyes are still closed, and you remember this event, imagine that you knew you were innocent of all charges. You knew, your Attorney knew, your family knew, yet you were pronounced “guilty.” The reason? The audience in the chamber did not like you very much, and they were all chanting “guilty.” To make matters worse, the Judge looked out over the audience and asked them, “how do I punish this man?“. The crowd responded with a resounding, “DEATH”! Death for speeding ticket? Yes! Death for doing 55 in a 35 mile-per-hour zone!

Standing in front of a Judge can be truly frightening. This is particularly true if you know you’re innocent.

In all of human history, there has never been a greater “miscarriage” of justice than that of the trial and crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. 

The trial and punishment of this man have been written about in most religions around the globe. Even the Muslims refer to Jesus as a “Great Prophet” although they do deny the resurrection part of this story. Judaism refers to him as a great teacher, while hundreds of other religions acknowledge his existence and apparent good teachings of “love thy neighbor, be kind to one another, love God, etc., etc.“.  

So why is Jesus Christ so reviled around the world? If he was a great teacher and if he is regarded as a great prophet by so many, why is he despised also?  

Jesus Christ is the only man to have ever walked the earth that claimed to actually be God in the flesh or the son of God in the flesh.

The Jews of the time had real issues with this and between their struggle (by the leadership) for political relevance and standing in the “Court of Ceasar,” the simply could not allow this vagrant to run around, perform miracles and usurp their authority. So they killed him! That is a very brief summation of what happened. The Holy Books of Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John give a much more detailed version of the event, but you get the idea for now.

The hard part for the Pharisees and the rest of the ilk that murdered Jesus was explaining his disappearance shortly after the funeral and burial. The Jews had to run with the narrative that the “crazed followers” of this man had stolen his body and this is the belief that Judaism has believed now for two millennia. Had the Jewish leadership admitted that he had risen and actually returned to visit with his Disciples, that would have destroyed their 3000-year-old religion which began with Abraham. That would have proven that this guy was exactly who he said he was. They could certainly not tolerate that.

Jesus is pronounced guilty by the Governor and sentenced to death. The murderer Barabbas is released in trade.

The point of all of this is this; Jesus Christ was indeed seen by hundreds of people AFTER HIS DEATH on the cross. It is recorded in history as such and he was and is who he said he was. He was indeed the Son of God or God in the flesh. Yes, there are many questions about the Trinity, which if anyone says they truly understand it, they are probably lying to you. We like to think we understand it, but Plato is probably the only one and he isn’t here to explain it.

Democrats and Liberalism is the SPAWN OF SATAN and here is why; 

Jesus came to earth to fulfill prophecy and complete God’s promises to mankind. He was born “Holy”, taught God’s word, and died an innocent man by a very painful and cruel death. He did this for every man, woman, and child who has ever lived on this planet. He did this because of his enormous love for us, which is a love none of us can understand or comprehend. 

Today in America, we Christians look around and ask ourselves “what happened?” What has happened to the peace-loving goodness that once was emblematic of our great nation? Greed is now rewarded and even exalted. Lawmakers lie to us, then lie about lying to us. Lawmakers pass some of the most bizarre laws that even defy common sense. IE: Allow 40-year-old men dressed as women to use restrooms with 13-year-old girls? Then if we complain, we are charged with being bigots and racist! What has happened to our sanity as a nation?   

We have Churches and Clergy in our nation today that endorse and will even go so far as to perform marital rights in the church to openly homosexual couples. This is in total defiance to God’s teachings in his Holy Bible. The sad truth is, the Church has bowed to political correctness even though these clergy members know it is both a sin and openly defies God’s word.   

It is one thing to agree to political equality in the political sphere. IE: A United States Congressman states he doesn’t care one way or the other or is willing to support the gay couples right to be married. It is quite another when the very people who are supposed to teach God’s law is in conflict with God’s law and word. That is another matter altogether and very dangerous for Christianity as a whole. This is what you have today with the Methodist, Episcopalians, Baptist, Lutherans, Presbyterians and more. Some of these faiths are even ordaining to be Priest, Bishops etc. who are openly gay.   

America elected Donald Trump to drain the swamp, turn Washington upside down and clean up the mess. Elected officials cannot clean this up. Our morality comes from within us and comes from our relationship with God, not from the hallowed halls of Congress. To eradicate Liberalism (which is destroying the very fabric of our nation as a whole), this must come from the pulpit and the parishioners of each church across our land. America needs a good old-fashioned revival of faith in the Lord, teaching his word, spreading his word and a revolution against the Democrat Party and Liberalism. Any party which teaches that it is o.k. to dress as a woman, use the restroom with little girls, is not rational and has an evil agenda. It must stop and it must stop now. We need to be applying pressure to our clergy to stand up against Satan. Stand up against evil and we should all be praying that they can do this.   

My prayer today is that each and every reader have a peace filled day with family and loved ones and that everyone remembers why we celebrate this day.


God Bless each of you!