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WHY I’m Supporting Trump’s Shift’s in Foreign Policy


WHY I’m Supporting Trump’s Shift’s in Foreign Policy

President Trump is working for America. He is focused heavily on America’s safety. Be patient!

For the most part, (then candidate) Trump ran his campaign on a pseudo-isolationism platform. In most if not all of his media interviews, debates, and townhalls, he denounced ever going to Iraq in the first place. He then categorically stated that after we went to Iraq, we should have left troops to keep the peace and if that were the case, then ISIS would have never materialized. Candidate Trump was definitely not a fan of getting involved in Syria, Yemen, Somalia or any of the other dozen or so hot spots in the Middle East.

Apparently, times have changed. Candidate Trump is now President Trump, and we have gotten involved in Syria to some degree, at least enough actually to hack off Vladimir Putin and Russia. We have sent the United States Navy back to the Persian Gulf region to keep an eye on Iran, and we have sent an entire Fleet to the waters just off the Korean Peninsula with stern warnings to North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un.

Classic Arm Chair Quarterbacking;

As we all know, it is much easier to rest in a Lazyboy, eat chips and salsa and tell Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers how to score against the Steelers defense. Put on a helmet and pads, hit the field yourself, and you will find that it is an entirely different scenario once you’re the one being chased by a 300-pound lineman wanting to rip your head from your shoulders.

Just as there is a vast difference in quarterbacking from your Lazyboy recliner and the field itself, there is a huge difference in being a candidate and the actual President. Once you become POTUS, everything changes in the blink of an eye. IE: As a candidate, you fussed about Iran for a litany of reasons, as POTUS you’re now aware of far more intelligence coming in from the CIA and all your expert advisers are making recommendations from both Intelligence, Ambassadors, and a host of International experts who know what they are talking about. Your opinions are about to change and they have too. You know what you promised in the campaign, but keep in mind, those statements were based solely on what you knew at the time. Now everything has changed and your opinion and decisions must change as well.

Troubling News from the Base;

Politico put out a very troubling article yesterday that President Trump’s base is beginning to turn on him. I, being one of the base, found this to be very “impulsive” if true. Politico states that the base is upset over the President Son-In-Law being appointed to a high-ranking position in the White House. They also delve into the issues involving Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. Because of the issues involving Trump’s senior staff and his shift’s in foreign policy, now the grassroots, Tea Party and all the rest are abandoning the President?

Normally, I don’t give a great deal of credence to Politico (as they are liberal in nature), but then the same story is being backed up in Breitbart giving almost the exact same information.

Message for the Disgruntled Trump Base; 

Apparently, the disgruntled supporters are those that identify mostly with being Libertarian in nature. Libertarians by nature don’t want much if any involvement in the world and only want to take care of the homeland. I get that, and I understand “why” you might feel that way. Allow me a moment to offer up a scenario and let us see if you still feel that way. 

President Trump knows North Korea and Kim Jong Un is about to have his dreams of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile system functioning with the ability to carry thermonuclear warheads across the Pacific and park it in Seattle. He also knows that Iran is about to have the same capacity.  

You Mr. and Mrs. Libertarian don’t want us to get involved! Under that context, we don’t get involved. Keep in mind that Iran has stood on the floor of the United Nations (on multiple occasions) and pledged to garner nuclear bombs and deliver them to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Are we (being the mightiest military on earth and a loyal friend to Israel) supposed to just stand back and allow this to happen? Are we supposed to stay home, not get involved and allow North Korea to nuke South Korea or Japan or worse yet, Seattle? Is this what you want?

The President knows classified information that we do not know. The President knows and is given information that none of the press knows (oh they may act like they do, but trust me, they don’t) and he is forced to act on this information in order to protect America. Think about it. Candidate Trump says one thing (much of what you believe and want), get’s elected, then is forced to shift position. 

So far, the President is either kept or is in the middle of keeping (the wheels of government do move slowly at times) all of his campaign promises. Do you think he made this shift lightly? NO, I can promise you. There are reasons he made it and I can promise you it has to do with “Keeping America and our Allies Safe”! This man loves people, he loves children and he loves our troops. He would never put them in harm’s way unless it is absolutely necessary and it apparently is now necessary to take stands and protect our nation, Japan, and all the rest.

Get off your Ideological Pedestal; 

Patriots, stop being ideological and stop being stupid. This man is operating at light speed compared to all the other Presidents or any agency in Washington. Give the man a break! He is smart, he is tough and he already has China backing down when nobody else in 4 previous administrations could. 

Stay the course, support our President and stop with the hard right rhetoric and the Libertarian idiocy! I am as Tea Party as anyone in America and I am 110% behind Donald J. Trump!




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Ken Crow is one of the original Tea Party and Grassroots activist in America. Ken has invested the past 8-9 years speaking at major rallies, publishing articles and organizing for conservative candidates campaigns. Ken was one of the original supporters of Donald J. Trump for President a full 4-months before his announcement as a candidate. America has some deep-seeded issues that are threatening our very liberty and freedom as a nation. Ken will continue on his mission of exposing the lies and fake news of the mainstream media and working diligently to "Make America Great Again." When not speaking, writing or campaigning, Ken can be found traveling, playing golf or enjoying a good game of Texas Hold-Em Poker with friends. Ken lives in Iowa where he enjoys BBQing, playing with his pets, and loving life with his family and extended family. You can order Ken's latest book "Ego in a Tea Bag" through Barnes and Noble or Amazon. com. Even the Washington Times said it is a great book.

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