Poor Barack Obama! Because of Donald Trump’s overwhelming success in his first 100-days, it has left him silent.

When former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle stepped onto Marine One last January the 20th, the talk of the town was how he was going to be the first former president to publically comment on and criticize his successor. After hopscotching around the globe, playing golf and relaxing, the former president returned to his new home down the street from the White House. 

Unfortunately for Barack Obama, by the time he had returned home, the new president had already begun dismantling BHO’s agenda, rewritten many of his Executive Orders and in general made a mess out of liberal agenda. The problem for Obama was not that he could not have publically criticized Trump (because he could have), the problem was that the American people were now rejoicing most of what Trump was doing. So what is poor Barry supposed to do?

It is being reported that President Obama is spending many of days, on the links playing golf.

If he comes out against Trump cranking up the Keystone, and America is clapping, then it is going to make him foolish for being one of only a handful of people not agreeing with it. If he comes out for it, now he looks even more stupid for trying to stop it in the first place. Obama is trapped in silence, lest he sounds like a whining baby.

Donald Trump has begun waging a far-reaching war against ISIS, which has made Obama look to be totally inept as a President. In reality, this is something Obama should have done years ago, and it makes you give serious pause as to why he did not. Again, BHO is silenced on this issue, primarily because the rest of the world is applauding Trump’s actions against Syria and ISIS.

Barry cannot complain about Russia, the Democrats have already tried running with that narrative in the media. They and he tried in vain to marry Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention, then throughout the campaign only to have the CIA, FBI, and NSA state, “there is no connection.” This is evidenced by the fact that Russia is furious over the Syrian bombing raid and Vlad won’t speak to Trump and Trump isn’t talking to Vlad at the moment either. Once again, poor little Barry is silenced with knowing his theory of a criminal conspiracy went down in flames.

Then, pile on top of all that an FBI investigation into his NSA Chief Spy, some lady named Rice and why she is running FISA warrants on American citizens, now we have another issue where laws might have been broken.

Obama’s new multi-million dollar retirement home. It’s located only a few blocks from the White House. 

Yes indeed, President Trump’s first 100-days in office have been a combination of entertainment to witness, and some would say “Holy-Crap Batman, this guy is serious.”  

As the day’s tick off, it is becoming more and more apparent that Donald Trump might very well be a reincarnated hybrid version of Ronald Reagan and John Wayne all rolled into one. He is tough, he doesn’t take crap from anybody, and he is a poker player. I can personally attest to this, I have asked and do ask probably 20-people a day (and over the course of the last several weeks, literally hundreds of people), “so how do you think the President is doing?” I have yet to find anyone that is in disagreement with any of the decisions he is making or has made.

I predict a dazzling future ahead for our nation. America is perking up, dusting off the negative liberal spin, and everyone is looking forward to a prosperous future. This leaves poor little Barry stuck in a multi-million dollar mansion with nothing to say or any place to go.

Hey Barry; you can always go back to Indonesia, nobody will miss you, I promise!