Then potential candidate Donald Trump brought the house down in January of 2015.

January of 2015 brought a mixed sense of hopefulness, yet the cloud of the Democrat power, money, and corruption left a small black cloud over this first in the nation political event. The GOP Establishment wanted a “company man” type of candidate to put up against the Clinton and Democrat machine fearing that going rogue would jeopardize their chances at victory. The D.C. powerbrokers wanted a Governor Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, or even a Rick Perry. Then just as the elite were rubbing their hands together about to celebrate what was to come, two black Cadillac Escalades rolled up to the Hoyt Sherman Theater in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Unlike the other potential Presidential contestants (who arrived quietly with only a few handshakes), this candidate had a throng of well- wishers, and he shook hundreds of hands while walking up the sidewalk to enter the theater. The candidate? A New York City Businessman and television celebrity by the name of Donald J. Trump. 

On this day, the audience was comprised of Iowa’s most devoted conservative Republicans. The event hosted by Congressman Steve King was a “who’s who” of conservative presidential wannabees. Former Governor Sarah Palin was present, Ambassador John Bolton, Governor Chris Christie (who was a fire breather at the time), Governor Rick Perry and many more were greeted warmly by the 1000 plus who filled the auditorium. Then the Apprentice Mentor took the stage. After hearing a political speech unlike any other that this crowd had heard and three standing ovations, the rest is now history. Donald J. Trump ended up setting records nationwide for a presidential contestant speeches and appearances, and he now uses the Resolute Desk as his workstation. 

One would think with this sort of passion for a total political outsider to enter the Oval Office; the Republican Party would have received the message.

The message the Republicans and even conservative Democrats sent Washington was very simple.

  1. We want our nation protected. Build a wall, station the Marines, use the Air Force, we don’t care. WE WANT OUR BORDERS PROTECTED!
  2. Lower these back breaking taxes on our businesses, so they will begin expanding again and create jobs.
  3. Get rid of this lunacy known as Obamacare! The cost is killing us (meaning small companies and individuals), the deductibles are insane, and we want rid of it, NOW!
  4. There were more issues that struck a cord. Issues such as Common Core education, individual income taxes, and balancing of the budget that Trump preached and the American people bought.

Throughout the campaign, the Trump camp branded several slogans that became instant American hits. Everywhere you looked, you saw a ball cap, t-shirt or bumper sticker with “Make America Great Again” emblazoned on them. Later in the campaign, we began hearing “Drain the Swamp, ” and this is without question the slogan that resonated with the American people. This was the one theme the Tea Party, the Moderates, Republicans of all stripes and shapes wanted. This was the primary reason for Trump’s success. While it had not been said early on, every voter and American citizen wanted the corruption, deceit, lies, cronyism, and payoff’s to go away.     

Up until Trump, there is no disputing that the GOP was very concerned about Hillary and the Democrats. She had been ordained as the nominee very early and had a massive war chest of gold coins to finance her race. Hillary had the White House behind her, a very popular president endorsing her, a very popular vice-president assisting and the most popular president (in this generation) as a sidekick and campaigner.     

When the smoke finally cleared late into the night of November the 8th, 2016, it was clear who the good citizens of the United States wanted for President. Trump has won the electoral college in overwhelming fashion. In fact, the bloodbath was so bad, the only states Hillary won were the far left side of the nation and some Northeastern states. Trump had won, the Wild West states, the Southern States, the Heartland and the entire East Coast south of New Jersey.

Speaker Ryan had better start supporting the President or it is going to get ugly for him.

Paul Ryan has a problem~

News reports have begun surfacing that Speaker Ryan is withholding funding of Donald Trump’s major campaign promise, that being the wall which is supposed to separate Mexico from the United States. If that isn’t enough, Ryan is also not pushing tax cuts that the President promised in his campaign businesses are rapidly becoming impatient over this issue as well. 

I understand that Ryan’s excuse for the wall is; he doesn’t want to include it in a continuing resolution (CR) but wants to put it in the new budget for the fiscal year budget which begins in October. I can almost buy into this, but what I cannot buy into is his continued stalling on scrapping Obamacare and this tax issue. The taxes need to be rolled back now, and Obamacare needs to be scrapped now also.     

Bottom line for Ryan and McConnell;  

Gentlemen; The American people wanted to be rid of business as usual in Washington; this is the reason for Trump’s victory. The American people want real results, real leadership and we are sick and tired of political speak, lies, deflections and more swamp type of activity. The Republican Party has control of the House, the Senate and the White House. The citizens of this country sent you to do a job, and we by golly want that job done! Take control, lead and bring back some decency to our Capitol Hill.


Mr. Speaker; If you want to retain the House and Senate in the 2018 elections, you had better support this President or I can promise you, you will suffer losses and very likely lose your Speaker roll as well. You might retain the House, but the numbers will shift dramatically, and you will be punished for these losses.

Think about it!