The Boston Marathon terrorist bombings will become commonplace in our nation in the near future.

There was once a time in our nation when children could ride their bicycles to school without fear of being abducted or harmed. There was once a time in our country (and it wasn’t that long ago) when you could walk up to a metal detector, through the scanner and onward you proceeded to your gate for your flight. Today, you put all your belongings through scanners; then you walk through, then you are searched, patted down and possibly even stripped searched in a back room. All of this just to get on a plane to visit grandmother. And lastly, there once was a time in our country when you could go to the mall without having to scan the crowds looking for young men who look out of place and as if they are there to do harm. You did not have to watch the crowd regularly, look for things that seem as if there is something wrong, just to go Christmas shopping. Yes, times have certainly changed in our nation. 

What happened? What happened to our once peaceful society? Yes, we have always had assaults, murders, a few abductions, but not nearly to the extent, we have today. Today, we are being attacked by outside forces that came to our nation under the guises of wanting to immigrate, but in reality, they only came to do us harm. See if any of this makes any sense to you.

The Koran, Quran or however you want to spell it;

Let us begin with basics. Feel free to look this up if you do not believe me. It is all over the Internet now and is factual as it has been studied by Biblical scholars and plenty of Theologians from differing faiths. 

One hundred and six times (yes, that is 106) in the Koran, Muhammad (The Islamic or Muslim Prophet) calls for the eradication or killing of Infidels. First, let us be clear on just what an Infidel is. An Infidel is anyone who doesn’t follow or belong to the faith of Islam or Muhammad. Therefore if you happen to be a Baptist, Hindu, Jew, Catholic, Buddhist, or Agnostic, you’re in deep trouble if you encounter a Jihadist.

CAIR needs to have a Congressional Hearing on where their donations come from. The Muslim Brotherhood has officially been labeled as a terrorist organization by the United States.

Now let us look at this from a political angle for a moment. An organization by the name of CAIRCouncil on American–Islamic Relations) has basically spent the past several decades “reprogramming” Washington, D.C. CAIR is actually funded by the Muslim Brotherhood out of the Middle East and became a religious lobbying group inside the Beltway. 

Anytime someone like Congressman Steve King or Louie Gohmert or any other elected official said anything derogatory regarding the Muslim faith (IE; These guys are terrorist and are bombing innocent women and children), CAIR jumps into the fray, holds a news conference and calls them out for being racist, bigots or religiously intolerant. 

What has happened is this; CAIR has managed to silence anything being said about the Islamic Faith that is negative in our nation. Our elected officials, newscasters, pundits, political wonks, basically everyone is afraid to say anything because of the retribution that happens from CAIR.

CAIR sells Islam as a religion of peace. Really? Yes, they do, and they want everyone to believe this. It is only a “few bad apples” that caused the Twin Towers to fall. It is only a bad apple that shot up the offices and killed so many at Fort Hood. It was only one crazed lunatic (while he happened to be yelling Allu Ackbar) who decapitated a lady at a factory in Oklahoma a few years back. 

I am going to be labeled as a religiously bigoted zealot for saying this, but so be it. The common thread amongst the thousands of attacks in over the past few years is the Muslim Holy Book Koran. The common denominator for the mass slaughter of Christians in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Europe, America, and so many more nations is the Koran. The simple truth is this my fellow Americans. The Islamic faith teaches it’s followers to kill anyone who is not of their faith. That is the truth!

According to Fox News (Tucker Carlson), 32% of the world’s population is Christian while 24% of the earth’s population is Muslim. The Muslim faith has all but taken over Europe and has taken over the Middle East. They are having children at a far greater rate than Christian families are and it is estimated that they will take over as the number one religious faith within the next 50-years. In parts of Europe today, it is now illegal to say “Happy Easter”.  

While the Holy Bible (Revelations) speaks of end times, what the Bible instructs Christians to do is; look to heaven, love each other, take care of each other, be kind to one another and wait for our Lord to return one day. The Koran teaches it’s followers to incite and create a “Caliphate” (global war on Jewish and Christian faiths), then their 12th Imam will return (savior I am supposing).

The Islamic religious leaders lay out the rocks in preparation for murdering a woman for adultery.

The hard cold truth is this; The Islamic religion is infusing itself into our society. Has anyone been to Dearborn, Michigan lately? There are now parts of our nation that is submitting itself to Shariah Law. This is the Islamic legal system where husbands can discipline their wives. Shariah Law is the legal system where “if a woman is raped” she must have four male witnesses who will testify that she was in fact raped. If she cannot find anyone to defend her, then the townspeople get together and stone her to death while she is buried up to her neck in the ground for adultery. Shariah Law forbids women to drive a car and even tells them how to dress. Shariah Law is a brutal religious legal system which enslaves children (only boys are allowed to be educated), and women. Their legal system even approves of and demands that “gay people” be murdered for living in their lifestyle. This is all part of the core makeup of the Islamic faith folks.

This is what Islamic Shariah Law looks like America. Are you ready for this? It is coming!

The sad truth is, our politicians are financial whores to whoever will pony up cash. Washington, D.C. is so broken because of corruption that CAIR knows they can break down walls and even our most sacred institutions through having laws changed (by spreading around plenty of cash) that benefit this evil faith. Yes, I said it, it is an evil faith. Any religion that teaches you to kill other humans, slaughter animals and persecute innocent people (just because they believe differently) is evil. It is not of love, compassion, tolerance, patience, kindness, or decency.

In the end, NO, this evil religious and political way of life is not going away. It is expanding and growing at alarming rates. It is about to come to America in a very big way, and it will be allowed to because of our corrupt leadership in Washington. Get ready America, our way of life that we once cherished so dearly is about to disappear forever, and we have nobody to blame but ourselves for destroying it. Between plenty of cash and liberalism, we have finished off the greatest nation on earth, and terrorism will be expanding. I wonder if I can immigrate to Greenland?