This President will go to war to protect children. How can you not respect a man like that?

“We will be respected again, we will be feared again, and we will Make America Great Again.”

As candidate Trump, this was the closing (paraphrased) more often than not at most of his campaign rallies, and the crowd cheered and wept. 

Legend (and the story is written about in one of his books) has it that it was the 4-year-old son of Sergei Khrushchev who ran into his grandfather’s office during the Cuban Missile Crisis that actually saved the United States from being nuked by Russia in October of 1962. According to Sergei (the youngest son of Nikita Khrushchev, the Premier of the old USSR), his son got past a guard, ran into his grandfather’s arms and jumped into his lap as Nikita himself was picking up the phone to call Cuba and order the launch of rockets at Washington, D.C.

Khrushchev apparently sat and listened to his grandson ramble about whatever 4-year-olds talk about for a few moments, set the phone back down and said: “I can’t do this because of the children.” Washington and the Northeast Seaboard were saved from nuclear holocaust.

The day before yesterday, President Trump met with the King of Jordan. When the two leaders appeared sometime later for their news conference in the White House rose garden, Trump was asked about Bashar Assad using chemical weapons on his own people. As the President described what Assad had done, his voice began trembling when describing the horrific event he had witnessed on television as survivors tried in vain to save the lives of children. He became very emotional when talking about the babies who had just suffered the cruelty of war and chemical weapons. The President even admitted that those images had a significant impact on him. I have no doubt that Trump watching the event on television sealed Assad’s fate in many ways.

Listen to President Trump’s voice change when he mentions the children who suffered. (he is livid with anger)

Almost immediately after that press conference and the two leaders shook hands, President Trump met with his National Security team. He met with Generals and Admirals and requested options for retaliation against Bashar Assad. In the aftermath of the strike in which the United States launched some 59 high-powered cruise missiles at the airbase (which Assad uses to launch chemical attacks) to take out Assad’s capability to drop anymore chemical weapons against his enemies or civilians.

The strike on Assad was specifically designed to destroy weapons, runways, and aircraft. The White House wanted no bloodshed, that was not the purpose of this attack. It is being reported by Fox News that the White House had even notified the Kremlin approximately 30-minutes before the missiles landing to warn their troops who might be at the base to evacuate.

Several major messages were sent last night;

  1. Bashar Assad, if you want to live past tomorrow, do not ever use chemical or WMD weapons in the future.
  2. Hey, Democrats; if Trump were actually in bed with Russia (who is Syria’s closest ally), he would not have just attacked Russia’s ally and sent 59 missiles in to take out their Air Force. Get over the notion that Donald Trump had some sort of secret conspiracy going on.
  3. Hey Kim Jong Un of North Korea, are you paying attention?
  4. Hey, China; Donald Trump say’s what he means and means what he say’s. Unless you want to witness, the same thing happen on the Korean Peninsula, put a leash on the wild-child.
  5. Hey, Russia; While we want to get along with you and don’t personally have many issues with you, we are back, don’t mess with us and let’s get together for a cold beer soon. But know this, we will not put up with too much of your bull-crap that you’re known for.
  6. As for the rest of the world, “The United States (aka; Big Dog on the Block) is back.” The weak and feckless United States under Barack Obama is finished. America has a new Sheriff. We don’t spend 6-months begging the United Nations to drop a hand-grenade in the middle of the desert. We witness, evaluate, then take action and you might not like it much if you’re the jerks using WMD’s on innocent civilians. Play if you must, but play fair and do not cross the Eagle, you might just get the same treatment Assad just got or maybe much worse.

 Once again; children have reshaped the world. Just as in 1962, children played a role in changing a leader’s mind as to how they would react to a major military event. While Kennedy and the United States had no idea that the missiles in Cuba had already been armed and fueled, Trump was so moved by the images of suffering children on television; our President knew what he had to do. 

Today, some Republicans (Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and others) are criticizing Trump’s reaction to Assad. This is particularly interesting because Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are praising Trump’s actions against Assad. In fact, McCain is even asking that the President finish the job on Syria’s Air Force.

On a personal note; last night left me with a couple of thoughts. The first being; it left me proud beyond belief that America now has a true leader who possesses conviction, is brave, loves America, and will go to the mat for our children. Do you have any idea what this means? This guy will go to war to protect children!

For a President to be eating dinner with the leader of China and in the middle of desert say; “Oh, by the way, cruise missiles are landing in Syria right now, what are your thoughts?” Can you imagine what President Xi must have thought? Oh crap, America has awoken and they are back again! 

Well done Mr. President! I am so very proud to call you my “Commander and Chief”.