Ceasar is surrounded by his enemies;

When you’re facing forces (many are known, and many are unknown) who seek to destroy you, the last thing you need is enemies within your own walls. It has been widely reported that there are possibly hundreds of Obama administration hold-overs in the Department of Justice. It is now apparent that these once Obama loyalist are not switching their allegiances to this new President. In fact, these trojan horse employees are even throwing up roadblocks and making life difficult for Attorney General Sessions.

McConnell needs to get to work for the President.

Senator Mitch McConnell and the United States are dragging their feet with getting Trump’s SCOTUS appointment completed as well as the other many appointments sitting before the Senate. Why?  

Speaker Paul Ryan also seems to be moving a the speed of molasses in the house getting the new Presidents agenda pushed through. Why? 

Then we have the former President and his surrogates all but telling the world that their “coming after Trump, ” and some are even putting out video’s calling for “Blood in the Streets” as former AG Loretta Lynch does in this video

Then the administration’s own FBI Director even goes so far as to ask the Justice Department to refute the President’s claim that he was wiretapped at Trump Tower. 

We are at the point that everyone knows, but nobody seems willing to find out “who” is leaking sensitive (and even in some cases classified) information to the media directly from the White House. President Trump knows this and is all but beside himself with frustration, not to mention the fact that this is illegal and is actually a felony.  

As if all the above is not enough, then we have Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Valerie Jarrett, and other Obama surrogates setting up a “War Room” to totally undermine this new administration.  

Blood is in the water, and the sharks are circling; 

I’m pretty sure the White House feels like Homer about now!

With the ouster of General Flynn and now the rabid attacks on AG Sessions, it goes without question that there is blood in the water. Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer is pulling out all of his rabbits in his hat to take this administration down. Whether taking down entails just permanently wounding to neuter the President or whether it means actually forcing Trump into resigning, it doesn’t matter, the administration is under siege by many forces, and they all want Trump’s political head on a platter.

It is time Mr. Trump house clean and bring in heavy artillery;

As much as we love many of the characters currently residing in and around the President, it is rapidly becoming evident this is getting out of hand, and his very presidency could be at stake. 

One of the concerns for many Trump supporters is the lack aggression by the Senate to push Trump’s appointments harder than they are. The same goes for the House and Mr. Trump’s agenda. Now we have to ask ourselves why? If you are Speaker Ryan, do you want to totally put yourself “out there” and impale yourself on a sword for a President that might end up having a historic low approval rating? Keep in mind, Ryan will be facing another election next year, and if he has invested all his political capital trying to support a failing president, then he jeopardizes his own political future.

The same holds true for the Republican-held Senate. If they push too hard to support Trump, will it risk the majority they currently hold in 2018? While this is purely speculation on my part, after watching the tepid responses by the House and Senate, it is the only logical conclusion.

Steve Bannon is without question a brilliant strategist and thinker. Chief of Staff Priebus is also brilliant, but his lack of experience at this level is also beginning to show itself as a liability for this President. Bannon’s brilliance is being hampered by the fact that everyone on Capitol Hill thinks of him as Darth Vadar.

It is being reported that Mr. Trump exploded on Friday when AG Sessions recused himself from any investigations regarding Russia. This is a case where Sessions decision should never have happened without the AG having had a very quiet meeting regarding this decision through the COS office. This way the AG would have known that the President “had his back” and would not have folded to the media pressure. Where was Reince? This was one of those times when you needed someone with tremendous experience in that office and who is tough as nails to stand up to all the pressure and still keep the President insulated and protected.  

Bring Newt from the Bullpen;

Newt’s experience on Capitol Hill is now desperately needed.

Mr. President; it is clear that this is rapidly getting out of control and your agenda and promises to the American people could very well be at risk. You have a very bright staff around you, but the reality is, they simply do not have enough experience to deal with much of what is currently happening. You are being attacked by too many forces and many of them are extraordinarily powerful ones at that.  

It’s time to bring in the heavy artillery to put down this very obvious rebellion. Between Obama, Schumer, the plants at the DOJ, the leakers inside the White House and so much more, you need to level this playing field into an advantage for you. Bring in Newt Gingrich as a Senior Advisor, have him take Reince, Steve Bannon, and your senior staff aside and begin holding strategy sessions. Get everyone on the same page with the same game plan going forward. Let Newt deal with the Senate for the time being. Let Newt take the House on, and he can get more done in 20-minutes that most people can in 6-months.  

Let Newt counsel you on “who you should” fire! As far as I’m concerned the FBI Director needs to go. For him to call on the DOJ to refute what your charges are regarding wire-tapping is reprehensible. Not that he should have said anything, but when questioned, he should have deflected the questions with “I don’t have any current information.”   

Mr. President; you know full well that we love you out here in the heartland. We and I have been there from the beginning. I even did an interview on your behalf this past Friday in Dublin, Ireland. From an outside looking in, it just seems that right now, you’re outgunned, and this is not the time to be frugal. You need to bring in the big guns, and Newt Gingrich is as big as it gets. I have to think that between Newt, your son in law and Steve Bannon, they can come up with a plan to stop this all this turmoil.   

It’s time to put the snowflakes back in their box before this get’s anymore out of hand.