February Recap;

February for me was the divine fulfillment (almost spiritual in nature) of 2-years of hard work. I watched in awe as our new President spent his first full month on the job. Every day that passed it seemed as if a new wrecking ball was being taken to the Obama legacy (if there was any, to begin with). Today it’s getting rid of the utterly ridiculous transgender bathroom issue (praise God), yesterday it was signing the Dakota Pipeline Project to get it jump started. The day before that he saved American’s hundreds of millions on some overpriced fighter jets, this on top of bringing jobs back to our land at a dizzying pace. Yes indeed, my new President is a machine. He is an anomaly given to America from the heavens above and you know it’s true because the liberals all have flaming heads and are popping Prozac like Tic-Tacs. All in all, February has been a true pleasure to live through and witness what is happening as Donald Trump continues hooking up the bilge pumps as he drains the swamp.  

Salem Revisited 

While the horrifying history of Salem, Massachusetts and the “witch trials” continues to this day to be studied and visited (if you’re in the area), I wonder if any Democrat has bothered to ponder the fallout from those dark days some 450-years-ago? What those witch hunts efficiently accomplished was nothing except making the good folks of Salem look like a town full of idiots, and then they became reviled for hundreds of years after the fact. Since Senator Pochahantes Warren is from Massachusetts, you would have thought that she might be saying to her party, “uh let’s, wait a minute here folks and make sure our duckies are in a row.”  

Characteristically the Democrats are following their M.O. to the letter. They jump up and down, scream very loudly, then let their accomplices in the media carry the water. Case in point was General Mike Flynn. Flynn did nothing wrong, but that wasn’t the point. Flynn worked for Donald Trump, and it is now very obvious what the thugs on the left are going to do. They’re investing the next four years into pounding desk, shrieking at the tops of their lungs “something about Russia” and the morons at CNN, MSNBC, ABC and all the rest will follow the Democrat talking points on their behalf.

Now it seems that the “catch of the day” is our Attorney General. To prove a point here, think of it this way for a minute. Senator Sessions is sitting in his office. The Ambassador of Russia comes calling. According to the raging idiots on the left, they seem to think that the Ambassador and the Senator concocted some devious plan to cost Hillary the election. Because the meeting was so benign in nature, the Senator was even having trouble recalling the meeting when questioned about it. Can you imagine? Mr. Ambassador; Donald needs a bit of help here, could you go back and ask Vlad to put a couple of geeks to work hacking their computers? Oh, Senator, no problem, but we have already hacked them, you want us to send over what we have?

The impropriety of such a statement or request is mind blowing. Secondly, Donald didn’t need any hacked Democrat or Hillary computers. Thirdly, If Donald wanted to hack anything, all he had to do was call his son-in-law and tell him to find a couple of high-powered hackers. WE have plenty here in America. He didn’t need the Russians to his dirty work. The first witch trials and hunts ended miserably, the Democrats are going to keep this up, and these new witch hunts will end the same exact way. America is sick of childishness and games.


Wonderfully warm people in Springfield and my great patriots. We ended with a 50 or so. Those were the brave souls.

I was humbled to be asked to speak at an Illinois Minuteman event in late February at the State Capitol in Springfield. Springfield is one of those places that you just don’t ever seem to stop at. You’re either on your way to Chicago or Memphis, Dallas or some other major city. I’ll get back to the tourist stuff in a moment. While this was not technically a Tea Party event, I joke because it reminded me of one from a few years ago in Des Moines. That one had Herman Cain, and several other prominent figures and the temperatures were in the teens with a brisk wind out of the North. This event in Springfield had temps in the low twenties with chill factors in the single digits or maybe even colder. The bottom line was, our noses were all frozen. 

The purpose was to send a message to the Governor, “DO NOT SIGN HB-426“. This law would seal Illinois as a permanent sanctuary state. So yes, I was very willing to go over, freeze my most cherished possessions off and take one for the country. I was literally thrilled to finally meet my old Facebook friend Robbie. She greeted me a warm hug, and it was like we had been friends forever. I met many wonderful people and Rosanna (the organizer) was fantastic. All in all, very nice folks, EXCEPT! Keep in mind it is cold, very, very cold and the wind is blowing and wouldn’t you know, marching up the street was about 50-Snowflakes screaming something about loving refugees and illegal aliens.

After the event, my wife and I traveled around downtown and saw Abraham Lincoln’s home (very nice house by the way) and many other applicable buildings. They have restored and area (complete with dirt streets) to the exact way it was when Lincoln walked the streets. It is fascinating, and I just wished it had not been so cold. Then we went out to the cemetery where the President’s tomb is. This structure you can walk around in, read a ton of history, then pay your respects to the President and his family. The entire family is entombed here except Robert Todd; he is buried at Arlington as he was a cabinet secretary.


I want to humbly apologize for being so tardy in getting content up on the website. I have been very ill for the past week with a severe viral upper respiratory infection. This little illness even had me at the ER the other night where they ran many tests and one for blood clots in my lungs. Yes, truly frightening indeed. To all of you who wished me well and sent along prayers via Facebook, I am tremendously grateful; they do make a difference. We are now officially on the mend.

The future is bright for Crows Nest. We are about to hire a site manager, several full-time writers, and posters of news and we will be getting a fresh new look in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned, I can tell you with great conviction, Crows Nest will be one of the prettiest websites on the net, and you will love navigating it. Tell your friends!