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Today, President Donald Trump will be spoke to a capacity crowd at CPAC. (More info about his speech will be coming shortly.)

President Trump’s appearance follows a speech by Vice President Mike Pence last night.  Preceding Pence on stage last night was actor Robert Davi and Judge Jeanine Pirro, who both were warmly welcomed by the crowd.

Thursday Bits & Pieces:

  • In preparation for the visit by VP Pence, the secret service and police started sweeps of all the ballrooms and convention areas early in the afternoon.  The sweeps caused a bit of chaos, with some breakout sessions and panel discussions being moved to new areas at the last minute.  The Potomac Ballroom was the last area to be swept.  Everyone was required to go out of the convention area and return through security where bags were searched by security personnel while people were shuttled through magnetometers and wanded.
  • Nigel Farage, Brexit leader was spotted chatting with people on a balcony near Broadcast Row.
  • Sheriff David Clarke participated in a panel discussion during which he gave a speech about sanctuary cities and the issues faced by law enforcement now.
  • Kellyanne Conway gave a great speech to start the day.  When talking about how Trump has affected the conservative movement, Kellyanne said, “By tomorrow this will be known as ‘TPAC.'”  Conway also proclaimed that “50 is like the new 49…” causing laughter and applause.
  • Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker gave a speech about how to govern as a conservative.  He said, “The occupy movement didn’t start on Wall Street, it started on my street in Madison, Wisconsin.”  He also said that the best thing an elected official – president, governor or whatever – can do is, “Go big, go bold, follow through with the promises you made during the campaign.  Do the things you said you were going to do.” Walker outlined his successes and plans for Wisconsin, saying that during his time leading the state – previous years and in his plans for this year – they will have cut taxes by over $8 billion, eliminated an entire tax, and have invested in Wisconsin’s workforce.  They’ve also frozen state college tuition for four years in a row and have lowered tuition by 5% this year, while also holding professors to a high standard and ensuring freedom of speech to everyone regardless of political affiliation on all campuses.
  • Walker’s plans for Wisconsin’s welfare system includes helping people transition from governance dependence to independence.  His plan called “Wisconsin Works for Everyone” follows the motto: “Public assistance shoul be a trampoline, not a hammock.”
  • Senator Ted Cruz received a standing ovation from the crowd when he and Mark Levin shared the stage for a discussion about the Constitution.  Cruz told CPAC that he supports term limits for Congress. He explained that supermajorities of people across the political spectrum support the initiative limiting the time people can spend in office.  He said, “Let’s do what we promised.”
  • Whoever made the CPAC music playlist should be commended: the transition time between speakers has been filled with great recent dance hits.  No oldies music here.

The countdown to Trump’s speech has begun – Lou Dobbs has taken the stage, leaving ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp as the only speaker left before Trump takes that stage around 10:20 this morning.

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Written by Andrea Mayer-Bruestle

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