CNN Paid by Governments to Broadcast “Fake News” and to “Spin” News Stories

Did CNN Violate FCC Administrative Rules and also Federal Criminal Laws?

The Progressive Socialist bias of the television broadcast news industry was best explained by a former CNN on-the-air personality, who admitted that the Obama White House was paying for the broadcast of favorable news and the non-reportage of unfavorable news stories. Please Google that set of keyword facts, for verification of this issue.

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Amber Lyon admits that CNN was paid by White House.

This constant, daily, use of Liberal Democrat biased attacks made on Republicans and gushing while opining on the candidacy of Hillary or Democrat nominees are in fact, prohibited as a broadcaster’s unlawful sponsored plugs and payola bias, clear federal administrative regulation, and federal criminal law violations.

I propose that a Justice Department-FCC Task Force be created to make a public example of CNN.

For instance, with each broadcast day being a separate offense, indictments can be handed down from an Idaho or Wyoming federal grand jury. similar to how the liberals cherry picked Washington State and the 9th Circuit to attack the President’s recent immigrants immigration pause Executive Order.

The penalties for violations can be high—a $10,000 fine and up to one year’s imprisonment for each offense; with 8 years of Obama’s undisclosed financial sponsorship of news merged into an undisclosed “paid political announcements, and each day being a separate offense, a massive fine and consecutive penal confinement possible, the conspirators go to prison forever and CNN goes off the air.

In addition to financial liability, violations of the payola rule and plugola policy can call into question whether the station licensee is exercising adequate control over the station, thereby affecting its qualifications to remain a Commission licensee. The FCC has stated that “a broadcaster’s failure to comply with section 317 of the Act and 47 C.F.R. section 73.1212(b) may result in the imposition of administrative sanctions, including monetary forfeiture or initiation of revocation proceedings.

The liberal news media hates President Trump anyway, so getting CNN’s scalp is a free exercise of his presidential decision “to faithfully execute the Office of President.”


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