Like Arizona Senator John McCain’s tarnished “war hero” record, his record as an American Senior Statesman had also become tarnished.

One doesn’t have to speculate much to discern that the rogue Arizona Senator doesn’t much care for our new President. McCain has become so outlandish that last week he traveled to Munich Germany and spent much of his time addressing European Leaders about how ‘badly our White House was in disarray.’ McCain explained that General Flynn’s resignation from the NSA came about from a dysfunctional White House rather than from the General lying to the Vice-President and the President requesting that Flynn steps down. All of which is not true. The President has been very clear about his losing trust in Flynn after his lying to the Vice-President so easily. 

As if that foreign slap in the face to the United States wasn’t enough, then Senator McCain is interviewed from the Munich Security Conference by NBC’s Chuck Todd (for the Sunday Show-Meet the Press). He then launches into a full-court defense of the Mainstream Media because he feels like Donald Trump is trying to become a dictator. Apparently, McCain doesn’t like the fact that President Trump has called out the press for being the documented liars that most of them are. This insult to injury came on the heels of McCain’s speech to the Munich Security Conference where he insulted our President’s world view and foreign policy.

John McCain lost his status as a “Maverick” long ago. He has become nothing more than a vote for “whatever the Democrats want,” and an embarrassment for the United States when he travels overseas. In fact, McCain is so bad that even his own Arizona Republican Party would not endorse him in his 2016 re-election bid for the Senate. How bad do you have to be for your own party not to support you after you have won the primary and are campaigning against the opposing party? How bad do you have to be for your own party to publically decry “ANYBODY BUT McCain”!   

In December of 2015, Senator McCain put out a very conservative post on his campaign website. Oh, it was full of fluff on how tough he was and how far to the right he was on issues. The part he didn’t he tell was how he had voted time and again toFully Fund Planned Parenthoodwith taxpayers money to finance abortion. The part he didn’t tell you was how he had voted to raise the debt ceiling time and again when the rest of the party wanted to vote against it. He didn’t tell you how he had “cut a deal” with Barack Obama and assisted in running up our debt to almost unmanageable levels. 

Personally speaking, I think it is about time that Senator John McCain be actually outed for who and what he really is. McCain is “NO WAR HERO“! As a matter of fact, one of McCain’s fellow POW’s by the name of Jack McLamb (McLamb went on to become a highly decorated Phoenix Police Officer) referred to McCain as “Songbird” in the book “Vetting John McCain” by Ted Sampley. If this book doesn’t grab you and convince you of “decades-long lies this man has told,” then there are dozens more you can purchase regarding the subject.  

The very sad truth (for both McCain and the American people) is; Senator John McCain used his capture (while tragic) to catapult himself into the political arena. He continued these lies to rise to the pinnacle of power in our nation. He sold out his personal beliefs for lobbyist money, PAC money and whatever he needed to say or do, to retain power. It must be very difficult living a lie for decades and knowing that you can never tell the truth for fear of being ostracized and ridiculed by your peers and the American people. President Donald Trump was (against all the scorn he received) very honest when he said that McCain was not a war hero. He was telling the truth. War Hero’s are guys that run into fire to save a wounded Marine. War Hero’s are the gallant men who dive on grenades to save four of their fellow soldiers and sacrifice themselves. War Hero’s are those that put themselves in danger to charge a machine gun nest in order that the rest of the platoon lives to fight another day. 

McCain was a pilot who was shot down, punched out and landed in a lake. When he punched out, he broke his leg (which is very common by the way) and arm. When the North Vietnamese found out who he was, they afforded him special care because they feared what his father might do. His father had the ability to literally level the entire nation if he wanted too as he was the Commander of the entire Pacific theater for the United States Navy.  

Senator John McCain needs to be very careful. He is walking that fine line once more between good and evil. If one is to call themselves a patriot, one doesn’t go abroad and insult our President. Currently, our beloved (tongue in cheek) SNOWFLAKES are more patriotic than John McCain. At least they aren’t running around Europe and insulting our President and nation as this so-called “War Hero” is!

I would think that at 80-years old, John McCain might want to start getting “right” with the Lord, for it won’t be much longer before he meets him.