Former President Barack Obama has left the White House, so “How in the world could he be harming our country today, you ask“? Good question and the answer is, yes, yes he is, and not in a small way either.  

Rifling back in one’s memory banks, you may recall an organization founded by Barack H. Obama by the name of ‘Organizing for America.’ This is the group that ultimately accumulated some 13,000,000 ground troops which destroyed Republican nominee Senator John McCain in 2008 and Governor Mitt Romney in 2012. Whether you would like to agree or disagree on the successes or failures of Obama’s tenure in the White House, one thing is for certain; Barack Obama knows how to organize vast amounts of people to do his bidding. His ability to speak publically and motivate throngs is almost without precedence. As we all know, this talent can be used for good or bad, depending on who is speaking. 

After the 2012 election cycle, Obama’s ‘Organizing for America‘ was largely let go by the President. After Donald Trump’s victory in November of 2016, Obama almost immediately reorganized his pet project with the name “Organize for Action, ” and it now has a website as well. Before you think for a moment this is ‘just another‘ small band of angry leftist, you might want to take a look atwho their donor base is and who is funding this government insurrection.” Also keep in mind that in just a little under a month (of which most of that has been spent on vacation), Barack Obama has managed to gather some 34,000 new troops into his radicalized herd.   

While most President’s go quietly into the night, this President is ramping up for a full-scale war against the Donald Trump administration. In this New York Post article from a couple of days ago, the writer does a magnificent job of detailing exactly what Obama’s plans are, and believe me, if you’re a Trump fan, you “ain’t gonna like it“!   

To prove the point, think about the abrupt resignation of General Michael Flynn as the NSA chief. According to Rush Limbaugh (I liked his recitation of the events surrounding the Flynn saga), General Flynn made these calls back in December. Who was in charge of the ability to wiretap Flynn’s phone call both on the American end and the Russian end? Personally speaking, I think Rush is 100% correct, the Flynn issue was nothing more than a political assassination or hit job. 

On Obama’s brand-new shiny website, the ex-president gives a very clear statement as to what the new mission is. 

As President Obama has said, the change we seek will take longer than one term or one presidency. Real change—big change—takes many years and requires each generation to embrace the obligations and opportunities that come with the title of Citizen.

The troubling part for me in all of this is, when perusing Obama’s new website, at the very bottom (he doesn’t try to hide it), there are links to the “Organize for Action” website as well. There are forms to fill out to contact the Obama’s along with forms if you want to join “the movement.” 

Thinking back in history for a few minutes, let us rehash a couple of items that might very well still be applicable today. Where did Barack Obama come from? I am speaking from a political perspective. The truth is, he was all but anointed for his Illinois State Senate seat. He served less than one full term there while campaigning for the United States Senate. Once he had achieved that goal, he set his next goal on the White House. When Obama won the Presidency, he had been a U. S. Senator for less than two years of which he invested campaigning for the Presidency. 

For the average Joe to hold a State Senate seat, then win a United States Senate seat is difficult enough. As a matter of fact, it is very seldom done. Consider it something akin to winning the lottery. All the stars have to aline themselves for most people to pull that off. Senators usually come from the pool of U.S. Congressmen in their respective state or the Governor’s mansion, not the State Senate rolls. It is too expensive to run for that position and more often than not, the young Senators do not have the infrastructure to pull that scope of a race off. 

The fact is, Barack Obama was manufactured no different than an automobile is built. He was funded by forces that have long sought to take down America. He was managed by people who were put into place by these same forces. Today? He is still answering to those same forces. These same people (who seek America’s destruction) have ordered Obama to keep it up. Don’t let Trump win, for if Trump does win, then he is threatening everything we have worked for. And this is exactly what Obama is now doing. 

Pride (the Gay Website) has published an entire list of the Top-25 organizations that they’re asking their members to donate too. When reading through this list, it is or was Obama’s entire domestic agenda. They’re requesting you give to LAMBDA (the gay and lesbian organization), Planned Parenthood, Southern Poverty Law Center (these guys are super-liberal) and many more just like these organizations. Why? The simple answer is, Barack Obama’s organization (Organize for America) is leading the charge to subvert Donald Trump at every turn.   

Everything going forward for Trump will be met with lawsuits to slow or subvert his agenda. Once they file suit in one of the 9 (of the 13) liberal court districts (like the infamous 9th Circuit), they will put a stop to Trump for the time being. Some they will win, some they will lose, but this will most likely frustrate the new President. Their hope is that he goes ahead and goes around the courts ruling where they then can force an impeachment of Donald Trump. In other words, Barack Obama is going to sabotage Donald Trump at every turn in his presidency.   

So why is this happening? Follow the money, my friends. You will note that much of it is coming from George Soros and other globalists with agenda’s. Make no mistake, this is orchestrated at the highest levels and their long range goals have never changed. That being to “TAKE DOWN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and turn her over to a one world government.