The chum is in the water, and yes, the sharks are beginning to circle. In this case, the ‘chum’ are possible mistakes the new administration made early on and before the inauguration. The sharks are the Democrats, the leftist leaning media, a British spy, the Russian government, and some of Donald Trump’s former campaign officials. Not all are trying to ‘eat’ the Donald for supper tonight, but many are in a feeding frenzy. 

Whether or not the President ‘should have‘ attacked the Federal Judge from Washington who gave the administration it’s first official ‘beat-down’ by ruling against the President’s EO regarding immigration from the seven questionable nations, is certainly different from the way ‘most presidents’ have handled that sort of situation. Then the White House sends a rookie to the 9th District to argue it’s case on behalf of ‘pausing‘ the immigration of Syrian, Yemen, Somalian and other refugees from war-torn nations and suffers yet another flogging by a liberal bench. After the adverse ruling (for Trump) from the 9th, the President then takes to Twitter to share his frustration and anger. Certainly not presidential, but very Donald Trump Esq in nature. 

While the next part of this is critically important, I will be honest with you, it may come across as ‘being all over the board, ‘ but I don’t know that there is a very eloquent way to write this or articulate it. So please be patient with me. 

Donald J. Trump was elected for one primary reason to the office of the Presidency. Forget the immigration rhetoric, and ignore the wall rhetoric. Forget the Veterans causes, the economy or rebuilding our military. All of the many issues he campaigned on were good ones, but none are the main reason he won. Donald J. Trump won because he is an outsider to the Washington establishment and the corruption within.  

For decades now (since Clinton signed NAFTA), America’s corporate tycoons have been committing nothing short of economic treason against our nation. These Billionaire bandits ship jobs off shore cut their payrolls by 60-70-80% or more, cut their electric bills, cut their overhead dramatically and rake in vast profits in which they would have had to pay out in the form of profit sharing and benefits in America. Then to dodge taxes, they set up ‘Trust Accounts’ in the Cook Islands, have 501 (C) 3’s or other LLC’s manage or own the trust accounts, draw hefty salaries from these entities, and it is all tax-free. This is why there are literally trillions of United States dollars sitting in offshore accounts. Donald Trump is threatening to kill this golden goose, and these guys are not happy about it. Remember, this was the trade-off for Clinton becoming President back when Ross Perot ran. Perot ran to stop Bush 41 (because he had vetoed NAFTA) from winning and to give the White House to Clinton if he signed off on NAFTA. This was one of the first bills Clinton signed when entering the Oval Office. Then the rewriting of the tax laws began, and the rest is history.

Basically, what we have now is this. Donald Trump has frightened the entire corporate power structure in America. He is forcing them (to the tune of tens of thousands of companies) economically to return to the United States. By doing so, he is strong-arming them into spending untold billions upon billions of dollars to come home, build new facilities, hire tens of millions of Americans (which earn far more than they do in South Korea or China), and repatriate trillions of dollars which can later be taxed. They are not happy! These billionaire industrialists are now offically in the “I hate Donald” camp and are flexing their muscles. 

Then we have to go along with the hacked off business tycoons, the Democrats (who are wounded and angry) going after Trump. They are manipulating the media at every turn. Just look at the “BAN ON MUSLIMS” mantra they have been peddling for the past two weeks or so. We know that Trump is not specifically banning Muslims. Who he is or is wanting to ban are refugees from enemy states until we can get a handle on who is coming and why they are coming to America. 

Now we can add CAIR (Center for American Islamic Relations) to the list of “I hate Donald” along with all of corporate America. These in conjunction with the Chinese government, the North Korean government, the Iranian government, the Mexican government, half of the Middle East (if not more), the British Parliment, Germany, NATO, the United Nations, the Democrats, and the states of California and New York. My fellow patriots; this is the short list of the “I hate Donald Trump fan club.” 

If you really want to ‘pile on,’ let’s add George Soros and his hundreds of organizations dedicated to activating groups to smear the President, disrupt Congressional townhalls, burn cop cars, loot businesses and generally cause chaos nationwide. Then we have “Academia” adding to the rage against Trump on college campuses.

The latest issue that it now appears the President is going to have to deal with is, ‘allegations that Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin to thwart Hillary Clinton’s campaign.’ Lest you want to laugh this one off, CBS News is now reporting that several government agencies are now giving the charges more credibility and the FBI is now on the case and investigating. In this article from Business Insider, the allegations are much more detailed. Lt. General Michael Flynn is carefully scrutinized by the publication for his collusion with Russia while being considered for a position in the Trump cabinet.   

Whether it was Donald Trump’s meteoric launch into policy change, foreign policy positions, rhetoric on the stump or too much too fast, it seems as if the entire world is now against this President. If it were just the President fighting liberalism or the President challenging Democrat policy makers on the Hill, it would be one thing. But it seems as if the entire government, including law enforcement agencies, plus the billionaire aristocracy and even the educators have come down against the President.   

Can he survive? If his first test is these charges regarding a Russian tie and the election, this is going to get dicey for Donald Trump. What we are about to witness at the highest levels of our national government is true “Good Versus Evil.” If the evil corruption on Capitol Hill is ever to be broken up, then Donald Trump is the guy to do it. I just hope and pray he can get it done before the liberal left can get any traction.